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Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 3A Week 11

Picture by Joe Akerjanec & OTSportChek (Sterling vs Merino)

Regional Tournament Projections Volleyball Class 3A Week 11

Final Week of the Regular season and it should be a fun race to watch to see what teams make the final cut for the top 36.  Good Luck to all teams this upcoming Weekend. 

The Regional format for 3A goes as follows:

All League Champions will automatically earn a berth to regionals.  The remaining teams (up to 24 for 1A and 36 for 2A & 3A) will be selected straight off the CHSAA RPI published at the end of the regular season.  Teams will then be seeded based on the CHSAA Seeding Index (Composed of RPI, Maxpreps, and Coaches Poll).  When Possible Geography will be considered for number three seeds of each region.  Team seeded #1 thru #12 will host.  All Regional Winners will automatically earn a berth to the State Championships.

My League Champion Predictions (Mixed League must be won outright by 3A team)

2A/3A Confluence: DSST-Byers

DSST-Byers wins the league title if they beat DSST-Conservatory Green on Wednesday 10/27.  DSST-Byers beat Addenbrooke Classical to take a huge step in winning the league title.

2A/3A Frontier: DSST-Montview

DSST-Montview is your league champion.

3A Intermountain: Bayfield

Bayfield is your Intermountain League Champion.

3A Metro: Lutheran

Lutheran and Faith Christian meet up on 10/27 and that will be for the regular season title.  The Metro League holds a league tournament and that is who gets the automatic berth I believe. 

3A Patriot: Resurrection Christian

Resurrection Christian is your Patriot League Champion. 

3A Tri-Peaks: Lamar

Lamar is your Tri-Peaks league champion.  Lamar wrapped up the league title beating James Irwin and Banning Lewis in the past 5 days.  Lamar has a big non-league tournament upcoming and could be huge for seeding.

3A Western Slope: Delta

Delta is your Western Slope League Champion.  Delta wrapped up the league title last week.  Delta has a non-league tournament next weekend.

3A/4A Colorado: 4A Team wins

At-Large Teams

University, Liberty Common, Eaton, Faith Christian, Valley, Sterling, Platte Valley, Alamosa, Manitou Springs, Centauri, Prospect Ridge, Montezuma-Cortez, Colorado Academy, The Academy, St. Mary’s, Kent Denver, Pagosa Springs, North Fork, Lake County, Vanguard, Strasburg, Aspen, Peak to Peak, La Junta, C.S Christian, James Irwin, St. Mary’s Academy, Jefferson Academy, Bennett

Bracket: Must win your region to advance to State Tournament

Region 1
#1 Resurrection Christian
#24 North Fork
#36 DSST-Byers
Region 2
#2 Lamar
#23 Pagosa Springs
#35 Bennett
Region 3
#3 Lutheran
#22 Kent Denver
#34 Jefferson Academy
Region 4
#4 University
#21 St. Mary’s
#33 St. Mary’s Academy
Region 5
#5 Liberty Common
#20 The Academy
#32 James Irwin
Region 6
#6 Eaton
#19 Colorado Academy
#31 C.S Christian
Region 7
#7 DSST-Montview
#18 Delta
#30 La Junta
Region 8
#8 Faith Christian
#17 Montezuma-Cortez
#29 Peak to Peak
Region 9
#9 Valley
#16 Prospect Ridge
#28 Aspen
Region 10
#10 Sterling
#15 Centauri
#27 Strasburg
Region 11
#11 Platte Valley
#14 Manitou Springs
#26 Vanguard
Region 12
#12 Alamosa
#13 Bayfield
#25 Lake County

State Tournament Team Predictions

Regional Winners

Resurrection Christian, Lamar, Lutheran, University, Liberty Common, Eaton, Delta, Faith Christian, Valley, Sterling, Platte Valley, Bayfield

State tournament is seeded by the CHSAA Seeding Index the Monday after Regionals

#1 Resurrection Christian

#2 Lamar

#3 Lutheran

#4 University

#5 Liberty Common

#6 Eaton

#7 Faith Christian

#8 Valley

#9 Sterling

#10 Platte Valley

#11 Bayfield

#12 Delta