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6-Man Football Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

Photos by Heidi Krise & OTSportChek (Briggsdale vs North Park)

6-Man Football Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

Final week of the regular season and all league title have been given out in the 6-man ranks.  This week I am changing to many focusing on the playoff hunt for teams.  I will pick the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  In my playoff predictions and projections article I will seed my predicted teams plus look at if the season ended before this week’s games are played. 

Central League


Genoa-Hugo is your Central League Champion.  Genoa-Hugo has the automatic berth into the playoffs.  Genoa-Hugo will face North Park in their final game and will big a important game for seeding purposes.  Genoa-Hugo currently sit as the #11 seed and a win over North Park could push them into the top 10 and possibly a top 8 seed.  Genoa-Hugo will be facing a desperate North Park team who sits just outside the top 16.


Hanover is a lock for the playoffs.  Hanover will face Briggsdale in their final game and regardless of the outcome Hanover should get into the playoffs.  Hanover with a win over Briggsdale could push for a top 10 seed with an upset of two ahead of them.  More than likely with a win Hanover will be an 11 or 12 seed.  Hanover with a loss could slip to a #14 seed.

Lock for the Playoffs

Genoa-Hugo (League Title), Hanover

Eliminated from Playoff Hunt

Deer Trail, Kiowa

RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#10 Genoa-Hugo, #12 Hanover, #22 Deer Trail, #27 Kiowa

East Central League


Stratton is your league champion and receive the automatic berth into the playoffs.  Stratton will face Walsh in their final game of the season.  Stratton is on pace to be a top 3 seed as long as they don’t get upset by Walsh in their final game.  Stratton right now sits as the #2 seed and probably will end that way as long as they avoid the upset this week.


Idalia is also a lock for the playoffs.  Idalia close out the season against Arickaree/Woodlin.  This is a big game for seeding purposes.  Idalia with a win over Arickaree/Woodlin should be the #4 seed.  If Idalia loses to Arickaree/Woodlin they could drop to as low as the #7 seed.  I have Idalia favored against Arickaree/Woodlin.


Arickaree/Woodlin is also a lock for the playoffs.  Arickaree/Woodlin will face Idalia this weekend.  Arickaree/Woodlin currently is the #10 seed and an upset of Idalia would push them into a top 8 seed.  A loss for Arickaree/Woodlin probably keeps them around a the #10 thru #12 seed. 


Hi-Plains is on the bubble.  Hi-Plains currently sit as the #15 team in the RPI.  Hi-Plains this week will face Eads who is the #14 team in the RPI.  Winner of this game locks up a playoff berth.  If Hi-Plains loses this game they will be sweating things out.  Hi-Plains with a loss would drop to around a .495 to .490 RPI.  Mountain Valley, North Park, and Otis would all be within distance to jump Hi-Plains.  Hi-Plains has their own destiny in their hands.


Otis has a slight shot at the playoffs.  Otis will face Prairie tonight 10/28.  If Otis pulls the upset, then they will be in the mix for the #16 spot.  If Otis loses to Prairie tonight their playoff hopes are squashed.  Otis with an upset could be the #16 team as long as North Park loses to Genoa-Hugo. 

Lock for the Playoff

Stratton (League Champion), Idalia, Arickaree/Woodlin

In Playoff Hunt

Hi-Plains, Otis

Eliminated from Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#3 Stratton, #4 Idalia, #8 Arickaree/Woodlin, #15 Hi-Plains, #18 Otis

North League


Fleming is your North League Champion and have the automatic berth.  Fleming saw their playoff seed take a small hit last week losing to Idalia 32-24.  Fleming now looks to bounce back when they face Cheraw this week.  Fleming with a win should be the #5 seed but a loss could see them tumble to the #7 seed. 


Prairie is a lock for the playoffs.  Prairie has lost 3 straight games to top teams for the past 3 weeks.  Prairie will look to get back to their winning ways when they host Otis this week.  This is a huge game for both teams.  Otis needs to win to have a shot for the playoffs and Prairie needs this win to keep a top 8 seed.  Prairie with a win should be a top 8 seed but I could also see them slip to #9.  Prairie I feel is in very good position to host a first-round game but winning tonight against Otis is key #1.  A Prairie loss to Otis would see them drop to as low as #12 in the RPI.


Briggsdale is a lock for the playoffs.  Briggsdale will travel to face Hanover this Saturday.  Regardless of the outcome both Briggsdale and Hanover will make the playoffs.  Winner probably sees a #11 or #12 seed.  Loser could drop to a ##13, 14 or #15 seed.  Matchups are very important so winning this game and facing a #5 or #6 seed would be better than a top 4 team.

North Park

North Park is on the outside looking in currently.  North Park currently sits at #17 in the RPI.  North Park this week will face Genoa-Hugo.  North Park does not have to win this game to get into the playoffs.  North Park with a win over Genoa-Hugo is in the playoff as the #15 or #16 seed.  North Park with a loss to Genoa-Hugo will be really close to Mountain Valley, I am talking .0008 ahead or behind.  The difference will be OOWP. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Fleming (League Champion), Prairie, Briggsdale

In the Playoff Hunt

North Park

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Peetz, Pawnee, Weldon Valley

RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#5 Fleming, #9 Prairie, #13 Briggsdale, #17 North Park, #20 Peetz, #24 Weldon Valley, #30 Pawnee

South Central League

Branson/Kim has won the South-Central League and now have the automatic berth into the playoffs.  Branson/Kim will face Sierra Grande this week and will probably be for the right to host a first-round game.  Branson/Kim currently is the #9 seed and an upset of Sierra Grande could push them into hosting a first round game. 

League Champion


Eliminated from Playoff Hunt

Miami-Yoder, Primero

RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#11 Branson/Kim, #28 Miami-Yoder, #30 Primero

South East League

Cheyenne Wells

Cheyenne Wells is your Southeast League Champion.  Cheyenne Wells finished their season last week defeating Prairie 79-14.  They will be your #1 seed going into the playoffs and must be considered the favorite to win the State Title. 


Granada is a lock for the playoffs.  Granada had a bye last week and end their season against Cotopaxi.  Granada with a win over Cotopaxi will lock up a top 3 seed, but more than likely will be the #3 seed.  Granada could jump Stratton but comes down to the Maxpreps and Packard poll moving them ahead of Stratton.


Cheraw is a lock for the playoffs.  Cheraw moved into locked status with a 50-48 win over Genoa-Hugo.  Cheraw saw their RPI jump into the top 8.  Cheraw this week will travel to face Fleming on Saturday.  This is a huge game for seeding purposes.  Cheraw with an upset of Fleming could jump to a #5 seed.  A loss for Cheraw could see them fall to a #8 seed.  I think Cheraw ends up as the #7 seed.


Eads is a lock for the playoffs.  Eads will face Hi-Plains in their final game, and I think regardless of the outcome Eads is in the playoffs.  Eads had a huge win over Mountain Valley last week that proved to be all they needed.  Eads with a win over Hi-Plains probably stays around a #13 or #14 seed.  If Eads loses to Hi-Plains, they probably fall to the #15 or #16 spot if North Park beats Genoa-Hugo.  Eads will feel much better with a win instead of sweating things out with a loss.

Lock for the Playoffs

Cheyenne Wells (League Champion), Granada, Cheraw, Eads

Eliminated from Playoff Hunt

Walsh, Kit Carson

RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#1 Cheyenne Wells, #2 Granada, #7 Cheraw, #14 Eads, #19 Walsh, #25 Kit Carson

Southwest League

Sierra Grande

Sierra Grande is your Southwest league champion and have the automatic berth into the playoffs.  Sierra Grande will travel to face Branson/Kim on Saturday.  Sierra Grande will be fighting to lock up a first-round playoff game.  Sierra Grande with a win over Branson/Kim will probably be the #6 seed.  A Sierra Grande loss and they could fall to #8 or even the #9 seed. 

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley is a bubble team and sit at #16 in the RPI.  They will face Kiowa this week and is a must win first off.  If Mountain Valley wins their RPI will settle around .4815 to .4830.  This has them very much on the bubble.  Mountain Valley will be hoping for a North Park loss and an Otis loss.  Mountain Valley must also be cheering on teams they played.  Then it comes down to OOWP to decide who gets the #16 spot.  Mountain Valley and North Park are very close in terms of what could be the final RPI.  I can calculate the OWP based on a few predictions but the OOWP will be the difference so both teams will be sweating things out. 

League Champion

Sierra Grande

In Playoff Hunt

Mountain Valley

Eliminated from Playoff Hunt

Cotopaxi, La Veta, Cripple Creek

RPI Standings (As of 10/28)

#6 Sierra Grande, #16 Mountain Valley, #23 Cotopaxi, #26 La Veta, #31 Cripple Creek

Playoff Team Predictions

This is who I think get into the playoffs.  Based off this list I will give my predicted playoff bracket in my next article. 

(Not in order)

#1 Genoa-Hugo

#2 Hanover

#3 Stratton

#4 Idalia

#5 Arickaree/Woodlin

#6 Hi-Plains

#7 Fleming

#8 Prairie

#9 Briggsdale

#10 Branson/Kim

#11 Cheyenne Wells

#12 Granada

#13 Cheraw

#14 Eads

#15 Sierra Grande

#16 Mountain Valley (I believe they edge out North Park by the slimiest margin)

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