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MileHigh Prep Report Week 3 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Pictures by Joe Skerjanec & OTSportsChek (Haxtun vs West Grand)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 3 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Week 2 is in the books, and it was a good one.  Lots of ranked teams in action and only a few surprises last week.  Eaton, Limon, Sedgwick County, and Granada all stay at #1 this week.  University (2A) and Akron (8-Man) join the rankings this week. Not a lot of surprises this past week so not a lot of changes to the rankings.

Class 2A                                                                    

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Eaton (1-0)Won beat Sterling (1, 3 Weeks)
2. Resurrection Christian (2-0)Won beat Thompson Valley (2)
3. Classical Academy (1-0)Bye (5)
4. Delta (2-0)Won beat Salida (4)
5. Severance (2-0)Won beat Niwot (9)
6. Brush (1-1)Lost to Fort Morgan (6)
7. Rifle (0-2)Lost to Glenwood Springs (3)
8. Elizabeth (2-0)Won beat Woodland Park (8)
9. University (2-0)Won beat Manitou Springs (NR)
10. La Junta (1-1)Won beat Pagosa Springs (10)
Others: Moffat County, Platte Valley, Basalt, Alamosa, Weld Central, Bayfield, Faith Christian, The Academy Dropped out: Sterling (7)
Notes: Great week of games with 9 of the 10 ranked teams in action.  Brush and Rifle both lost to 3A teams but stay in the rankings.  Classical Academy makes the biggest jump moving into the #3 spot.  University joins the rankings for the first time this year.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Limon (1-0)Won beat Meeker (1, 3 weeks)
2. Centauri (2-0)Won beat C.S Christian (2)
3. North Fork (1-0)Bye (3)
4. Holyoke (1-0)Won beat Rye (4)
5. Buena Vista (2-0)Won beat Banning Lewis (5)
6. Strasburg (1-1)Won beat Yuma (6)
7. Florence (2-0)Won beat Clear Creek (7)
8. Wiggins (2-0)Won beat Valley (8)
9. Wray (1-1)Won beat Goodland KS (9)
10. Yuma (1-1)Lost to Strasburg (10)
Others: Highland, Monte Vista, Meeker, Grand Valley, Flatirons Academy, Ignacio, Estes Park, Peyton Dropped out: None
Notes: All but 1 team was in action in the top 10 this week.  All the top 10 teams were victorious besides Yuma who lost to #6 Strasburg in a great game!  Yuma stays at #10 even with the loss. 


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Sedgwick County (1-1)Won beat Hoehne (1, 3 weeks)
2. Sanford (2-0)Won beat Dayspring Christian (2)
3. Merino (1-0)Bye (3)
4. Haxtun (2-0)Won beat West Grand (4)
5. Mancos (2-0)Won beat Dolores (5)
6. Dove Creek (2-0)Won beat Rangely (6)
7. Dayspring Christian (1-1)Lost to Sanford (7)
8. Akron (2-0)Won beat Holly (NR)
9. Holly (1-1)Lost to Akron (8)
10. Crowley County (1-1)Won beat Soroco (10)
Others: Calhan, Fowler, Simla, Rangely, Front Range Christian, Vail Christian, Lyons, Swink, Hoehne Dropped Out: Rangely (9)
Notes: Some amazing games inside the top 10 this week.  Sanford won a shootout against Dayspring Christian and Akron pulled off the upset against Holly in OT.  Akron joins the rankings this week and Holly drops to #9.  Rangely falls out of the rankings.  I keep Sanford at #2 until someone in Colorado can prove they can beat #1 Sedgwick County.


  Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Granada (1-0)Won beat Eads (1, 3 weeks)
2. Cheyenne Wells (2-0)Won beat Stratton (3)
3. Fleming (2-0)Won beat Peetz (4)
4. Stratton (1-1)Lost to Cheyenne Wells (2)
5. Idalia (2-0)Won beat Otis (5)
6. Branson/Kim (2-0)Won beat La Veta (6)
7. Prairie (1-1)Won beat Weldon Valley (7)
8. Briggsdale (1-0)Bye (8)
9. Cheraw (1-1)Won beat Mountain Valley (9)
10. Sierra Grande (2-0)Won beat Hanover (10)
Others: Genoa-Hugo, Mountain Valley, Hanover, Eads, North Park, Walsh Dropped Out: None
Notes: The top 10 stays the same this week.  9 of the 10 top teams were in action this week.  The only team that lost in the top 10 was Stratton who lost to #2 Cheyenne Wells.  As we move deeper into the season I expect a few more changes.