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8-Man Football End of the Season Awards

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

8-Man Football End of the Season Awards

My 2020 8-Man End of the Season Awards.  Picking is never easy and usually takes me a while to decide on any of these awards. I physically could not make every game, so I used stats, read newspaper articles, and tried to watch any film available.  I will not lie, and I leaned heavily towards teams that made the playoffs for picking First/Second team all-State.  If you would like an award mailed or emailed to you, please message me on Facebook or Email at CHSAA will be releasing the Official All-State Awards, These are Mile High Prep Reports End of the Year awards.

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.  Also only 1 player per offense and defensive teams.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

Player of the Year

Kelton Gartrell Jr. Sanford High School; 1322 yards rushing, 10.4 yards per carry, 23 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs, 91 Tackles, 2 INTs, 1 defensive TD, and 1 Punt Return for a TD

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

Player of the Playoffs

Kaleb Fowler Sr. Sedgwick County, 301 yards rushing, 5 rushing TDs, 89 yards receiving, 2 receiving TDs, 6 Tackles and 1 sack in the Playoffs

Picture by Billie Carlson

Offensive Player of the Year

Kelton Gartrell Jr. Sanford High School; 1322 yards rushing, 10.4 yards per carry, 23 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

Defensive Player of the Year

Trent Elliott Sr. Merino High School

Photos by: Melanie Kindvall

Newcomer of the Year: (New Award given to either a Freshman or Sophomore)

Deacon Trenkle So. Merino High School; 297 yards passing, 2 passing TDs, 942 yards rushing and 15 Rushing TDs

Photos by: Melanie Kindvall

Special Teams Player of the Year (Given to Kicker, Kick Returner or Punt Returner)

Kaleb Fowler Sr. Sedgwick County: 9 Kickoff Returns averaging 37.9 per return, 1 Kickoff Return for a TD, 2 Punt Returns for TDs

Surprise team of the Year

Swink High School

Coach of the Year

Chris Michel Sedgwick County

Picture by Billie Carlson

Position Awards:

QB of the Year: Jared Ehmke Sr. Sedgwick County; 932 yards passing, 56.2 completion %, 15 TDs and 1 INT

RB of the Year: Kelton Gartrell Jr. Sanford HS; 1322 yards rushing, 10.4 yards per carry, 23 rushing TDs

WR of the Year: Terrance Heath Sr. Sedgwick County; 502 yards receiving, 8 receiving TDs

Most Tackles: Trent Elliott Sr. Merino; 128 Tackles

Most Sacks: Austin Beanland Sr. Dove Creek; 10 Sacks

Most Tackles for Loss: Fabian Lopez Sr. Sedgwick County; 17 TFL

Most Interceptions: Derrick Alber Jr. Merino HS; 9 INTs

8-Man MileHigh Prep Report All-State Teams

1st Team Offense

QB Jared Ehmke Sr. Sedgwick County

QB Christian Still Sr. Dayspring Christian

QB Josh Holman Jr. Sanford High School

QB Deacon Trenkle So. Merino High School

QB/RB Coletin Mazerall Sr. Simla High School

RB Kelton Gartrell Jr. Sanford High School

RB Kaleb Fowler Sr. Sedgwick County

RB Matthew Mendoza Sr. Swink High School

RB Chase Moore Jr. Mancos High School

RB Jackson Bates Sr. Fowler High School

RB Andrew Frank Sr. Merino High School

RB Brody Parker Jr. Sedgwick County

WR Terrance Heath Sr. Sedgwick County

WR Ruben Chavez Sr. Sanford High School

Sedgwick County Offensive Line

Sanford Offensive Line

Merino Offensive Line

2nd Team Offense

QB Damian Romero Sr. Fowler High School

QB Owen Knode Jr. Haxtun High School

QB Keihlin Myers Jr. Rangely High School

QB Dakota Eaton Jr. Holly High School

QB Chorbin Cressler Jr. Dove Creek High School

RB Hayden Lasley Sr. Springfield High School

RB Stephen King Sr. Gilpin County High School

RB Zane Varner Jr. Rangely High School

RB Adam Schultz Sr. Crowley County High School

RB Gage Bailey Sr. Dove Creek High School

WR Jacob Martin Jr. Dayspring Christian

Fowler Offensive Line

Dove Creek Offensive Line

Mancos Offensive LIne

Honorable Mention (I am sure I will miss someone)

Rangely Offensive Line, Swink Offensive Line, Crowley County Offensive Line, Dayspring Christian Offensive Line, Christian Cunningham Sr. Elbert, Brody Despard Sr. Byers, Ryan Campbell Jr. Calhan, Blake Boulter Sr. Gilpin County, Brandon Eglington Sr. Calhan, Gauge Thompson Sr. Dove Creek, Sean Stevelinck Sr. Lyons, Andrew Harris Sr. Pikes Peak Christian, Grayson Pachner Sr. Akron, Michael Gerk So. Haxtun, Jakob Buller Sr. West Grand, Rene Dominguez Sr. West Grand, Ayden Gomez So. McClave, Tyler Wytulka Sr. Norwood, Dean Kerns Jr. Byers, Tach Brewer Jr. Crowley County, Aiden Martinez So. McClave, Garrett Krehbiel Jr. Dayspring Christian, Fernando Dominguez Jr. Holly, Blake Behil Sr. Sargent, Peyton Brown Sr. Sargent,

1st Team Defense

Trent Elliott Sr. Merino High School

Bret Price Sr. Sanford High School

Gabriel Proctor Sr. Fowler High School

Colt Fury Sr. Mancos High School

Fabian Lopez Sr. Sedgwick County

Gabe Polley Sr. Rangely High School

Braxton Asbell Sr. Sargent High School

Nolan Carlson Sr. Sedgwick County

Austin Beanland Sr. Dove Creek High School

Derrick Alber Jr. Merino High School

Tate Goddard Sr. Sedgwick County

Hayden Gray Sr. Dove Creek High School

Vincent Nowicki Jr. Vail Christian High School

Kamron Brewer Jr. Gilpin County High School

2nd Team Defense

Jaciel Villalobos Sr. Sedgwick County

Clay Roweth Jr. Swink High School

Monte Pickering Sr. Lyons High School

Timothy Scoggins Jr. Rangely High School

Mick Kopriva Jr. Pikes Peak Christian

Aiden Jack So. Calhan High School

Mason E Hanagan Sr. Swink High School

Anthony Lujan Sr. Rangely High School

Ryan Tempel Sr. Haxtun High School

Isaiha Rivas Sr. Dolores Huerta High School

Cash Caldon Fr. Sanford High School

Christian Cova Sr. Mancos High School

Tyler Frank So. Merino High School

Mason Goodwin Jr. Sanford High School

Honorable Mention (I am sure I will miss someone)

Angel Nunez Sr. Sedgwick County, Aiden Martinez So. McClave, Austin Cecil Jr. Dayspring Christian, Wyatt Eichman Jr. Dayspring Christian, Ben Miner So. Swink, Silas Newton So. South Park, Ethen Gonzalez Jr. Simla, Alex Jimenez jr. Gilpin County, Caleb Grant Jr. Pikes Peak Christian, Blane Johnson Jr. Dove Creek, Kyle Fryrear SO. Haxtun, Caleb Rabon Sr. Sargent, Nolan Lindberg Sr. Gilpin County, Austin Davis Sr. Rangely, Brayden Glover So. Simla, Wyatt Bashor Jr. Lyons, Evan Vogt Jr. Akron,