Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball District Predictions Class 2A

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Girls Basketball District Predictions Class 2A

In Class 2A things are much different than 3A & 2A.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your district to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  Since I am late to posting these, I am just going to give my Predictions and then I will update at the end of January.

District 1

  1. Sanford
  2. Del Norte
  3. Center
  4. Sargent

Sanford and Del Norte will be a great battle for the top spot.  I am leaning Sanford early on because of the talent they are returning.  Del Norte does have player of the year Candidate in Kendra Parra back but must develop a depth.

District 2

  1. Holyoke
  2. Wray
  3. Yuma
  4. Sedgwick County

Holyoke took a huge head to head victory over Wray in the early season but there is plenty of season left and we will see if Holyoke can continue to dominate like they did.  Wray and Yuma are expected to continue to improve as the season goes on.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Ignacio
  2. Telluride
  3. Ridgway

Can anyone catch Ignacio is the main thing to say about District 3.  Telluride and Ridgway will be the main threats but can they challenge a good Ignacio team.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Denver Christian
  3. Byers
  4. Lotus School

Limon is the preseason favorite to win Class 2A, but some early season adversity will test Limon.  Limon is the big favorite to win District 4 but expect Denver Christian, Byers, and Lotus school to all challenge Limon.  Lotus School could be dark horse team with their top 4 scorers all returning.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Meeker
  2. Hayden
  3. West Grand
  4. Hotchkiss
  5. Rangely

Early on things are looking complicated in District 5.  I am going Meeker as my pick early on but watch out for Hayden who is off to a great start.  West Grand, Hotchkiss, and Rangely will all push for a top spot as well.  Soroco and Plateau Valley are two teams not listed but could easily push for a top 5 spot.

District 6

  1. Rocky Ford
  2. Rye
  3. Swink
  4. Holly

Rocky Ford pulled off a huge upset of Limon and now have a huge target on their back.  Rocky Ford is the slight favorite over Rye for District 6 and this will be a great race to watch between these two teams.  Swink and Holly round out the top 4 and both have already shown some growth this season and will hope to push the top 2 teams.

District 7

  1. Heritage Christian
  2. Dawson School
  3. Highland
  4. Lyons

Heritage Christian is the favorite to win District 7.  Heritage Christian returns their top two scorers from a year ago but need scoring depth to develop.  Dawson School will look to be the main challenger for District 7, but you cannot discount Highland, Lyons, and Gilpin County.

District 8

  1. Simla
  2. Peyton
  3. Colorado Springs School
  4. Calhan

District 8 should be a great race to watch.  Simla, Peyton, and Colorado Springs School all return key pieces from last years team and seeing which team improves the most will be who win District 8.  Simla returns their leading scorer and 3 of their top 5 scorers, Peyton returns their top 2 scorers and 3 of their top 5 and Colorado Springs School returns their top 2 scorers and 4 of their top 5.  This will be a great race to keep an eye on.