2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

Picture by Joe Skerjanec & OTSportChek (Sterling vs Valley)

Class 2A Playoff Hunt Breakdown Week 10

The Final week of the regular season is upon us.  I believe the playoff picture in Class 2A is a bit more resolved than 1A and 8-Man.  6 teams will be in the hunt for the final 2 spots.  Should be another good week of football.  In my playoff predictions and projections article I will seed my predicted teams plus look at if the season ended before this week’s games are played. 

Colorado League


Elizabeth is my pick to win the Colorado League.  Elizabeth picked up a 55-0 win over Denver West to set up the League Championship against Kent Denver tonight at 7pm.  Elizabeth with a win over Kent Denver wins the league title and puts themselves in a good position to fight for the #8 seed.  Right now Elizabeth is the #9 seed.  If Elizabeth loses to Kent Denver, they will for sure by on the road in the first round but I think are a lock regardless of the outcome.

Kent Denver

Kent Denver had a bye last week to prepare for their league title matchup against Elizabeth.  Kent Denver with a win over Elizabeth wins the league title but I think regardless will be on the road in the first round.  Kent Denver with a loss to Elizabeth will sweat things out on Sunday.  Kent Denver with a loss to Elizabeth will have an RPI around .5245 to .5260.  I believe they will get into the playoffs as the #15 seed but they are being chased by 5 other teams looking to jump them in the RPI. 

Lock for the Playoffs


In the Playoff Hunt

Kent Denver

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Denver West, Englewood, Alameda

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#11 Elizabeth, #15 Kent Denver, #25 Englewood, #27 Denver West, #30 Alameda

Flatirons League


Northfield is your Flatirons League Champion.  Northfield defeated Middle Park 21-20 to capture the league crown and now have the automatic berth into the playoffs.  Northfield will face D’Evelyn this week.  Northfield could push for the #14 seed but my guess is they will be the #15 or #16 seed for the playoffs.

League Champion


Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Faith Christian, Arvada, Middle Park, D’Evelyn, Pinnacle

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#14 Northfield, #21 Faith Christian, #26 D’Evelyn, #32 Arvada, #34 Middle Park, #39 Pinnacle

Patriot East League


Brush is your Patriot East League Champions.  Brush has had a dominate second half of the season and look to close out the regular season against Weld Central.  Brush with a win should be the #7 seed but a slight possibility they move into the #6 seed spot.  Brush should host a first round game.

Platte Valley

Platte Valley has won 3 straight games and go for their 4th when they face Valley tonight.  Platte Valley is a lock for the playoffs.  Platte Valley with a win over Valley should be around a #10 or #11 seed.


Sterling improved to 2-6 on the season following the 43-22 win over Valley last week.  Sterling is still in the playoff hunt but need a few things to go their way to get in.  Sterling first must beat Valley.  Sterling then needs Kent Denver and the Academy to both lose.  Sterling then will be in the mix for the final spot.  Sterling RPI could end up around the .5100 mark which is in contention for the final spot but could be just a bit short of jumping into the #16 spot.

Lock for the Playoff

Brush (League Title), Platte Valley

In the Playoff Hunt


Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Weld Central, Valley, Fort Lupton

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#9 Brush, #13 Platte Valley, #20 Sterling, #28 Weld Central, #31 Valley, #38 Fort Lupton

Patriot West League


Eaton is your Patriot West League Champion.  Eaton close out the regular season against Berthoud and should be a good tune up game before making a run in the playoffs.  Eaton will be your #1 overall seed with a win over Berthoud and host a first round game.

Resurrection Christian

Resurrection Christian improved to 6-1 on the season with a 43-13 win over The Academy last week.  Resurrection Christian is in very good shape to be the #2 or #3 seed.  Resurrection Christian first must defeat University on the road tonight.  If Resurrection Christian defeats University they will be a top 3 seed.  If Resurrection Christian loses, they may still host a game but won’t be a top 3 seed.


University moved back into the win column picking up the 37-25 win over Berthoud.  That win should be enough to get them into the playoffs regardless of this weekend’s outcome.  University will host Resurrection Christian and they will look for a huge upset.  If University wins, they may move up enough to host a first round game.  If University loses, they will probably be a #12 or #13 seed but should be a lock to get into the playoffs. 


Severance fell to 6-2 on the season falling to Eaton 31-0.  Severance has lost back-to-back games for the first time this season and will look to bounce back this week when they face The Academy on Saturday.  Severance with a win over The Academy should host a first round game and could be a #6 seed.  If Severance loses they probably will not host a first round game and be a #9 or #10 seed.

The Academy

The Academy would be the final team into the playoffs if the season ended today.  The Academy sits at #16 in the RPI.  The Academy will host Severance and a win locks them into the playoffs.  If The Academy loses then it opens the door to Woodland Park, La Junta, Montezuma-Cortez, and Sterling.  The Academy RPI with a loss to Severance will drop to around .5160.  They could possibly be jumped by the winner of Woodland Park/La Junta.  The Academy will be sweating things out if they do not beat Severance. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Eaton (League Champion), Severance, Resurrection Christian, University

In the Playoff Hunt

The Academy

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#1 Eaton, #2 Resurrection Christian, #5 Severance, #12 University, #16 The Academy, #31 Berthoud

Southwest League


Bayfield is your Southwest League Champions.  Bayfield has now won 6 straight games and with a 7th win should host a first round game.  Bayfield will host Pagosa Springs this week.  Bayfield currently would be the #8 seed and a win should help them hold onto that spot and maybe move up to the #7 seed.  Bayfield could be jumped by Elizabeth for the #8 seed, but this is less likely.


Alamosa is a lock for the playoff AS LONG as they beat Lamar tonight.  Alamosa punches their ticket to the playoffs with a win over Lamar, but a loss may kill Alamosa shot at making the playoffs.  Alamosa with a win will be in contention for the #12 seed especially if University loses.  Alamosa right now would be the #13 seed and could stay at the #13 spot especially because Lamar will make Alamosa RPI drop a bit. 


Montezuma-Cortez dropped to 3-5 on the season and have a must win game against Salida this week.  Cortez with a win keep their playoff hopes alive but will need some help.  Cortez needs The Academy to lose and then hope they can improve their RPI enough to jump The Academy and the winner of La Junta/Woodland Park.  Cortez may just barely miss the playoffs this year.

Lock for the Playoffs

Bayfield (League Champions), Alamosa

Hunt for the Playoffs


Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Salida, Pagosa Springs

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#7 Bayfield, #10 Alamosa, #19 Montezuma-Cortez, #23 Pagosa Springs, #37 Salida

Tri-Peaks League

Classical Academy

Classical Academy is your Tri-Peaks League Champion.  Classical Academy now is in the hunt for a top 3 seed and with a win over Manitou Springs should be a top 3 seed.  The question is will TCA be the #2 or #3 seed. 

Woodland Park

Woodland Park improved to 4-3 on the season with a 46-20 win over Manitou Springs.  Woodland Park puts it all on the line tonight when they travel to face La Junta.  This is a battle for a shot at making the playoffs. The winner of Woodland Park vs La Junta will have a good shot at the playoffs especially if The Academy loses.  Woodland Park vs La Junta should be a good game! 

La Junta

La Junta improved to 4-4 on the season with a 26-7 win over Lamar.  As mentioned above La Junta will host Woodland Park and this is for a shot at making the playoffs.  Loser goes home and winner at least has a shot at jumping into the #16 spot.  Good Luck to both teams!

Lock for the Playoffs

Classical Academy (League Champions)

In the Playoff Hunt

La Junta, Woodland Park

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Manitou Springs, Lamar

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#3 Classical Academy, #17 Woodland Park, #18 La Junta, #35 Manitou Springs, #37 Lamar

West League


Delta is your West League Champion.  Delta locked up the league title defeating Moffat County 17-14 in a very good game.  Delta is now in the hunt for a top 5 seed for the playoffs.  Delta will face Rifle in their final game.  If Delta beats Rifle, I believe Delta will be the #4 seed for the playoffs.

Moffat County

Moffat County picked up their first loss of the season falling to Delta 17-14.  I knew this would be a great game and it lived up to the hype.  Moffat County will now look to bounce back when they host Coal Ridge tonight.  Moffat County is in good shape to be the #5 or #6 seed with a win over Coal Ridge. 


Basalt improved to 6-2 on the season following the 29-28 OT win over Rifle last week.  Basalt was nearly upset and will look to avoid that again this week when they host Aspen.  Basalt is a lock for the playoffs with the #8 RPI but if Basalt loses to Aspen it will shake up the seeding.  Basalt currently would be the #10 seed and a win over Aspen could give them a shot at jumping into the #9 spot. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Moffat County, Delta, Basalt

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Aspen, Rifle, Coal Ridge

RPI Standings (As of 10/29)

#4 Moffat County, #6 Delta, #8 Basalt, #22 Aspen, #24 Rifle, #36 Coal Ridge

Playoff Team Predictions

This is who I think get into the playoffs.  Based off this list I will give my predicted playoff bracket in my next article. 

(Not in order)

#1 Elizabeth

#2 Kent Denver

#3 Northfield

#4 Brush

#5 Platte Valley

#6 Eaton

#7 Resurrection Christian

#8 Severance

#9 University

#10 Bayfield

#11 Alamosa

#12 Classical Academy

#13 Woodland Park/La Junta

#14 Delta

#15 Moffat County

#16 Basalt