Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 1A Girls Basketball League Predictions/Game Predictions

Picture by OTSportsChek (Merino vs Akron)

Class 1A Girls Basketball League Predictions/Game Predictions

3 days left of the regular season.  Still a few things to sort out including a few league champions.  Any important games I will give my prediction on those games as well.  Remember the league champions automatically qualify for the Class 1A State Tournament.  13 possible automatic berths could be given out, but a lot of leagues are mixed with 1A and 2A and we will dive into that much more in this article.  The rest of the State Playoff Bracket will be selected with the CHSAA Seeding Index (RPI, Coaches Poll, Maxpreps Poll, and Packard Poll). I will give my Playoff Projections/Predictions in the next article. 

Class 1A Arkansas Valley League

League Champion: South Baca

South Baca is your league champion. South Baca locked up the league title last week with a win over Wiley.  South Baca now has a pair of non-league games against McClave and Eads.  Both games have huge importance to the playoffs.  South Baca currently sits at #5 in the Seeding Index.  Kim/Branson currently sit at #7 in the seeding Index and would get a bye in the first round.  Kim/Branson has a tough game against Eads remaining and close the year out against Granada.  I think Kim/Branson with a pair of wins should be able to hold onto a top 8 seed.  Springfield currently sit at #17 and are a bit closer to the bubble.  Springfield close the year against Wiley and a win locks them into the playoffs and a loss will make things a bit more interesting.  Wiley currently sits at #21 and are on the bubble but have improved in the seeding index due to the new Packard Poll.  Wiley face Springfield in their final game and will hope to win to try and lock up a playoff spot.

Playoff Contenders: South Baca, Kim/Branson, Springfield, Wiley

Key League Game Predictions

Wiley over Springfield

Class 1A Black Forrest League

League Title Game: Simla vs Evangelical Christian, March 6th

Evangelical Christian currently sits atop the league standings at 5-0 but face Simla in their final game of the season and that will be for the league title.  ECA sits at #27 and may need the league title to get into the playoffs.  ECA face Calhan on Thursday before play Simla for the league title on Saturday.    Simla currently sit at #9 and are in good position to get a first round home game.  Simla is just behind the #8 team and winning their final game against ECA could give them the boost they need to jump into a top 8 seed.  I am picking Simla over Evangelical Christian.  Elbert currently sit at the #8 spot and face a huge test in their final game against Shining Mountain.  Elbert is trying to hold onto a bye or move up in the seeding.  Kiowa currently sits in the #22 spot and are square on the bubble.  Teams will have to finish in the top 23 to get into the playoffs.  Kiowa will face Gilpin County in their final game on Saturday.  Gilpin County is a 2A team also in the hunt for a playoff spot and should be a good game.  A win will probably get them in but a loss could hurt their chances.

Playoff Contenders: Simla, ECA, Elbert, Kiowa

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Miami-Yoder, Hanover, Pikes Peak Christian

League Game Predictions (Key games)

Simla over Evangelical Christian

Class 1A Fishers Peak League

League Champion: Manzanola

Manzanola is your league champion.  La Veta has forfeited their game due to them ending their season.  This was posted on Maxpreps this morning.  Manzanola will enter the playoffs as the #24 seed and replace the final team in.

Out of the Playoff Hunt: La Veta and Primero

Class 1A High Plains League

League Title Game: Kit Carson vs McClave, Friday March 5th

Probably one of the toughest leagues this season in Class 1A will be the High Plains League.  Kit Carson and McClave both sit atop the league standings and the league championship will be decided on Friday March 5th.  This should be a great game between to team in the hunt for a final 4 spot.  I am going with Kit Carson over McClave in this game.  Kit Carson currently is #2 in the seeding index and McClave is currently #6.  I think regardless of the results both teams should keep a first round bye.  Eads currently sits at he last team in at #23.  Eads is just behind the #22 team but just ahead of the first team out.  Eads has a brutal schedule to end the year with games against Kim/Branson and South Baca.  An upset of either team probably gets Eads in but both games should not hurt Eads if they fall in both.  Watching numbers will be key for Eads if they drop both games.  Cheraw is the next team in the hunt.  Cheraw currently sits at #28 and need to win out to try and jump to #23.  Cheraw face Crowley County, Granada, and McClave in their final games.

Playoff Contenders: Kit Carson, McClave, Eads, Cheraw

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Granada and Cheyenne Wells

League Game Predictions (Key Games)

Kit Carson over McClave

1A/2A Lower Platte

1A teams: Haxtun, Merino, Caliche

The Lower Platte League is a 2A/1A mixed league with only the true champion getting an automatic berth.  I do not think a 1A team will win this league.  Merino, Haxtun, and Caliche are the 1A teams.  Currently Merino sits #14 in the Seeding Index and if the season ended now they host a first round game. Merino faces Prairie and Peetz in their final games and are must wins.  Haxtun currently sits at #16 in the Seeding Index.  Haxtun would host a first round game currently.  Haxtun is done with their regular season games and I fully think host a first round game.  Caliche is not in the playoff hunt but are a young team and could be in the mix next season. 

Playoff Contenders: Merino, Haxtun

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Caliche

3A/2A/1A Mile High League

1A teams: Longmont Christian

Only one 1A team plays in the Mile High League and that is Longmont Christian.  I do not think Longmont Christian will win the Mile High League.  Longmont Christian currently sits at #24 in the Seeding Index and would be the first team out.  Longmont Christian would be replaced in the Bracket by Manzanola who the league champion of the Fishers Peak league is.  Longmont Christian picked up a big win over Clear Creek last night and have one last game remaining against Dawson School and is a must win if they plan to jump into the top 23.

Playoff Contenders: Longmont Christian

Class 1A North Central League

League Champion: Briggsdale

Briggsdale is your league champion and have a pair of games remaining against Caliche and Shining Mountain.  If Briggsdale can win out they will be the #1 or #2 seed and host thru the State Championship.  Fleming is getting healthy at the right time and showing why they were a top team at the beginning of the season.  Fleming currently sits at #13 and are a lock for the playoffs.  Fleming has a pair of games against Lone Star and Akron and if Fleming wins both could jump into the top 12 and possibly push for a higher seed.  Fleming and Briggsdale look to be the only teams from the North Central in the playoff chase.

Playoff Contenders: Briggsdale, Fleming,

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Prairie, Peetz and Weldon Valley

1A/2A San Juan Basin

League Title Game: Dove Creek vs Ignacio, Thursday March 4th

Dove Creek vs Ignacio is the League Title game and happens tonight.  Should be a good game and will help determine seeding in both Class 1A and Class 2A.  I am picking Ignacio in this game but should be a good game.  Dove Creek currently sits at #10 but a win over Ignacio and Dolores to close the season out could push them into the top 8.  Nucla is also in the mix for playoff sitting at #27.  Nucla has one game remaining against Mancos and must upset Mancos to push for a top 23 spot. 

Playoff Contenders: Dove Creek and Nucla

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Ouray

Key League Game Prediction

Ignacio over Dove Creek

Mancos over Nucla

 Class 1A Southern Peaks League

League Champion: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo is your league champion.  Sangre De Cristo locked up the league with a convincing win over Sierra Grande 53-20.    Sangre De Cristo currently sits at #3 in the Seeding Index and are in a very good position to get a bye in the first round.  Sangre De Cristo closes out the season against Rocky Ford (2A) on Friday.  Sangre De Cristo will benefit regardless of the outcome but is a big measuring stick game going into the playoffs for the T-Birds.  Sierra Grande currently sits at #19 in the Seeding Index and face Primero and Manzanola in their final games.  Both games are must wins but neither will do much to improve their seed.  Sierra Grande though must take care of business and cannot afford to drop a game to close the year out.  Moffat, Antonito, and Centennial all sit outside the top 30.  Antonito is done with games for the year.  Moffat and Centennial will face each other on Friday but I don’t think can get into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Sangre De Cristo and Sierra Grande

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Creede, Antonito, Moffat, Centennial

1A/2A Union Pacific League

1A Teams: Genoa-Hugo, Stratton/Liberty, Deer Trail, Flagler

I do not think a 1A team will win the Union Pacific league.  I will also give my full prediction on the 2A Prediction tomorrow.  I do think Limon or Burlington win the Union Pacific both are 2A teams.  Stratton/Liberty is the closest of the 1A teams in the Union Pacific to make the playoffs at #29.  I currently do not think any 1A teams from the Union Pacific make the playoffs. 

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Stratton/Liberty, Genoa-Hugo, Deer Trail, Flagler

Key League Game Predictions

Burlington over Genoa-Hugo

1A/2A West Central League

League Champion: Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is your league champion and gets into the 1A Field Automatically.  Cotopaxi will face Custer County and Swink to end the year.  Cotopaxi currently sits at #12 in the seeding index and will host a first round game.  I do not think Cotopaxi can jump into the top 8 but are a lock to host a first round game.  The rest of the league is not in the mix for a playoff spot.

Playoff Contenders: Cotopaxi

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Custer County, Cripple Creek and South Park (2A)

Key League Game Prediction

Cotopaxi over Custer County

1A/2A Western Slope

1A Teams: Caprock Academy, North Park

The Western Slope League will be won by a 2A team so all 1A teams will have to earn their berth.  North Park is currently in the mix of getting into the playoffs.  North Park currently sits at #20 in the seeding index but are on the bubble.  North Park has 3 games remaining against West Grand, Flagler, and Flatirons Academy.  North Park must win the first 2 to make sure they hold onto their playoff spot.  Caprock Academy is not in the mix for the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: North Park

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Caprock Academy

Class 1A YWKC League

League Champion: Lone Star

Lone Star is your league champion.  Lone Star close out their regular season with a pair of games against Fleming and Weldon Valley.  Lone Star currently sits at #15 and could still move up with their seeding especially if they can upset Fleming.  Lone Star I think are a near lock to host a first round game.  Idalia currently sit at #18 and are on a 6 game winning streak.  Idalia close out the season with a pair of must win games against Cheyenne Wells and Stratton/Liberty.  If Idalia wins both I think they lock up a playoff spot.

Playoff Contenders: Lone Star and Idalia

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Arickaree/Woodlin, Hi-Plains, Otis

Key League Game Predictions

Idalia over Arickaree/Woodlin

Hi-Plains over Arickaree/Woodlin

Class 1A 5280 League

League Champion: Flatirons Academy

Flatirons Academy is your league champion.  Flatirons Academy currently sit at #4 and would host thru the final 4 and get a first round bye.  Flatirons Academy close the season out against Mile High Academy and North Park.  Both are game needed to keep a top 4 seed.  Shining Mountain currently sit at #11 in the seeding Index.  Shining Mountain has a pair of very tough games to close out the year but I think are a lock for the playoffs.  Shining Mountain face Elbert and Briggsdale to close out the year.  If Shining Mountain was to upset both they would get into the top 8.  Belleview Christian currently sit at #25 but would be the second team out.  Belleview Christian has not other games schedule and must get some help with their numbers to jump two teams to get into the top 23.  The rest of the 5280 leagues sit outside the top 32 and I do not think can make the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Flatirons Academy, Shining Mountain, Belleview Christian

Out of the Playoff Hunt: Denver Waldorf, Mile High Academy, Rocky Mountain Lutheran, Denver Jewish Day, Front Range Baptist, Denver Academy of Torah, Beth Eden

Key League Game Predictions

Denver Waldorf over Rocky Mountain Lutheran

Non-League Game Predictions (Key Games)

McClave over South Baca

South Baca over Eads

Kim/Branson over Eads

Elbert over Shining Mountain

Kiowa over Gilpin County

McClave over Cheraw

Briggsdale over Shining Mountain

Fleming over Lone Star

Fleming over Akron

Flatirons Academy over North Park