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Mile High Prep Report 2021 8-Man League Awards

Mile High Prep Report 8-Man League Awards

My Third Annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense you will not be on both.  I will pick a Player of the League, Coach of the League, Special Teams Player of the League, and Surprise Team of the League.  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you. Also, I do miss people if I missed someone let me know and I will look. These are not CHSAA Official but Awards that Mile High Prep Report Gives out!

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give a least 1 or 2 whole units an award.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

Arkansas Valley League Awards

Player of the League:

Dakota Eaton Sr. Holly, 1887 yards passing, 68.1% completion, 23 passing TDs, 464 yards rushing, 7 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, and 10 Tackles

Coach of the League:

Dayne Eaton, Holly High School

Surprise Team of the League:

McClave High School

All Ark Valley League Awards

Ark Valley League Offensive Team

QB Dakota Eaton Sr. Holly

QB Ayden Gomez Jr. McClave

QB Gage Gottbehuet So. Fowler

QB Tach Brewer Sr. Crowley County

QB Markus Vigil Sr. Las Animas

QB Dario Vezzani Jr. Hoehne

RB Dillon Buford Jr. Crowley County

RB Donovan Pecina Sr. Holly

RB Daunte Maldonado Jr. Holly

RB Jason Campbell Sr. Springfield

RB Caden Morlan Sr. Las Animas

WR Aiden Martinez Jr. McClave

WR Fernando Dominguez Sr. Holly

Fowler Offensive line

Crowley County Offensive Line

Holly Offensive Line

Ark Valley League Defensive Team

Daunte Maldonado Jr. Holly

Dominique Maldonado So. Holly

Colby Swopes Jr. Holly

Donovan Pecina Sr. Holly

Harrison Proctor So. Fowler

Jacob Buchner Sr. Fowler

Boyd Rogers Jr. Fowler

Bradly Roe Sr. Fowler

Brandon Geringer Sr. Crowley County

Dalton Carroll Jr. Crowley County

Skeater Baker Jr. Crowley County

Will Pacino Fr. McClave

Braden Marks Jr. McClave

Chris Torrez Sr. McClave

Andrew Santistevan Jr. Hoehne

Michael Armijo Jr. Hoehne

Camren Howell Sr. Hoehne

Colby Batterton Fr. Springfield

Roper Nichols Sr. Las Animas

Brander Nichols So. Las Animas

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Justin Totten So. Fowler, Erik Hernandez Jr. Fowler, Sam Parker Jr. Crowley County, Isiah Chavez Jr. Hoehne, Collin Swanson Fr. Springfield, McClave Offensive Line, Hoehne Offensive Line, Andre Salgado So. Holly, Cauy Stum Sr. Holly, Dylan Tamayo So. Holly, Gabe Neugebauer Sr. Holly, Gavin Unrein Jr. Fowler, Weston Johnson Fr. Fowler, Ashton Cash Sr. Fowler, Scott Mobbley So. Fowler, Byars Brown Jr. Crowley County, Aiden Halloran So. Crowley County, Terrance McNeil Sr. Crowley County, Junlian Gutierez So. McClave, Caleb Barr Jr. McClave, Gavin Tempel So. McClave, Ray Munguray So. McClave, Landen Sanchez So. Hoehne, Tanner Rusk Jr. Hoehne, Ashten Torres Jr. Hoehne, Jeremiah Trujillo Jr. Hoehne, Nano Gutierrez So. Springfield, Collin Swanson Fr. Springfield, Gunnar Mort Fr. Springfield, Reese Porter Jr. Springfield, James Zook Sr. Las Animas, Rome Marintez Jr. Las Animas, Shad Chavez Sr. Las Animas

Special Teams Player of the League

Josue Avalos Sr. Holly, 14 of 15 on PATS, 90% Conversion, 31 Kickoffs averaging 41.3 yards per kick, 12 touchbacks

No Stats Listed: Wiley

Central League Awards

Player of the League:

Dean Kerns Sr. Byers High School, 686 yards passing, 57% completion, 11 passing TDs, 509 yards rushing, 13 rushing TDs, and 15 Tackles

Coach of the League:

Casey Pelton Byers High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Lyons High School

All Central League Awards

Central League Offensive Team

QB Ethan Whatmore Jr. Front Range Christian

QB Dean Kerns Sr. Byers High School

QB Logan LaFollette So. Elbert

QB Qimar’Ray Smith Sr. Justice

RB Finn Oetting So. Lyons

RB Maregu Sullivan So. Lyons

RB Ceasar Meza So. Byers

WR Josef Nussbaumer Sr. Front Range Christian

WR Gavin Rose Sr. Elbert High School

Byers Offensive Line

Front Range Christian Offensive Line

Central League Defensive Team

Kaiden Powell So. Byers

Evan Alder Sr. Byers

Clayton Marty Sr. Byers

Zach Cary So. Byers

Jack Edwards So. Front Range Christian

Nolan Potts Jr. Front Range Christian

Cal Watanabe Sr. Front Range Christian

Caedan Whatmore Fr. Front Range Christian

Wyatt Bashor Sr. Lyons

Joel Uecker Sr. Lyons

Terran LaFollette Sr. Elbert

Waylen Potestio Jr. Elbert

Carson Wagner Sr. Justice

Luke Lindberg So. South Park

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Corey Russell So. Byers, James Schiffers So. Front Range Christian, Sergio Swan Sr. Justice, Lyons Offensive Line, Elbert Offensive Line, Chase Long Fr. Byers, Andrew Mohatt Fr. Byers, Wyatt Harris Jr. Byers, Kaleb Willoughby Fr. Byers, Ike DenBraber Jr. Front Range Christian, Will Derring So. Front Range Christian, Jaden Giannatala Fr. Front Range Christian, Miles Dumbauld So. Lyons, Harper Leino So. Lyons, Kayden King So. Lyons, Lochlan Osborne Jr. Lyons, Tayden Wangerow Jr. Elbert, Lane Olkjer Sr. Elbert, Peyton McDonald Jr. Elbert, Victor Valdez Sr. Justice, Justin Britten Sr. Justice, Xavier Royval So. Justice, JW Miller So. South Park, Dyllan Newman So. South Park, Logan Gilmore SO. South Park, Matteus Newton So. South Park

Special Teams Player of the League

Maregu Sullivan So. Lyons High School; 8 Kickoff Returns averaging 29.8 yards per return, 1 Kickoff Return for a TD, 5 Punt Returns averaging 29.8 per return

Mountain League Awards

Player of the League:

Chase Moore, Sr. Mancos, 1401 yards rushing, 11.6 yards per carry, 21 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, 49 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 Interception

Coach of the League:

Josh Gardner, Mancos High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Sargent High School

All Mountain League Awards

Mountain League Offensive Team

QB Josh Holman Sr. Sanford

QB Ayden Mathews Jr. Mancos

QB Chorbin Cressler Sr. Dove Creek

RB Kelton Gartrell Sr. Sanford

RB Chase Moore Sr. Mancos

RB Gage Buffington So. Dove Creek

RB Tyler Chapman Fr. Sargent

RB Cash Joseph Sr. Norwood

WR Kade Hankins Jr. Dove Creek

Sanford Offensive Line

Dove Creek Offensive Line

Mancos Offensive Line

Mountain League Defensive Team

Chris Medina So. Mancos

Kail Wayman So. Mancos

Cole Dainty-Guilfoyle So. Mancos

Mason Goodwin Sr. Mancos

Blane Johnson Sr. Dove Creek

Quaden Huffaker Jr. Dove Creek

Tyson Beanland So. Dove Creek

Cole Taber Jr. Dove Creek

Ethan Larsen Jr. Sanford

Mccray Larsen Jr. Sanford

Cash Caldon So. Sanford

Conner Holmes Sr. Sargent

Wyatt Cross Jr. Sargent

Joseph Casillas So. Norwood

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Sargent Offensive Line, Broc Imel So Mancos, Lane Greenlee Jr. Mancos, James Wagoner Sr. Mancos, Trevor Paquin Sr. Mancos, Audric Chadd Jr. Dove Creek, Kendall Gardner Jr. Dove Creek, Taber Dejane So. Dove Creek, Gauge Lewis Jr. Sanford, Collin Stagner Sr. Sanford, Antonio Martinez Sr. Sargent, Trenton Lovelace So. Sargent, Matt Voss So. Sargent, Jaycian Sierra Fr. Sargent, Cooper Gosar Fr. Sargent, Carson Gardner Sr. Norwood, Gage Owen Sr. Norwood, Francesco D’Urso Jr. Norwood

Special Teams Player of the League

Evan Sehnert Sr. Mancos, 15 of 21 on PATs, 70% conversion, 4 punts averaging 45.3 per punt

No Stats: Sanford (Was able to include some Players)

Northwest League Awards

Player of the League:

Taylor Shull Jr. Vail Christian, 1475 yards passing, 59.7% completion, 20 passing TDs, 609 yards rushing, and 7 rushing TDs

Coach of the League:

Tim Pierson, Vail Christian

Surprise Team of the League:

Hayden High School

All Northwest League Awards

Northwest League Offensive Team

QB Taylor Shull Jr. Vail Christian

QB Tallen Long Sr. Plateau Valley

QB Keihlin Myers Sr. Rangely

QB Brayden Dale Jr. Hayden

RB Colton Witzel Sr. Plateau Valley

RB Wyatt Howell Jr. West Grand

RB Zane Varner Sr. Rangely

RB Vincent Nowicki Sr. Vail Christian

WR Dalton Crites Jr. Plateau Valley

WR Jeffrey Hall Sr. Vail Christian

Vail Christian Offensive Line

Rangely Offensive Line

Hayden Offensive line

Northwest League Defensive Team

Kobey Chism So. Rangely

Marsten Wagner Jr. Rangely

Timothy Scoggins Sr. Rangely

Braxton Moore Sr. Rangely

Sabyn Hager Jr. Hayden

Cody Hawn Jr. Hayden

Kodi Ingols Jr. Hayden

Jake Lindley Jr. Hayden

Wyatt Shearer Jr. West Grand

Ollie Bergman Jr. West Grand

Landon Williams Sr. West Grand

Cael Etcheverry Sr. Plateau Valley

Cadden Rocha Jr. Plateau Valley

Bode Satterfield So. Plateau Valley

Trey Lindberg Jr. Gilpin County

Jimmy Immordino Sr. Gilpin County

Seth Gordan Sr. Gilpin County

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Peter Mills Sr. Vail Christian, Daniel Farrell So. Vail Christian, West Grand Offensive Line, Plateau Valley Offensive Line, Wyatt Wiley Jr. Rangely, Justin Cudo Sr. Rangely, Byron Mackey Sr. Rangely, Liam Frentress So. Hayden, Wes Gioia Jr. Hayden, Owen Miller Jr. Hayden, Evan Crandall Fr. West Grand, Dane Biekert Sr. West Grand, Levi Edson Sr. West Grand, Dylan Elthrop Jr. West Grand, Sean Richardson Sr. Plateau Valley, Jackson Bevan Fr. Plateau Valley, Heston Bevan Fr. Plateau Valley, Cole Tuttle Jr. Gilpin County, Brandon Robinson Jr. Gilpin County, Alex Jimenez Sr. Gilpin County, Ezra Williams Jr. Gilpin County, Bradley Robinson Jr. Gilpin County

Special Teams Player of the League

Dalton Crites Jr. Plateau Valley, 24 Kickoff Returns, averaging 25.9 per Return, 2 Kickoff Returns for TDs, 13 Punts, averaging 35.8 yards per punt

No Stats: Vail Christian (Defense), Soroco

Plains League Awards

Player of the League:

Isaac Andersen Sr. Haxtun High School, 904 yards rushing, 9.2 yards per carry, 18 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, 90 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 INTs, 1 Forced Fumble, and 9 kickoffs averaging 49.3 yards per kick,

Coach of the League:

JD Stone, Haxtun High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Akron High School

All Plains League Awards

Plains League Offensive Team

QB Ryan Mccaffrey So. Akron

QB Zac Beijer Jr. Denver Christian

QB Garrett Krehbiel Sr. Dayspring Christian

QB Owen Knode Sr. Haxtun

QB/RB Seth Marick Jr. Caliche

RB Michael Gerk Jr. Haxtun

RB Isaac Andersen Sr. Haxtun

RB Wyatt Eichman Sr. Dayspring Christian

RB Anderson Filla Fr. Akron

RB/QB Brody Parker Sr. Sedgwick County

RB Nolan Carlson Sr. Sedgwick County

WR Luke Dorsey Jr. Denver Christian

WR/RB Ivan Losa Jr. Akron

Haxtun Offensive Line

Sedgwick County Offensive Line

Dayspring Christian Offensive Line

Plains League Defensive Team

Kailin Kelly So. Haxtun

Grant Statz Fr. Haxtun

Ossy Coss Sr. Haxtun

David Avery Sr. Haxtun

Logan Edson Jr. Sedgwick County

Alex Alcala Sr. Sedgwick County

Kevin Lopez Jr. Sedgwick County

Austin Cecil Sr. Dayspring Christian

Jacob Martin Sr. Dayspring Christian

Connor Clark Sr. Dayspring Christian

Xavier Livesay Sr. Akron

Evan Vogt Sr. Akron

Evan Pieper Sr. Akron

David Mccaffrey Sr. Akron

Tanner Gerk Jr. Caliche

Coy Waitley Sr. Caliche

Sam Waanders Jr. Denver Christian

Trevin Schmitt Jr. Denver Christian

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Jaxson Carlson Fr. Sedgwick County, Zach Freeman Jr. Dayspring Christian, Luke Booysen So. Denver Christian, Merino Offensive Line, Akron Offensive Line, Keegan Colglazier So. Haxtun, Macklin Tempel Jr. Haxtun, Ryland Wolff Fr. Haxtun, Cameron Hackbart So. Sedgwick County, Liam Buettenback So. Sedgwick County, Landen Bonnell Jr. Dayspring Christian, Jacoskon Steward So. Dayspring Christian, Jaxon Martin Jr. Dayspring Christian, Nicholas Long Jr. Dayspring Christian, Jackson Filla Jr. Akron, Anthony Benavidez Jr. Akron, Brock Swedlund So. Akron, Tucker Stahn Fr. Akron, Clint Rockwell Fr. Caliche, Dylan Harms So. Caliche, Nevada Mitchell Sr. Caliche, Orran Adolf So. Caliche, Luke Booysen So. Denver Christian, Jonas Ellis Sr. Denver Christian, Calvin Davidson So. Denver Christian, Ben Pereria Fr. Denver Christian

Special Teams Player of the League

Kyle Fryrear Jr. Haxtun High School

No Stats: Merino

Southern League Awards

Player of the League:

Ryan Campbell Sr. Calhan High School, 1078 yards rushing, 7.7 yards per carry, 18 rushing TDs, 3 receiving TDs, 66 Tackles, 9 Interceptions, and 2 Defensive TDs, Total of 23 TDs

Coach of the League:

Luke Billington, Calhan High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Dolores Huerta High School

All Southern League Awards

Southern League Offensive Team

QB Caston Cox Fr. Simla

QB Hunter Bauserman So. Swink

QB Adam Glaze Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

QB Domnick Gonzales Sr. John Mall

QB Alejandro Lopez Sr. Dolores Huerta

RB Ryan Campbell Sr. Calhan

RB Garlon Guerin Jr. Swink

RB Brayden Glover Jr. Simla

RB Caleb Grant Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

WR Ben Miner Jr. Swink

WR Brent Bowker So. Simla

Calhan Offensive Line

Swink Offensive Line

Simla Offensive Line

Southern League Defensive Team

Aiden Jack Jr. Calhan

Logan Jack So. Calhan

Zach Peterson Sr. Calhan

Tayten Blasingame So. Calhan

Clay Roweth Sr. Swink

Garland Guerin Jr. Swink

Trevin Holland Sr. Swink

Cody Lockhart Jr. Swink

Ethen Gonzalez Sr. Simla

TJ Eurich Fr. Simla

Caleb Churchwell Sr. Simla

Seth D’Anna Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

Eddie Harmon Fr. Pikes Peak Christian

Kyle Arnett Sr. Pikes Peak Christian

Danny Whitney Jr. Dolores Huerta

Alejandro Lopez Sr. Dolores Huerta

Elton Chavez So. John Mall

Bernard Espinoza Jr. John Mall

Garrett Olomon Jr. Custer County

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Chris Mullett Fr. Custer County, Pikes Peak Christian Offensive Line, Dolores Huerta Offensive Line, Jonathan Makita Sr. Calhan, Jordan Mast Sr. Calhan, Cody Acre Sr. Calhan, Wyatt Chamblin Sr. Calhan, Johnny Rocha Sr. Swink, Jed Garcia Sr. Swink, Kyle Wren Jr. Swink, Jace Hall So. Swink, Jonathan Zimmerman Jr. Simla, Jared Hodgson So. Simla, Wille Swennes Jr. Simla, Samuel Edwards Jr. Pikes Peak Christian, Adam Seffens Sr. Pikes Peak Christian, Mick Kopriva Sr. Pikes Peak Christian, Isaiah Wehner So. Pikes Peak Christian, Andres Rubio Jr. Dolores Huerta, Marcos Lema So. Dolores Huerta, Nico Benavidez Jr. Dolores Huerta, Giovanni Aldretti Fr. John Mall, Samuel Romero Sr. John Mall, Logan Tenorio Fr. John Mall, Ben Stafford So. Custer County, Ty Bomgardner Jr. Custer County, Damien Sargent Sr. Custer County

Special Teams Player of the League

Zach Peterson Sr. Calhan High School, 7 Kickoff Returns averaging 34.9 yards per return, 4 punt returns averaging 36.3 per return, 1 Punt Return for a TD


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