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6-Man Football State Championship Predictions and Breakdown

Picture by OTSportsChek (Cheyenne Wells vs Idalia)

6-Man Football State Championship Predictions and Breakdown

We have reached the end of the road.  This season has really flown by.  The 6-Man bracket worked out well with the top 4 seed all reaching the semifinals and the State Championship is the #1 vs #2 teams.  Good Luck to both teams on Friday!

#1 Cheyenne Wells over #2 Stratton

Cheyenne Wells moved into the State Championship with a 64-24 win over #4 Idalia.  Cheyenne Wells started slow but really came alive in this game.  Defensively Cheyenne Wells did a solid job stopping the run and forcing 3 turnovers in the game.  Dillon Ball and Ty Scheler had 10 tackles each to lead the defense.  Offensively Cheyenne Wells racked up 505 yards of total offense.  RB Cade Mitchek had a huge day with 281 yards of total offense and 4 TDs.  QB Blake Gilmore also had a solid day with 133 yards passing and 1 TD.  Cheyenne Wells will be looking for some revenge against a team that eliminated them in the Semifinals last year.

Picture by Jennifer Tagtmeyer (Stratton vs Granada)

Stratton moved into the State Championship with a 78-26 win over #3 Granada.  Stratton was up 24 to 20 in the second quarter before going on a 24-0 run to end the quarter and taking a 48-20 lead into halftime.  Stratton would add to the lead in the 3Q and pick up the win.  Stratton defensively did a good job stopping Granada rushing attack and limiting their passing attack.  Defensively Stratton forced 4 turnovers in the game and 3 sacks.  Stratton also scored 2 defensive TDs in the game.  Stratton was led on defense by Charlie Tagtmeyer, Alex Cruz and Riggins Williams.  Offensively Stratton had 308 yards of total offense.  RB Charlie Clapper had a solid day rushing for 175 yards.  RB Alex Cruz also had a big day with 94 yards of total offense.  Stratton will look to get over the hump and get the State Championship something they came just short of a season ago.

This is going to be a very physical football game.  Both teams want to run the ball and control the line of scrimmage.  Defensively both teams have proven they are physical, and this will come down to which teams’ offensive line can dominate the line of scrimmage.  Offensively Cheyenne Wells has proven they can throw the ball a bit more than Stratton but both teams have used their passing attack well this season.  These two teams have played each other this year as well with Cheyenne Wells grabbing the 52-37 win over Stratton.  I am expecting a similar score and game this time around.  I am going with Cheyenne Wells over Stratton.  I think Cheyenne Wells has a few more weapons than Stratton.  I also think Cheyenne Wells can play just as physical as Stratton which will be key.  Regardless I think you are going to see two of the best RB’s in 6-man battle it out in Cade Mitchek and Charlie Clapper.  Good Luck to both teams again!

Entire Bracket Prediction

I have missed one game so far and that was not picking Stratton into the State Championship.