2A League Breakdown

Class 2A League Predictions & Playoff Predictions

Class 2A League Predictions & Playoff Projections

We will kick off my League Predictions in Class 2A.  These are just my predictions and more of a jumping off point and gives us a fun look at each of the 4 leagues in Class 2A.  I will also give 8 teams who I think could make it to the playoffs.  With CHSAA changing up the leagues we have moved to 4 leagues and 2 of the 4 leagues will only play league games making the 1st and 2nd place teams important for the playoff bracket.  I think most leagues 1st and 2nd place teams will have a good shot at the playoffs along with maybe a few 3rd place teams. 

Patriot East

#1 Eaton

#2 Platte Valley

#3 Sterling

#4 Valley

#5 Weld Central

#6 Brush

#7 Fort Lupton

The Patriot East I consider to be one of the tougher leagues in Class 2A.  Lots of traditional Playoff teams are in 1 league and this should make for a fun regular season.  I think the top 3 spots in the Patriot East could go in any direction and was not easy picking between these three teams.  My pick to win the Patriot East is Eaton.  Eaton went 6-4 last season and had a lot of juniors step up.  Eaton did not have a powerhouse offense, but their rushing attack can wear on teams and look for the offense to improve this season with QB Scott Grable and RB Gage Butler both returning.  Defensively Eaton will look to replace a few defensive leaders, but Eaton strides themselves on tough defensive play.  Platte Valley is my pick for 2nd.  Platte Valley found their QB last season with Kade McDaniel.  This season Platte Valley will be looking for some new weapons at RB.  Defensively Platte Valley will also be looking to replace key players, but I think the offense can carry until a leader emerges on the defensive side of the ball.  Sterling is my pick for 3rd place.  Sterling is the defending State Champions and will lose some major pieces to their championship team.  Sterling will be looking for a new QB, #1 & #2 RB and possibly 3 or 4 starters on the offensive line.  Sterling has built a tradition of reloading and I could see them still pushing for a league title this season.  I see Sterling still being a tough team this season but will have to find players to really step up on the offensive side of the ball.  I think 4th thru 6th are a tossup in the Patriot East.  All three were young last season and could start pushing to replace one of the top 3.  My pick for 4th place is Valley.  Valley went 4-5 a season ago and return most of that team.  Valley will be looking this season to jump into the top 3 and will need some players to really step up.  Valley return both their starting QB and RB along with most of their top defenders.  If everything comes together for Valley this season, I could see them push for a top 3 spot.  In 5th place I have Weld Central.  Weld Central return their #1 and #2 RB’s from a year ago and should improve.  Weld Central will also see a good amount of their top defenders back as well.  Weld Central will be looking to push for a top 3 spot this season but the big question mark will be can their offense score on the top defenses in the league.  In 6th I am going with Brush.  Brush lose a key leader from last years in their #1 rusher and #1 tackler.  Brush is still young with a lot of juniors needing to step up this season.  If Brush can have their younger kids step into big roles this season, I can easily see Brush finishing much higher than 6th place.  Fort Lupton is my pick to finish 7th.  Fort Lupton did not win a game last year and have been rebuilding their program. 

Patriot West

#1 Resurrection Christian

#2 D’Evelyn

#3 University

#4 Arvada

#5 Berthoud

#6 Alameda

#7 Severance

The Patriot West is a mix of two leagues from last season and should make from some fun games.  I think the top 3 should all be very tough.  Resurrection Christian is my pick to win the Patriot West.  Resurrection Christian will have a few holes to fill offensively this season mainly the QB position.  Resurrection Christian will have both Tanner Applebee and Braycen Buxman back at RB and should provide plenty of offense until the QB can develop.  Defensively Resurrection Christian is always one of the toughest in 2A and I do not expect any different.  POY candidate Tanner Applebee is back to lead the defense and his stats in 2019 were off the charts.  This defense will be tough yet again and will make life tough for most offenses.  My pick for second place is D’Evelyn.  D’Evelyn went 5-4 last season and missed the playoffs but had a lot of new pieces and this season should be primed for a playoff run.  D’Evelyn will have a new coach this season but has plenty of weapons to help in his first year.  QB Shane Bishop is back to lead the offense along with RB/WR Jude Mcintyre and WR Gabe Jackson.  Defensively D’Evelyn returns 3 of their top 5 tacklers but will be looking for some younger kids to step into big roles this season.  My pick for third place is University.  University went 5-4 last year and missed out on the playoffs.  University took big strides last year and now will be looking for the playoffs.  University offensively will have a few holes to fill mainly at the QB position.  Defensively University returns 4 of their top 6 tacklers and this unit will have to step up this season until the offense can get things sorted out.  In 4th place I am going with Arvada.  Arvada finished 4-5 a season ago and took some big strides last year and will hope to compete with the top 3.  Arvada lose just 6 seniors from last years team.  Arvada did not post stats from last season, but we will see how they compete in the Patriot West.  5th thru 7th are all teams who struggled a bit last season and will be looking to bounce back.  In 5th place I am going with Berthoud.  Berthoud went 1-8 a season ago and are hoping to rebuild the program this season.  Berthoud will have new starters at both QB and RB, but I am going with this schools tradition to bounce back this season. In 6th place I am going with Alameda.  Alameda went 2-7 a year ago but return their QB and top RB from last season.  Alameda will continue to rebuild their program and will look to make big improvements this season.  In7th place is Severance.  Severance is a new program, and we will see how things go in season #1.


#1 Lamar

#2 Alamosa

#3 Pagosa Springs

#4 Bayfield

#5 La Junta

#6 Manitou Springs

The Southwest league is a mix of the Tri-Peaks league and the Intermountain League.  This new league is no joke with plenty of top teams and this was not easy to put the teams in order.  This may be one of the tougher leagues in Class 2A.  My pick to win the Southwest league is Lamar.  Lamar went 8-3 a year ago and reached the playoffs and this season are hoping to contend for a state title.  Offensively Lamar returns POY Candidate QB Zane Rankin, RB Damian Ramos, FB Jesus Reyes, and WR Blake Buxton.  Defensively Lamar should continue to improve but will be looking for a new leader.  Look to Devyn Kincade, Blake Buxton, and Damian Ramos to step up as leaders for Lamar.  My pick for second place is Alamosa.  Alamosa went 6-3 last year but missed the playoffs due to their RPI.  Alamosa will have a few holes to fill offensively at QB but look to Kasey Jones to step into that hole.  Alamosa also has RB Cash Mueller, WR Kane Absmeier, and RB Donovan Ramirez all back and should help a young QB adjust.  Defensively Alamosa will turn to both Mueller and Ramirez to lead the defense but will need some younger kids to really step up this season.  My pick for third place is Pagosa Springs.  Pagosa Springs has a new head coach this season and will take over a 5-5 team who reached the playoffs and is returning a lot of talent from that team.  Pagosa Springs returns QB Grant Aucoin, RB Will Aucoin, and RB/WR Mitch Lewis.  I am interested to see if Pagosa Springs changes from their normal triple option or go in a new direction.  Defensively Pagosa returns 4 of their top 5 tacklers but will need some younger kids to help fill the depth behind these 4.  In 4th place I am going with Bayfield.  Bayfield had a bit of a rebuild season a year ago and lot of young sophomores and junior really stepped up.  Bayfield offensively return QB Isaac Ross along with RB Cael Schafer, and RB Cade Carlson.  Bayfield offensively should make strides on offense this season.  Defensively Bayfield will have the bigger holes to fill losing 3 of their top 5 tacklers and leaders.  Bayfield will turn to players such as Schaefer and Carlson to become leaders for the defense.  My pick for 5th place is La Junta.  La Junta will have a new coach this season.  La Junta did not really post stats from last season and has made it extremely hard for me to figure this team out.  QB Nathan Frankmore will be back along with RB Mitch Peabody.  Defensively La Junta is always tough, and we will see how La Junta bounce back after a tough 5-5 season.  My pick for 6th is Manitou Springs.  Manitou Springs went 2-8 a year ago and were rebuilding last season.  Manitou Springs will hope to bounce back from last season.  Manitou Springs started 3 different QB last season and look for the competition to continue there.  At RB Tate Christian led the team in rushing and should help the offense.  Defensively Manitou Springs was young starting plenty of Freshman and Sophomores a year ago.  I think Manitou Springs is a year away from really threating for a league title.

West League

#1 Delta

#2 Woodland Park

#3 Englewood

#4 Moffat County

#5 Elizabeth

#6 Middle Park

The West league is a mix of a few different leagues and will make for some interesting games.  Lots of travel will be required in this league and road games could be a huge factor.  Delta is my pick to win the West League and my preseason #1.  Delta was the runner-up a year ago and the experience is crucial as they try and win it all.  Delta returns POY candidate in QB Nolan Bynum and RB Timothy Horn.  Delta will look to develop more weapons especially at the WR position.  Defensively Delta returns their leader with James Goff coming back.  Depth will be key for Delta defense and look for some upcoming Seniors and Juniors to fill the holes.  My pick for 2nd place is Woodland Park.  Woodland Park reached the playoffs a year ago going 6-4 and I also think this team can push for a top 2 spot in league.  QB Colin Kucera is back for Woodland Park and his success will pace how far Woodland Park goes.  RB Braden Roskam, WR Bryson Cox and WR Tyler Baldus are all back and this offense could be one of the best in the league.  Defensively Woodland Park will be looking to improve and will have 6 of their top 11 tacklers back.  Jacob Wilkinson returns to lead the defense but will need some other players to really step up.  My pick for 3rd place is Englewood.  Englewood went 7-3 a year ago and reached the playoffs.  Englewood offensively will have a few holes and need to replace their QB and #1 RB.  Englewood will have weapons back at WR in Nate Gravagno and RB Julian Galvan.  Englewood earned my #3 spot in the league though due to their defense.  Englewood return 8 of their 11 top tacklers and this unit will be key to this team’s success especially early on.  My pick for 4th place is Moffat County.  Moffat county is returning a lot of talent and I could easily see them as the #3 or #2 team.  Moffat County returns QB Ryan Peck and RB Joseph Campagna.  Moffat County offensively relies heavily upon QB Ryan Peck and look for him to have a improved season.  Defensively Moffat County returns their top 7 tacklers from a year ago and should make this team extremely tough on defense.  Moffat County will look for their offense to improve this season and their defense should be very tough.  My 5th place team is Elizabeth.  Elizabeth went 6-4 last year, reaching the playoffs.  Elizabeth will be losing some key pieces from that team.  Elizabeth will be looking for a QB and a new RB with their top 3 all graduating.  Elizabeth defensively will have to anchor this team until the offense comes along.  Leading tackler Ryan Connelley is back along with Jordan Hirman.  In 6th place is Middle Park.  Middle Park went 3-6 a season ago and now jump into a very tough league.  Middle Park will be looking for a new QB but will have their #1 RB back in Ben Opatril.  Defensively Middle Park will be looking for younger players to really step up and will look to Cameron Conger to become the leader. 

Class 2A Playoff Projections

With only 8 teams reaching the playoffs the regular season will be extremely competitive and fun to watch.  With only 4 leagues the simplest thing to do would be pick the top 2 from each league and go from there.  I do not know if it will be that easy and some league may only get 1 team in.  I do think league champions will get in so we will start with my predictions there. 

#1 Eaton

#2 Resurrection Christian

#3 Lamar

#4 Delta

I think the second-place teams all need to be consider so Alamosa, Woodland Park, D’Evelyn, and Platte Valley.  I think the Patriot West may only get one team in due to the weaker teams and if that is the case then Sterling or Alamosa would then have a shot to get in.  My 8 teams to get into the playoffs are:(NOT IN ORDER!!)  I went Sterling over Pagosa and D’Evelyn due to the Patriot East being a bit tougher and if the top 3 teams in that league all beat each other up then easily can see Sterling.  If Sterling, Eaton, or Platte Valley go 0-2 against each other than I think the door is open for Pagosa Springs or D’Evelyn to get in.  Week 1 games in the Southwest and West leagues are key as well.

#1 Eaton

#2 Resurrection Christian

#3 Lamar

#4 Delta

#5 Platte Valley

#6 Alamosa

#7 Woodland Park

#8 Sterling

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