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MileHigh Prep Report Week 2 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Picture by OTSportsChek (Stratton vs Prairie)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 2 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Week 1 is in the books, and it was a good one.  Lots of ranked teams in action and only a few surprises last week.  Eaton, Limon, Sedgwick County, Granada all stay at #1 this week.  Severance (2A), Wiggins & Yuma (1A), Sierra Grande (6-Man) all join the rankings this week.  Looking forward to another good week of games.

Class 2A                                                                    

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Eaton (0-0)Bye (1, 2 Weeks)
2. Resurrection Christian (1-0)Win beat Sterling (6)
3. Rifle (0-1)Lost to Palisade (2)
4. Delta (1-0)Win beat Summit (4)
5. Classical Academy (1-0)Win beat Alamosa (5)
6. Brush (1-0)Win beat George Washington (8)
7. Sterling (0-1)Lost to Resurrection Christian (3)
8. Elizabeth (1-0)Win beat Burlington (9)
9. Severance (1-0)Win beat D’Evelyn (NR)
10. La Junta (0-1)Lost to Pueblo County (6)
Others: Alamosa, Platte Valley, Lamar, Moffat County, University, Berthoud, Faith Christian Dropped out: Alamosa (10)
Notes: Lots of good games last week.  A lot of 2A vs 3A matchups and was hard to judge certain teams.  Alamosa drops out of the rankings losing to TCA but Alamosa battled in that game.  Severance joins the rankings.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Limon (0-0)Bye (1, 2 weeks)
2. Centauri (1-0)Win beat Wray (2)
3. North Fork (1-0)Win beat Center (3)
4. Holyoke (0-0)Bye (4)
5. Buena Vista (1-0)Win beat Salida (5)
6. Strasburg (0-1)Lost to Platte Valley (6)
7. Florence (1-0)Win beat Peyton (8)
8. Wiggins (1-0)Win beat Highland (NR)
9. Wray (0-1)Lost to Centauri (9)
10. Yuma (1-0)Won beat Burns WY (NR)
Others: Highland, Monte Vista, Meeker, Grand Valley, Platte Canyon, Rye, Bennett, Peyton Dropped out: Highland (7), Peyton (10)
Notes: A few surprises in Class 1A.  Highland upset by Wiggins and Peyton was blown out by Florence.  Those two results move both Highland and Peyton out of the rankings.  Wiggins and Yuma join the rankings this week. 


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Sedgwick County (0-1)Lost to Dundy County-Stratton NE (1, 2 weeks)
2. Sanford (1-0)Won beat Crowley County (2)
3. Merino (1-0)Won beat Pikes Peak Christian (3)
4. Haxtun (1-0)Won beat South Park (4)
5. Mancos (1-0)Won beat Hayden (5)
6. Dove Creek (1-0)Won beat Plateau Valley (6)
7. Dayspring Christian (1-0)Won beat Springfield (7)
8. Holly (1-0)Won beat Swink (8)
9. Rangely (0-0)Bye (10)
10. Crowley County (0-1)Lost to Sanford (9)
Others: Swink, Hoehne, Calhan, Fowler, Pikes Peak Christian, Plateau Valley, Akron, Simla, Byers, McClave Dropped Out: None
Notes: Sedgwick County stays #1 they lost to the defending State Champions in NE 8-Man.  Crowley County also stays in the rankings losing on the road to Sanford.  No new teams join the rankings this week.


 Last Year’s Results
1. Granada (0-0)Bye (1, 2 weeks)
2. Stratton (1-0)Won beat Prairie (2)
3. Cheyenne Wells (1-0)Won beat Hi-Plains (3)
4. Fleming (1-0)Won beat Arickaree/Woodlin (4)
5. Idalia (1-0)Won beat Cheraw (8)
6. Branson/Kim (1-0)Won beat Walsh (6)
7. Prairie (0-1)Lost to Stratton (5)
8. Briggsdale (1-0)Won beat Kiowa (9)
9. Cheraw (0-1)Lost to Idalia (7)
10. Sierra Grande (1-0)Won beat Kit Carson (NR)
Others: Genoa-Hugo, Mountain Valley, Hanover, Eads, Peetz, Otis, Kit Carson, Cotopaxi Dropped Out: Eads (10)
Notes: Eads drops out of the rankings losing to Genoa-Hugo.  Genoa-Hugo is just edged out by Sierra Grande for the #10 spot.  Sierra Grande had an impressive win over Kit Carson on the road.  Idalia made the biggest move defeating Cheraw this week.  Stratton also picked up an impressive win over Prairie.