2019-20 Wrestling News

Class 2A Quarterfinal Wrestling Results


Class 2A Quarterfinal Wrestling Results

We are updating results as they are available.

Team Scores

1st-Wray 77.0

2nd-Rocky Ford 54.5

3rd-Highland 42.5

4th-John Mall 42.0

5th-Cedaredge 40.0

5th-Hotchkiss 40.0

7th-Lyons 36.5

8th-Centauri 36.0

9th Paonia 35.0

10th Crowley County 29.5

Individual Results


Romero, Swink over Vigil, Centauri-Decision 3-1

Sinks, Norwood over Gallegos, Del Norte-Decision 11-7

Hutchings, Buena Vista over Gonzales, Rocky Ford-Fall 5:08

Collins, Wray over Kennedy, Meeker-Fall 4:00


Rockwell, Wray over Duran, Rocky Ford-Fall 3:29

Sanchez, John Mall over White, Swink-Fall 1:37

Buford, Crowley County over Martinez, Sedgwick County/Fleming-Fall 1:33

Hunsberger, Cedaredge over Harrison, Highland-Fall 5:43


Atencio, Rye over Felthager, Trinidad-Fall 1:47

Rockwell, Wray over Cochran Hotchkiss-Decision 10-7

Maldonado, Rocky Ford over Campbell Hayden-Decision 6-1

Dal VanMatre, John Mall over Lewis, Highland-Decision 4-3


Geyer, Cedaredge over Warkentine, Peyton-Decision 8-4

Chiricingo, Highland over Zamora Rocky Ford-Fall 1:21

Miller, Rye over Burr, Sedgwick County/Fleming-Decision 6-0

Huff, Lyons over Smith, Yuma-Fall 1:31


Brophy, Yuma over Dale, Cedaredge-Decision 1-0

Hefner, Highland over Keller, Lyons-Major Decision 12-2

Yapoujian, Byers over Zimmerman, Hayden-Decision 3-1

Chavez, Centauri over Venard, Rocky Ford-Fall 2:53


Yapoujian, Byers over Camp, Buena Vista-Fall 1:35

Brewer, Crowley County over Robidoux, Cedaredge-Decision 4-2

Tittle, Highland over Vialpando, John Mall-Decision 4-3

Brown, Peyton over Bauer, Wray-Fall 1:41


Wes VanMatre, John Mall over Workman, Norwood-Fall 5:03

Miller, Hotchkiss over Ring, Highland-Decision 3-2

Gardner, Lyons over Brown, Wray-Fall 5:25

Nieto, Cedaredge over Martin, Centauri-Decision 3-1


Collins, Wray over Murray, Peyton-Fall 1:43

Hall, Hotchkiss over DeLuca, Buena Vista-Fall 0:41

Logan, Soroco over Burns, Holly-Decision 11-6

Etter, Paonia over Aldretti, John Mall-Fall 2:14


Neal, Paonia over Buhr, Centauri-Major Decision 17-5

Baldonado, Rocky Ford over Rusher, Wiggins-Decision 9-8

Huerta, Wray over Coombs, Rangely-Fall 0:47

Hertrich, Buena Vista over Moore, Mancos-Decision 9-3


Schulz, Crowley County over Walck, Cedaredge-TF 15-0 (2:25)

Brown, Akron over Shawcroft, Centauri-Decision 6-3

Chafino, Holyoke over Flint, Holly-Fall 0:35

Peebles, Hotchkiss over Garcia, Rocky Ford-Fall 5:58


Planansky, Hayden over Hardesty, Wray-Fall 0:56

Mattison, Hotchkiss over Perez-Rodriguez, Rocky Ford-Decision 7-6

Clatterbau, Meeker over Ibarra, County Line-Fall 5:12

Harshman, Wiggins over Emig, Cedaredge-Decision 16-10


Bean, Lyons over Carpenter, Wiggins-Fall 1:16

Berghuis, Wray over Jones, County Line-Major Decision 14-6

Miller, Paonia over Martin, John Mall-Fall 0:53

Lopez, Sedgwick County/Fleming over Harris, Crowley County-Fall 4:39


Tapia, Rocky Ford over Livesay, Akron-Major Decision 11-3

Johnson, County Line over Jennings, Highland-Decision 5-1

Horn, Fowler over Hotz, Monte Vista-Fall 3:00

Molina, Wray over Armijo, Trinidad-Fall 5:23


McCormick, Stratton/Liberty over Torres, Lotus School-Decision 1-0

Froman, Rocky Ford over Ibrihim, Wiggins-Decision 4-3

Wiening, Trinidad over Mantey, Burlington-Fall 1:07

Lucero, Centauri over Herrera, Ignacio-Fall 5:03

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