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MileHigh Prep Report Week 4 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Pictures by OTSportsChek (Limon vs Strasburg)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 4 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Week 3 is in the books, and it was a good one.  Lots of ranked teams in action and only a few surprises last week.  Eaton, Limon, Sedgwick County, Granada all stay at #1 this week.  Moffat County and Alamosa in Class 2A are the only new teams that join the rankings this week.  Looking forward to another good week of games.

Class 2A                                                                    

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Eaton (2-0)Won beat Elizabeth (1, 4 Weeks)
2. Resurrection Christian (2-0)Bye (2)
3. Classical Academy (2-0)Won beat Harrison (3)
4. Delta (2-1)Lost to Palisade (4)
5. Severance (3-0)Won beat Platte Valley (5)
6. Brush (1-1)Bye (6)
7. Rifle (1-2)Won beat Lincoln (7)
8. University (3-0)Won beat Valley (9)
9. Moffat CountyWon beat Rawlins WY (NR)
10. Alamosa (2-1)Won beat La Junta (NR)
Others: Basalt, Elizabeth, The Academy, Kent Denver, Platte Valley, Faith Christian, Bayfield Dropped out: Elizabeth (7), La Junta (10)
Notes: Great week of games. The top 7 remains the same this week.  University moves into the #8 spot.  Elizabeth and La Junta drop out of the rankings.  Moffat County and Alamosa join the rankings for the first time this year.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Limon (2-0)Won beat Strasburg (1, 4 weeks)
2. Centauri (3-0)Won beat Pagosa Springs (2)
3. North Fork (2-0)Won beat Monte Vista (3)
4. Holyoke (2-0)Won beat Bridgeport NE (4)
5. Buena Vista (3-0)Won beat Bennett (5)
6. Florence (3-0)Won beat Weld Central (7)
7. Strasburg (1-2)Lost to Limon (8)
8. Wiggins (3-0)Won beat Olathe (8)
9. Wray (2-1)Won beat Estes Park (9)
10. Yuma (1-1)Bye (10)
Others: Highland, Monte Vista, Meeker, Flatirons Academy, Gunnison, Ignacio, Peyton, Burlington Dropped out: None
Notes: No new teams in Class 1A this week.  Some reshuffling of teams but most teams inside the top 10 did pick up solid wins this week. 


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Sedgwick County (1-1)Bye (1, 4 weeks)
2. Sanford (3-0)Won beat Simla (2)
3. Mancos (3-0)Won beat Merino (5)
4. Merino (1-1)Lost to Mancos (3)
5. Haxtun (3-0)Won beat Fleming (4)
6. Dove Creek (2-0)Bye (6)
7. Dayspring Christian (2-1)Won beat Byers (7)
8. Akron (3-0)Won beat Fowler (8)
9. Holly (1-1)Bye (9)
10. Crowley County (1-1)Bye (10)
Others: Calhan, Simla, Fowler, Vail Christian, Pikes Peak Christian, Swink, McClave, Front Range Christian Dropped Out: None
Notes: No new teams this week inside the top 10 of 8-Man.  We did have some movement with Mancos moving from #5 to #3 with a huge win over Merino. 


 Last Year’s Results
1. Granada (2-0)Won beat Idalia (1, 4 weeks)
2. Cheyenne Wells (3-0)Won beat Kit Carson (2)
3. Fleming (2-1)Lost to Haxtun (3)
4. Stratton (2-1)Won beat Otis (4)
5. Branson/Kim (3-0)Won beat Deer Trail (6)
6. Idalia (2-1)Lost to Granada (5)
7. Prairie (2-1)Won beat North Park (7)
8. Briggsdale (3-0)Won beat Weldon Valley (8)
9. Cheraw (2-1)Won beat Walsh (9)
10. Sierra Grande (3-0)Won beat La Veta (10)
Others: Genoa-Hugo, Peetz, North Park, Hanover, Mountain Valley Dropped Out: None
Notes: Very little movement in 6-Man this week.  I feel as if the top 10 looks solid with only Genoa-Hugo fighting for a top 10 spot.  Lots to still be sorted out in 6-Man.