Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Class 1A Volleyball State Tournament Prediction Breakdown

Class 1A Volleyball State Tournament Prediction Breakdown

I am planning on breaking down my predictions of the first round and second round.  I will also dive into my entire bracket a bit.

First Round Predictions

#9 Dove Creek over #8 Cheraw

Cheraw won their region beating Simla and Dove Creek.  Dove Creek got into regionals with 1 of the 4 wildcard spots.  Dove Creek will be looking for the upset this time around.  These two teams played each other tight and I think if Dove Creek fixes a few mistakes pull the upset. 

#5 Wiley over #12 Genoa-Hugo

Wiley had a great regional tournament dropping 1 set to Weldon Valley and sweeping Cheyenne Wells.  Genoa-Hugo got into regionals with 1 of the 4 wildcard spots.  They beat Sangre De Cristo in regionals but lost to Merion.  Wiley I think is the favorite here I think Genoa-Hugo can pull the upset but must have a big day from their best hitter.  Wiley I think gets into the next round. 

#6 Stratton over #11 Belleview Christian

Stratton was dominate in their regional sweeping both Otis and Belleview Christian.  Belleview Christian gets into the regional tournament as 1 of the 4 wildcard teams.  Belleview Christian had a rough regional tournament losing to both Otis and Stratton.  I am picking Stratton in this match.  I think Stratton is playing their best Volleyball.

#10 Flatirons Academy over #7 Idalia

Idalia had a great regional tournament defeating both North Park and Flatirons Academy.  They will face Flatirons Academy again as Flatirons Academy gets in as 1 of the 4 wildcard teams.  Flatirons Academy did beat North Park in regionals and now must fix mistakes as they try to upset Idalia.  I am picking Flatirons Academy to get the upset. 

Second Round Predictions

#1 Briggsdale over #9 Dove Creek

Briggsdale had a great regional tournament defeating both Elbert and Kit Carson 3-0.  Whoever Briggsdale face in the second round they cannot overlook.  Both Dove Creek and Cheraw are solid opponents.  I think Briggsdale advances but must be ready to come out swinging. 

#4 Merino over #5 Wiley

Merino had a great regional tournament sweeping Sangre De Cristo and Genoa-Hugo.   Merino vs Wiley could be a great matchup.  Wiley will have to be on their game against a Merino team who has been dominate against 1A opponents.  Merino can be upset but I am going with them over Wiley. 

#3 Haxtun over #6 Stratton

Haxtun cruised into the state tournament sweeping ECA and McClave.  Haxtun will be the favorite in this match against Stratton, but it won’t be a walk in the park.  Stratton can matchup with Haxtun and would be a great matchup.  I am going with Haxtun in this match as they have multiple different hitters to step up. 

#2 Fleming over #10 Flatirons Academy

Fleming advanced to the State Tournament defeating both La Veta and Springfield 3-0.  Fleming continues to play great volleyball and I think cruise against whoever they face in this round.  Fleming cannot overlook this matchup but will be the heavy favorite. 

Entire Bracket Breakdown

If I picked my first and second rounds correct you are setting up some interesting matches in the loser’s bracket.  In the second round of the loser’s bracket Wiley vs Idalia would be a great match up.  Also, Cheraw vs Stratton would be a great match as well.  In the winner bracket I picked Briggsdale over Merino, but I think this game is a toss-up.  I think whichever key player has the better games wins this game.  Briggsdale vs Merino will be one of the best matches outside the Semifinals.  I went Haxtun over Fleming in the other winner’s bracket game.  I think Haxtun has to many weapons and can focus on Fleming main attacker.  Fleming, I think can push Haxtun, but I am picking Haxtun.  Back to the loser’s bracket I have Fleming facing Wiley to advance to the Semifinals and Stratton facing Merino.  I don’t see Fleming or Merino struggling and I think the top 4 seeds are the best teams in Class 1A.  In the Semifinals I am picking Briggsdale over Fleming.  This will be a great matchup and should go 5 sets.  Haxtun vs Merino in the other Semifinal is another huge rivalry game and should be fun match.  I have Briggsdale vs Haxtun in the State Championship.  I am picking Haxtun over Briggsdale.  Haxtun, I believe is the best team in Class 1A.  Regardless I think the top 4 seeds all make it to the Semifinals and should make for a great Saturday of Volleyball.  Good Luck to all teams.