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Class 1A Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

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Class 1A Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

The final week of the regular season and in Class 1A the playoff picture is still a mess.  From the #10 RPI spot down to the #18 spot teams are position to still get into the playoffs.   Remember that only the top 14 RPI teams will get into the playoffs as the Foothills League and Santa Fe League will take up two spots.  In my playoff predictions and projections article I will seed my predicted teams plus look at if the season ended before this week’s games are played. 


My guess is only the league champion gets into the playoffs from this league!

Platte Canyon

Platte Canyon is in the driver’s seat and 1 win away from locking up the league title in the Foothills league.  Platte Canyon picked up a huge 18-16 win over Bennett last week.  Platte Canyon this week hosts Manual and a win gives them the league title and the automatic berth.  If Platte Canyon loses to Manual, it forces a 3-way tie between themselves Manual and Bennett.  Remember that only the league champion gets into the playoffs in this league.


Manual only shot at getting into the playoffs will be to upset Platte Canyon this Saturday.  If Manual upsets Platte Canyon, it forces a 3-way tie for the league crown and will come down to the League tie-breaker rule. 


Bennett only shot at getting into the playoffs will be for Manual to upset Platte Canyon and force a tie for the league title. 

In the Playoff Hunt (Will need the league title)

Platte Canyon, Bennett, Manual

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Jefferson, Clear Creek, Sheridan

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#18 Bennett, #23 Platte Canyon, #26 Manual, #34 Clear Creek, #35 Jefferson, #37 Sheridan

North Central


Limon is your North Central League Champion.  Limon locked up the league title last week defeating Holyoke 40-14.   Limon is now on the hunt for a #1 or #2 seed for the playoffs.  Limon will host Wiggins this week and a win over Wiggins probably gives them the #1 overall seed. 


Wiggins is a lock for the playoffs with the #7 RPI.  Wiggins currently sit as the #9 seed and an upset win over Limon has them hosting a first round game.  Wiggins with a loss probably hits the road.  I do think Wiggins is either a #9 or #10 seed and my guess goes to Strasburg in the first round unless they upset Limon this weekend. 


Wray improved to 6-2 overall picking up a hard fought 13-7 win over Yuma last week.  Wray with that win kept a shot at a top 5 seed in the playoffs.  Wray must now pick up a win over Burlington this Friday night to make sure they keep their top 5 seed in the playoffs. 


Holyoke dropped to 5-3 on the season last week falling to Limon 40-14.  Holyoke will now be in a fight for their playoff lives as they host Yuma this weekend.  Holyoke with a win over Yuma probably gets the #7 or #8 seed which means they host a first round game.  Holyoke with a loss to Yuma changes everything.  Holyoke with a loss to Yuma could see their RPI drop to around .5360 and would have them on the bubble and possibly missing the playoffs.  Holyoke controls their own fate.


Yuma sit at 4-4 overall after losing to Wray last week 13-7.  Yuma is on the bubble at #14 in the RPI.  Yuma with an upset of Holyoke gets into the playoffs and possibly as the #11 or #10 seed.  Yuma with a loss still has a shot at the playoffs but things get very interesting between themselves, C.S Christian, and Flatirons Academy.  Yuma and C.S Christian will be very close to each other if Yuma loses to Holyoke and I have C.S Christian just ahead of Yuma but of course the OOWP inside the RPI will be a huge factor.

Lock for the Playoffs

Limon (League Champion), Wray, Wiggins

In the Playoff Hunt

Holyoke, Yuma

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/21)

#3 Limon, #4 Wray, #7 Wiggins, #11 Holyoke, #14 Yuma, #22 Burlington

Northern League


Strasburg is my pick to win the Northern League.  Strasburg will face Flatirons Academy today at 3:00pm and it’s for a league title.  Strasburg wins the league title outright with a win over Flatirons Academy.  Strasburg with a win should lock up a first round home game and probably the #7 or #8 seed.  Strasburg with a loss forces a 3-way tie for the league championship.  Strasburg would also drop in seeding as well if Flatirons Academy pulls the upset. 

Flatirons Academy

Flatirons Academy currently sits at 6-2 overall and #16 in the RPI.  They would miss the playoffs if it started today.  Good thing for Flatirons Academy they get another game and a shot for a league title.  Flatirons Academy can force a 3-way tie if they upset Strasburg.  If Flatirons Academy loses to Strasburg, then they must get a few things to go their way to get into the playoffs.  Flatirons Academy with a loss will see their RPI go to around .5300.  Flatirons Academy will need Yuma and C.S Christian to both lose and then every team they played to get some wins to boost their OWP.  I hope to find a way to watch the Flatirons Academy vs Strasburg game as it will be the first domino to fall in the 1A Playoff Race.


Highland wrapped up their regular season picking up the 47-6 win over Prospect Ridge.  Highland should be a lock for the playoffs unless craziness unfolds today and Saturday.  I see the only way Highland misses the playoffs is if Flatirons Academy upset Strasburg and C.S Christian upset Florence.  Highland could then be in trouble, but I don’t see both happening.  Highland will probably end up as the #13 seed in the playoffs or possibly the #12 seed.

Lock for the Playoffs

Strasburg, Highland

In the Playoff Hunt

Flatirons Academy

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Estes Park, Prospect Ridge

RPI Standings (As of 10/21)

#8 Strasburg, #13 Highland, #16 Flatirons Academy, #27 Estes Park, #32 Prospect Ridge

Santa Fe League


Peyton is your Santa Fe League Champion.  Peyton locked up the league title with a 24-13 win over Banning Lewis.  Peyton now waits and see who they face in the first round of the playoffs.  My guess is Peyton ends up with the #15 seed or #15 and travels to face Centauri or Buena Vista in the first round. 

League Champion


Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Banning Lewis, Rocky Ford, Trinidad

RPI Standings (As of 10/21)

#18 Peyton, #19 Banning Lewis, #30 Trinidad, #31 Rocky Ford

Southern Peaks


Centauri is still my pick to win the Southern Peaks League.  Centauri will travel to face Monte Vista tonight and will once again be for the Southern Peaks League title.  Centauri got the forfeit win over Ignacio last week and had an extra week of preparation for their league title matchup.  Centauri with a win over Monte Vista probably ends up at the #2 seed and more than likely will host Peyton or C.S Christian in the first round.  Centauri with a loss makes things very interesting but probably would still host a first round game. 

Monte Vista

Monte Vista improved to 6-2 on the season defeating Center 54-0 last week.  That win got Monte Vista into the playoffs as I have the Pirates as a lock to make the playoffs regardless of the outcome.  Monte Vista with a win over Centauri would probably have them host a first round game and of course the league title.  If Monte Vista loses their RPI actually improves to .5730 to .5740.  Monte Vista in my opinion ends up with either a #11 or #12 seed depending on a few results.  Worst I see Monte Vista is as the #13 seed.

Lock for the Playoffs

Centauri, Monte Vista

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Center, Ignacio, Del Norte

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#1 Centauri, #12 Monte Vista, #21 Ignacio, #25 Center, #29 Del Norte


Buena Vista

Buena Vista is your Tri-Peaks League Champion.  Buena Vista locked up the league title with a 20-14 win over Florence last week.  Buena Vista does not have a game this week and has time to rest and get ready for the playoffs.  Buena Vista will probably be the #3 or #4 seed and host a first round game. 


Florence picked up their first loss of the season falling to Buena Vista.  Florence will now look to bounce back for the first time as they host C.S Christian.  Florence will look to take care of business and lock up the #5 seed.  Florence with a win over C.S Christian I believe end up with the #5 seed and a first round home game.

C.S Christian

C.S Christian kept their playoff hopes alive defeating Rye 17-0 last week.  C.S Christian will travel to face Florence this week and is not a must win for C.S Christian to get into the playoffs.  If C.S Christian defeats Florence, they are in the playoffs.  If C.S Christian loses to Florence, they need Yuma to lose to Holyoke.  C.S Christian could possibly jump Yuma with a loss as C.S Christian RPI would be around the .5380 to .5390 range and would edge out Yuma for the final spot. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Buena Vista, Florence

In the Playoff Hunt

C.S Christian

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#2 Buena Vista, #5 Florence, #15 C.S Christian, #24 Rye

Western Slope


Meeker is your Western Slope League Champion and have secured 1 of the 2 automatic berths the Western Slope League gets.  Meeker will travel to Center this week in a good tune up game before the playoffs.  Meeker should be the #6 seed if they defeat Center.

North Fork

North Fork is my pick to lock up the second automatic berth but must first face Gunnison tonight at home.  North Fork will be the slight favorite in this game and should be a very physical football game.  North Fork with a win could see themselves as the #9 seed especially if Wiggins loses this week.  North Fork right now sits as the #10 seed.  North Fork with a loss will still be in the playoffs but could drop to a #11 seed as Gunnison would probably jump them. 


Gunnison is a lock for the playoffs after defeating Roaring Fork last week.  Gunnison now looks to lock up the second automatic berth that the Western Slope gets.  Gunnison with a win over North Fork could jump to the #10 seed.  Gunnison with a loss to North Fork probably falls to the #13 or #14 seed.  Gunnison has had a huge turnaround season. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Meeker (League Champion), North Fork, Gunnison

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Grand Valley, Cedaredge, Olathe, Roaring Fork

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#6 Meeker, #9 Gunnison, #10 North Fork, #20 Grand Valley, #28 Cedaredge, #30 Roaring Fork, #33 Olathe

Playoff Team Predictions

This is who I think get into the playoffs.  Based off this list I will give my predicted playoff bracket in my next article. 

(Not in order)

#1 Platte Canyon

#2 Limon

#3 Wray

#4 Wiggins

#5 Holyoke

#6 Strasburg

#7 Highland

#8 Peyton

#9 Centauri

#10 Monte Vista

#11 Buena Vista

#12 Florence

#13 Meeker

#14 North Fork

#15 Gunnison

#16 C.S Christian

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