Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball District Breakdown & Predictions Class 1A

Ruralistic Photo SB vs Wiley
Picture by Ruralistic Photography, Check out their Facebook Page (South Baca vs Wiley)

Girls Basketball District Breakdown & Predictions Class 1A

With just 4 weekends left until District tournament we are in the final grind.  For Class 1A you must finish Top 3 (Top 2) to qualify for the Regional Tournament so putting yourself in the best position in the District tournament is key.  We look at each District Race and give are prediction on the District.  We will be using these District Predictions on my Playoff Projections.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

  1. Dove Creek
  2. De Beque

District 1 gets only two teams into regionals.  Two teams have emerged as the front runners for these spots.  Dove Creek and De Beque.  Dove Creek has won 3 straight games and created separation from the rest of the league besides De Beque.  Dove Creek won’t face De Beque until the District tournament.  Dove Creek faces Telluride on 1/31 and get back into District play on 2/7 vs Ouray.  De Beque is 8-4 this season and have played well.  De Beque has played well of late winning 5 of their last 6 and are playing competitive against 2A teams.  De Beque ends their regular season with 6 games against tough 2A teams.  Nucla and North Park will provide tough challenges to both teams as well.

District 2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Eads
  3. McClave

District 2 gets 3 teams into regionals.  Kit Carson has emerged as the favorite to win District 2.  Kit Carson has league wins over Eads, Granada, and Cheyenne Wells.  Cheraw and McClave stand in their way of the #1 seed in the District tournament.  Kit Carson has a massive non-league game against Springfield on 2/1 and will be huge for the RPI standings.  Eads has moved into the #2 spot with their 39-32 win over McClave.  Eads record of 4-8 is deceiving they have played a tough non-league schedule and seem to have things figured out.  Eads still has to play Cheraw but are on their way to locking up the #2 seed.  Eads faces Wiley and Kim/Branson this weekend both should be tough challenges.  McClave slide to #3 and they are on a bit of a losing streak losing back to back games.  Things don’t get much easier with a tough non-league game against South Baca on 1/30.  McClave will look to lock up the #3 seed when they face Cheyenne Wells and Granada later in February.  Cheraw is in the mix but will look to knock off one of the top 3 teams.

District 3

  1. South Baca
  2. Springfield
  3. Wiley

District 3 qualifies 3 teams into regionals.  District 3 has 4 tough teams fighting for 3 spots.  Two teams are the favorites to win District 3 Springfield and South Baca.  Wiley and Kim/Branson look to be fighting for the #3 spot.  South Baca has the slight edge currently over Springfield with the state tournament experience.  South Baca has not been challenged since their opening season loss to Hugoton.  South Baca faces McClave on 1/30 and should be a decently challenge.  South Baca and Springfield don’t meet up until 2/20 and will be for the top seed in the District Tournament.  Springfield has been challenged more recently with a tough schedule.  Springfield will face Kit Carson for the second time on 2/1 and is a huge non-league game.  Springfield must also face Wiley on 2/14 along with South Baca on 2/20.  Wiley is my pick for the #3 spot.  Wiley has played a tough schedule of late losing to top 10 teams in 2 of their last 4 games.  Things don’t get easier for Wiley with games against Eads and Kim/Branson this weekend.

District 4

  1. Briggsdale
  2. Fleming
  3. Merino

District 4 qualifies 3 teams into regionals.  District 4 seems to have 3 front runners for the 3 spots.  Briggsdale, Fleming, and Merino are all picked as the 3 teams to qualify but these 3 teams will get their best from challengers such as Prairie, Longmont Christian, and Weldon Valley.  Briggsdale holds onto my #1 spot.  Briggsdale is the real deal and have played as such with 20-point victories in nearly every game this season.  Briggsdale face Fleming on 2/1, Shining Mountain on 2/8, and Merino on 2/20 all 3 will test this very good Briggsdale team.  Fleming is my pick at #2.  Fleming besides their loss to Briggsdale has won all games by 15 or more points.  Fleming will get their rematch against Briggsdale on 2/1 and also have tough games against Genoa-Hugo on 2/8 and Merino on 2/11.  Merino is my pick at #3.  Merino lone loss is to Simla who is ranked in 2A.  Merino has been dominate as well and have a very tough schedule upcoming.  Merino ends the year playing 6 ranked teams out of 9 games.  This will be huge experience for Merino going into the end of the year.

District 5

  1. Lone Star
  2. Haxtun
  3. Stratton/Liberty

District 5 qualifies 3 teams to regionals.  Lone Star has emerged as the favorite to win District 5.  Lone Star still must face Bethune and Arickaree/Woodlin in District but are already a near lock for the #1 seed in the District tournament.  Haxtun is still my pick to finish second in the league.  Haxtun is playing a 2A schedule and have been competitive.  They will be a team to watch once they play against 1A teams.  Stratton/Liberty moves into the #3 spot.  Stratton/Liberty recently picked up a big win over Bethune and have a quality win over Eads.  Stratton/Liberty still must face Idalia before they can look to lock up a top 3 seed in the District tournament.

District 6 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. Cotopaxi

District 6 gets just two teams into regionals.  Sangre De Cristo has emerged as the front runner and picked up the hard fought 34-27 victory over Cotopaxi.  Sangre De Cristo cannot lock up the #1 seed till they face Moffat on 2/20 but they control their own fate.  Sangre De Cristo has tough games against Swink on 2/1, Sanford on 2/11, and Kim/Branson on 2/21.  Sangre De Cristo, I think continues to improve as the year goes and will be dangerous once Regionals get here.  Cotopaxi is still my pick for second.  Cotopaxi played tough against Sangre De Cristo and now must refocus.  Cotopaxi plays Moffat on 1/30 and can essentially lock up the #2 seed with the win.  Cotopaxi still must face Antonito but should cruise the rest of the way.

District 7

  1. Genoa-Hugo
  2. Elbert
  3. Kiowa

District 7 gets three teams into regionals.  Genoa-Hugo and Elbert have emerged as the main contenders for the #1 and #2 seeds.  Genoa-Hugo still is my pick to win District 7.  Genoa-Hugo and Elbert do not face each other during the regular season.  Genoa-Hugo faces Kiowa this weekend and will be a good challenge.  Genoa-Hugo still has big games against Fleming, Kit Carson, and Eads on their schedule.  Elbert is my pick for second in District 7.  Elbert has played well this season and have a pair of tough games this weekend against Pikes Peak Christian and Colorado Springs School.   Elbert will also face Kiowa and Shining Mountain both will be solid challenges for Elbert.  Kiowa moves into the #3 spot this week.  Kiowa is played solid basketball and have a big win over Pikes Peak Christian 42-24.  Kiowa face Genoa-Hugo on 1/30 and could have a shot to upset a top team.  Kiowa will face Elbert, ECA, and Stratton/Liberty to end their season.

District 8

  1. Shining Mountain
  2. Flatirons Academy
  3. Belleview Christian

District 8 qualifies 3 team to regionals.  District 8 looks to have 5 teams battling for 3 spots.  My original picks for District 8 were Shining Mountain, Flatirons Academy, and Front Range Baptist.  I am making a few changes this week.  I am going with Shining Mountain to win District 8.  Shining Mountain is 13-2 on the season with quality lose to Briggsdale.  Shining Mountain did pick up a big win over Front Range Christian, Dawson School, Lone Star and Union Colony Prep.  My pick to finish second is Flatirons Academy.  Flatirons Academy is 9-5 on the season.  Flatirons Academy picked up a big league win over Front Range Baptist to start January.  Flatirons Academy also picked up a big win over Belleview Christian.  Belleview Christian is my pick to finish 3rd.  Belleview Christian is 10-4 on the season.  Belleview Christian is on a bit of a slide and will look to right the ship.  They have a huge game against Mile High Academy on 2/10.