Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball District Predictions

Class 3A Boys Basketball District Predictions

Basketball kicks off tonight November 29th, I am doing my best to get my League/District predictions done for all classes.  With that being said I am going to cut this article down and I will dive much more in depth in a few weeks here in December and the rest of the season going forward.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.  We also will give a Player of the League, Dark Horse, and other Contender Predictions. 


1. Eagle Ridge Academy

2. DSST-Green Valley

3. Fort Lupton

4. Englewood

5. DSST-Conservatory Green

6. DSST-Byers

7. Arvada

8. DSST-College View

9. William Smith

10. Strive Prep

11. Aurora West Prep

The Confluence/Colorado should be a very tough District.  Eagle Ridge Academy is my preseason pick with DSST-Green Valley Ranch snagging the other automatic berth.  I believe 2 other teams have a shot at the Regional/State Tournament.  Fort Lupton and Englewood will be in good position to reach post-season play this year.

My predictions for Confluence/Colorado

League Champion: Eagle Ridge Academy

Regional/State Automatic Qualifiers: Eagle Ridge Academy & DSST-Green Valley

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Fort Lupton & Englewood

Dark Horse: DSST-Byers

Player of the League: Hunter Hill Jr. Eagle Ridge Academy

Others to watch for:

Peyton Torres Jr. Eagle Ridge, Colton Onken Sr. Eagle Ridge Academy, Giovanni Durst Jr. DSST-Green Valley, Jaylen Johnson Sr. DSST-Green Valley, Maddax Farrer Sr. Fort Lupton, Conner Moll Sr. Fort Lupton, Gunner Johnson Sr. Englewood, Hunter Johnson Sr. Englewood, Joshua Jones Sr. Englewood, Azar Ghezae So. DSST-Conservatory Green, Alphonso Flores Sr. DSST-Byers, Cash Garcia Sr. DSST-Byers, David Ngewasi Sr. Arvada, Dakota Galloway Jr. Aurora West Prep


1. DSST-Montview

2. Pinnacle

3. Middle Park

4. Bennett

5. Arrupe Jesuit

6. The Academy

7. Bruce Randolph

8. Jefferson

9. Denver West

10. Sheridan

11. KIPP Collegiate

The Frontier has 6 very tough teams returning and the bottom half of the league does not appear to be as deep, but I think 6 teams will be battling for the League Crown.  DSST-Montview is my preseason pick to win the Frontier League and Pinnacle is my pick to finish 2nd and grab the automatic berth.  Middle Park, Bennet, Arrupe Jesuit, and The Academy I believe all have a shot at reached the Regional/State Tournament with an at-large berth.

My predictions for Frontier League

League Champion: DSST-Montview

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: DSST-Montview & Pinnacle

At-Large Regional/State Contenders: Middle Park, Bennett, Arrupe Jesuit, The Academy

Dark Horse: Arrupe Jesuit

Player of the League: Martin Askenazi Sr. DSST-Montview

Others to watch for:

Justice Jones Sr. DSST-Montview, Khalid Maleeh Sr. DSST-Montview, Robert mcclinton Jr. Pinnacle, Xavier Moralez Sr. Pinnacle, Seth Holestine Sr. Middle Park, Corbin Solomon Jr. Middle Park, Nick Hawes Sr. Bennett, Anzel Navarro Tarin Sr. Arrupe Jesuit, Andrew Sterling Sr. The Academy, Kacper Konarski Sr. The Academy, Alejandro Wright Sr. Bruce Randolph, Muhsin Ali Sr. Jefferson, Isaiah Phorson Sr. Denver West, Josue Tamayo Sr. Sheridan,


1. Centauri

2. Alamosa

3. Pagosa Springs

4. Bayfield

5. Montezuma-Cortez

The Intermountain has just 5 teams, but I believe 3 of the 5 teams have a shot at regionals/state.  The IML has had it surprise moments in the past 3 to 5 years so could we see another team go on a deep run.  Centauri is my pick to win the IML and could be a team that could go on a deep run.  Alamosa is my pick for second place and getting the other automatic berth.  Pagosa Springs is my pick to finish 3rd and I think could compete for a spot at Regionals.  Bayfield could also be in the mix, but we will have to see how this team does early in the season.

My predictions for Intermountain

League Champion: Centauri

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Centauri & Alamosa

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Pagosa Springs

Dark Horse: Bayfield

Player of the League: Baron Holman Sr. Centauri

Others to watch for:

Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri, Chaz Holman So. Centauri, Damian Orozco Sr. Alamosa, Kasey Jones Jr. Alamosa, Gunner Dozier Jr. Pagosa Springs, Landon Kennedy Sr. Bayfield,


1. Colorado Academy

2. Manual

3. Kent Denver

4. Lutheran

5. Faith Christian

6. Machebeuf

7. Prospect Ridge

8. Jefferson Academy

9. Peak to Peak

10. Stargate School

11. SkyView Academy

The Metro League is always one of the more loaded leagues and I don’t see anything different this year.  I could see the entire top 6 reaching the Regional/State Tournament.  I don’t think the Metro will be as deep this year and could be limited to just the top 6 but we will see how thing pan out.  Colorado Academy is my pick to win the Metro League with Manual as my pick to finish second.  Kent Denver, Lutheran, Faith Christian, and Machebeuf are my pick to compete for the league title but also make a run at the Regional/State Tournament.

My predictions for Metro

League Champion: Colorado Academy

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Colorado Academy & Manual

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Kent Denver, Lutheran, Faith Christian, Machebeuf

Dark Horse: Lutheran

Player of the League: Jordan Reed Sr. Manual

Others to Watch:

Elliot Cravitz Sr. Colorado Academy, Ahbil Woldeyohannes Sr. Colorado Academy, Lovelle Marble Sr. Manual, Duke Benson Sr. Kent Denver, Jay Royal Jr. Kent Denver, Ethan Levin Jr. Kent Denver, Brendan Kooienga Jr. Lutheran, Tucker Monroe Jr. Lutheran, Geo Velarde Jr. Faith Christian, Luke Wenger Sr. Faith Christian, Will Yebio Sr. Machebeuf, Eduardo De Lorea Sr. Machebeuf, Andrew Cuss Sr. Prospect Ridge, Kyle Hirsch Sr. Jefferson Academy, Samuel Thengvall Sr. Peak to Peak, Bo LaPenna Sr. Stargate School, Treyton Cox So. SkyView Academy


1. Sterling

2. University

3. Brush

4. Eaton

5. Platte Valley

6. Strasburg

7. Resurrection Christian

8. Estes Park

9. Highland

10. Valley

11. Liberty Common

12. Frontier Academy

The Patriot is always one of the tougher districts and once again will have plenty of talented teams.  I think 8 of the 12 teams can compete for a regional/state tournament spot and you never know how some of the bottom teams will improve to push some of the top 8 teams.  Sterling is my preseason pick to win the Patriot Tournament.  University is my pick to finish in second place.  Brush, Eaton, and Platte Valley I believe will all make the Regional/State Tournament.  Strasburg, Resurrection Christian, and Estes Park are all in contention for a spot but all 3 have some holes that will need to be filled going into this season.

My predictions for Patriot

League Champion: Sterling

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Sterling & University

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Brush, Eaton, Platte Valley, Strasburg, Resurrection Christian, Estes Park

Dark Horse: Platte Valley

Player of the League: Jackson Keil Sr. Sterling

Others to watch for:

Dylan Diorio Sr. Sterling, Ryder Mcconnell Jr. Sterling, Tayt Chacon Sr. University, Desmond Williams Jr. University, Cesar Hinojos Sr. Brush, Walker Martin Jr. Eaton, Zac Grable Jr. Eaton, Max Zenk Jr. Platte Valley, Zach Uyemura Jr. Platte Valley, Landen Martin So. Strasburg, Jacob Barker So. Resurrection Christian, Collin Reetz Sr. Estes Park, Brysen Long Sr. Estes Park, Jordan Walkup Sr. Highland, Ethan Pratt Sr. Frontier Academy, Hunter Lipsey Jr. Liberty Common, Gio Mendoza Sr. Valley


1. St. Mary’s

2. Manitou Springs

3. Salida

4. Buena Vista

5. C.S Christian

6. Florence

7. Woodland Park

8. Lamar

9. Vanguard

10. Ellicott

11. La Junta

12. Banning Lewis

13. James Irwin

The Tri-Peaks is another staple in Class 3A.  This year they will have a few good teams but will have at least 7 teams I think will push for a regional/state tournament spot.  I think 8 thru 11 could also push for a spot but we will have to see how they improve from last season to this season.  My pick to win the Tri-Peak is St. Mary’s and they will be a favorite to win the Class 3A Title.  Manitou Springs is my pick to finish in second place.  Salida and Buena Vista I think are two teams I think will be in the regional tournament.  C.S Christian, Florence, Woodland Park, and Lamar are all teams I think will be competitive and could push for a regional spot but improving and replacing holes will be key to getting to regionals.

My predictions for Tri-Peaks

League Champion: St. Mary’s

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: St. Mary’s & Manitou Springs

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Salida, Buena Vista, C.S Christian, Florence, Woodland Park, Lamar

Dark Horse: Florence

Player of the League: Sam Howery Sr. St. Mary’s

Others to watch for:

Cyrus Hernandez Sr. St. Mary’s, Max Howery So. St. Mary’s, Andon Mindrup Sr. St. Mary’s, Caleb Allen Sr. Manitou Springs, John Maynard Jr. Manitou Springs, Justin Grant So. Salida, Tristan Jackson Jr. Salida, Aaron Morgan Sr. Salida, Cole Reavis Sr. Buena Vista, Connor Scott Sr. Buena Vista, Nathan Davies Jr. C.S Christian, Sonny Ciccarelli Jr. Woodland Park, Caden Howard So. Woodland Park, Carson Carere Sr. Lamar, Greyden Martinez Sr. Lamar, Nathan Morris So. Vanguard, Cameron Rowney So. Vanguard, Kaleb Mondragon Sr. Ellicott, Trent Johnston Sr. La Junta, Kaleb Gallegos Sr. James Irwin

Western Slope

1. Aspen

2. Basalt

3. Gunnison

4. Moffat County

5. Coal Ridge

6. Roaring Fork

7. Grand Valley

8. Delta

9. North Fork

The Western Slope will be tough as always and I think feature a few really tough teams.  I believe 6 to 7 teams could reach regionals from the Western Slope League.  Aspen is my preseason pick to win the Western Slope League.  Aspen is loaded this season and will look for a deep run.  Basalt is my pick to finish 2nd and get the automatic berth.  Gunnison and Moffat County I think will make regionals if they can fill the few holes they have.  Coal Ridge, Roaring Fork, and Grand Valley all could be teams to push for a regional spot but must come together as a team.

My predictions for Western Slope

League Champion: Aspen

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Aspen & Basalt

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Gunnison, Moffat County, Coal Ridge, Roaring Fork, Grand Valley

Dark Horse: Grand Valley

Player of the League: Braden Korpela Sr. Aspen

Others to watch for:

Porter Lee Sr. Aspen, Shae Korpela Sr. Aspen, Taylor Akin Jr. Aspen, Elliot Teague Sr. Aspen, Wish Moore Sr. Basalt, Marlon Nelson Sr. Basalt, Cooper Crawford Jr. Basalt, Theron Yoder Sr. Gunnison, Tate Hicks Sr. Gunnison, Jordan Carlson Sr. Moffat county, Ryan Peck Sr. Moffat County, Myles Simpson Sr. Moffat County, Eddie Salazar Sr. Coal Ridge, River Bryne Jr. Roaring Fork, Emilio Garcia Sr. Grand Valley, Steven Hihcks Jr. Grand Valley,

State Tournament Predictions

With Regional being seeded by RPI it’s really tough to come up with regional seeding predictions.  Instead, I plan on just picking the 8 teams I think will go to the State Tournament/Elite 8. 

Elite 8 State Tournament Teams

St. Mary’s


Colorado Academy



Kent Denver