2019-20 Wrestling News

Class 3A Wrestling Third Round Consolation


Class 3A Wrestling Third Round Consolation

We are updating results as they are available.

Team Scores

1st-Jefferson 88.0

2nd-Eaton 86.5

3rd-Valley 83.5

4th-Pagosa Springs 71.5

5th-Alamosa 70.0

6th-Eagle Valley 67.0

7th-Weld Central 63.5

8th-Bennett 63.0

9th-Woodland Park 55.0

10th-Lamar 52.0

Individual Results


Hixson, Moffat County over Young, Sterling-Fall 2:46

Moneypenny, Berthoud over Kramer, Elizabeth-Decision 5-3


Call, Moffat County over Gomez, Gunnison-Fall 3:33

Castaneda, Eaton over Atencio, Pueblo Central-Decision 5-2


Kargar, SkyView over Boehm, Florence-Fall 1:33

Malovich, Platte Valley over Duran, Moffat County-Decision 8-5


Williams, Berthoud over Featherman, Cortez-Decision 8-2

Troni, Mullen over Smith, Rifle-Fall 3:29


Damian, Valley over Monterosso, Pagosa Springs-Fall 4:56

Williams, Berthoud over Johnson, Salida-Decision 4-2


Simonis, Woodland Park over Pickering, Bayfield-Fall 5:27

Lemos, Resurrection Christian over Campos, Jefferson-Decision 1-0


Bergdolt, Pagosa Springs over Hamilton, C.S Christian-Decision 8-3

Baber, Lamar over Kargar, SkyView-SV 10-8


Gray, Olathe over Caddy, Moffat County-Decision 3-0

Jordan, Bennett over Robertson, Weld Central-Major Decision 11-1


Conlon, Berthoud over Clark, Pagosa Springs-Major Decision 11-3

Serrano, Lamar over Zelaya, Jefferson-Decision 8-6


Carroll, Classical Academy over Duran, Jefferson-Major Decision 10-2

Tribbett, Eaton over Samuelson, Basalt-Decision 11-8


Runner, Severance over Hoeppner, La Junta-Decision 6-3

Baumgartner, Weld Central over Powell, Eaton-Major Decision 12-0


Slowey, Steamboat Springs over Lockhart, Delta-Fall 2:18

Trujillo, Alamosa over Harvey, Bennett-Fall 4:51


Gonzales, La Junta over Ontiveros, Brush-Decision 3-2

Book, Sterling over Contreraz, Fort Morgan-Decision 3-2


Lopez, Basalt over Trujillo, Valley-SV 3-1

Flores, Almeda over Gilpin, Manitou Springs-Decision 2-1

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