Class 1A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball State Predictions Class 1A

Ty Lin Williams KC vs Cheraw
Picture by Ty Lin Williams (Kit Carson vs Cheraw)

Boys Basketball State Predictions Class 1A

The State tournament kicks off on Thursday.  I will give my first round predictions and then at the end give my complete Class 1A State Tournament Predictions.  I would love to see who everyone thinks will win state in Class 1A.  Also I am waiting to post Players of the Week until tomorrow to see if more Stats are posted by Coaches.

G1 3/12 @1:15pm

#1 Kit Carson vs #8 Ouray

Kit Carson is the #1 overall seed in the tournament.  Kit Carson reached the State tournament by beating South Baca 63-43.  Kit Carson is 21-1 on the season with their only loss coming to Limon which was their first game of the year.  Kit Carson has faced its fair share of top teams with wins over Walsh, Holly, Cheraw, Haxtun, Genoa-Hugo, and Stratton/Liberty.

Ouray is the #8 seed in the tournament and will be looking for the upset.  Ouray reached the state tournament by upsetting Sangre De Cristo 61-52.  Ouray is 14-6 on the season with quality losses to De Beque, Ignacio, Mancos, Aspen, and Telluride.  Ouray best wins are over Crested Butte (x2) and there upset of Sangre De Cristo.

I am picking Kit Carson over Ouray in the first round.

G2 3/12 @8:30pm

#4 De Beque vs #5 Briggsdale

De Beque is the defending State Champion and enter as the #4 seed.  De Beque reached the state tournament by beating Primero 58-57.  De Beque need a shot at the buzzer to get the win and will look to use that momentum.  De Beque 20-2 on the season with losses to Plateau Valley and West Grand.  De Beque has quality wins over Ouray, Briggsdale (OT), Idalia, Plateau Valley, Telluride, Meeker, Vail Christian, and Vail Mountain.

Briggsdale enters the tournament as the #5 seed and I believe is their first trip to the state tournament.  Briggsdale reached the state tournament by beating Denver Jewish Day 57-50.  Briggsdale is 19-4 on the season with losses to De Beque, Fleming, Merino, and Longmont Christian.  Briggsdale has quality wins over Prairie, Peetz, Fleming, Caliche, and Denver Jewish Day.

I am picking De Beque over Briggsdale in the first round.  This should be a great game with the first meeting going to OT.

G3 3/12 @5:30pm

#3 Walsh vs #6 Merino

Walsh enters the tournament as the #3 seed and on a 16-game winning streak.  Walsh reached the state tournament by beating Cheraw 58-51.  Walsh is 20-2 on the year with losses to Syracuse KS and Kit Carson.  Walsh has quality wins over Granada, Cheraw, South Baca, Kim/Branson, and Cheyenne Wells.  Walsh is making back to back appearances at the state tournament.

Merino enters the tournament as the #6 seed and the only 1A school to win two games are regionals to get to the state tournament.  Merino beat Stratton/Liberty 59-46 and Denver Waldorf 57-52.  Merino has played well since playing more 1A opponents.  Merino is 16-8 on the year with quality losses to Burlington, Caliche, Dayspring Christian, Sedgwick County, Limon, Yuma, Wray, and Haxtun.  Merino has quality wins over Haxtun, Peetz, Prairie, Holyoke, Fleming, Briggsdale, and Denver Waldorf.

This is a rematch of the first-round game in last years state tournament and should be a good one yet again.  I am picking Walsh over Merino this time around, but this will be one of the best opening round games.

G4 3/12 @10:15am

#2 Mile High Academy vs #7 Evangelical Christian

Mile High Academy enters the tournament as the #2 overall seed.  Mile High Academy reached the state tournament beating Longmont Christian 67-51.  Mile High Academy is 20-3 on the year with losses to Denver Jewish Day, Midland Adventist Academy, and Denver Waldorf.  Mile High Academy has quality wins over Longmont Christian, Flatirons Academy, and Denver Jewish Day.  Mile High Academy did not make the state tournament last year.

Evangelical Christian enters the tournament as the #7 overall seed.  Evangelical Christian reached the state tournament beating Kim/Branson 56-49.  ECA is 19-3 on the year with losses to Flatirons Academy, Edison, and Peyton.  ECA has quality wins over Pikes Peak Christian, Kim/Branson, and Cotopaxi.  ECA reached the state tournament last year and finished 5th.

I am picking Evangelical Christian over Mile High Academy.  This will be a good game.

State Tournament Predictions

Here are my complete State Tournament Predictions.

First Round

Kit Carson over Ouray

De Beque over Briggsdale

Walsh over Merino

ECA over Mile High Academy

Consolation Semifinals

Briggsdale over Ouray

Merino over Mile High Academy


Kit Carson over De Beque

Walsh over Evangelical Christian

State Championship

Kit Carson over Walsh

3rd Place

De Beque over Evangelical Christian

5th Place

Merino over Briggsdale