Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions

Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions

Basketball kicks off tonight November 29th, I am doing my best to get my League/District predictions done for all classes.  With that being said I am going to cut this article down and I will dive much more in depth in a few weeks here in December and the rest of the season going forward.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.  We also will give a Player of the League, Dark Horse, and other Contender Predictions.

Confluence/Colorado League

1. DSST-College View

2. Eagle Ridge

3. DSST-Byers

4. Englewood

5. Strive Prep

6. Fort Lupton

7. DSST-Green Valley

8. DSST-Conservatory Green

9. Arvada

10. Aurora West Prep

The Confluence/Colorado could be down a bit this year.  I think 3 maybe 4 teams will get a shot at regionals and could come down to how they perform in the non-league schedule part of their season.  My preseason pick to win the Confluence/Colorado will be DSST-College View and in second I have Eagle Ridge Academy.  I think DSST-Byers and Englewood will have a shot at regionals this season as well.

My predictions for Confluence/Colorado

League Champion: DSST-College View

Regional/State Automatic Qualifiers: DSST-College View & Eagle Ridge

At-Large Region/State Contenders: DSST-Byers & Englewood

Dark Horse: Fort Lupton

Player of the League: Emily Sanchez Sr. DSST-College View

Others to watch for:

Megan Derby Jr. Eagle Ridge, Brianna Gelok Sr. Eagle Ridge, Eve Greimann Sr. DSST-Byers, Cora Rhodes Sr. DSST-Byers, Jonae Harris So. Englewood, Jaliyah Mora So. Englewood, Ayleen Aguirre Sr. Strive Prep, Salma Duoah Jr. DSST-College View, Salviann Salvator Sr. DSST-College View, Reygan Garcia Sr. Fort Lupton, Zaylee Chavez So. Fort Lupton, Tishyla Thomas Jr. DSST-Conservatory Green, Emma Ngewasi So. Arvada

Frontier League

1. The Academy

2. Bennett

3. Pinnacle

4. Denver West

5. Middle Park

6. Arrupe Jesuit

7. Jefferson

8. DSST-Montview

9. Bruce Randolph

10. KIPP Collegiate

11. Sheridan

The Frontier has improved yearly and this year I think you could argue between 6 to 8 teams could make it to Regionals/State.  I do think 6 teams will have a shot at regionals but winning in the non-league schedule is very important.  The Academy is my pick to win the Frontier Tournament.  Bennett is my pick for second place.  Pinnacle, Middle Park, and Denver West I think all have a good shot at regionals.  Arrupe Jesuit, Jefferson, and DSST-Montview will all be in the mix for a regional spot as well but will have some work to do.

My predictions for Frontier League

League Champion: The Academy

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: The Academy & Bennett

At-Large Regional/State Contenders: Pinnacle, Middle Park, Denver West, Arrupe Jesuit, Jefferson, DSST-Montview

Dark Horse: Denver West

Player of the League: Aryanna Perez Sr. The Academy

Others to watch for:

Mikylah Espinosa Sr. The Academy, Akari Murillo Franco Jr. The Academy, Baylie Voorhies Sr. Bennett, Desiree Ynsunza Sr. Bennett, Alexa Peraza Sr. Pinnacle, Erica Jamarillo Sr. Pinnacle, Bella Svoboda Jr. Middle Park, Maddie Moyer Sr. Middle Park, Mia Trevino Sr. Denver West, Chloe Lovato Jr. Denver West, Karen Alvarez So. Arrupe Jesuit, Alondra Vergara Jr. Arrupe Jesuit, Allyssia Hurtado Sr. Jefferson, Aaliyah Gallegos Sr. Jefferson, Ayen Yuil Jr. DSST-Montview, Kayilah Tolliver Jr. DSST-Montview, Angel Maes Sr. Bruce Randolph, Adrianna Coria Sr. KIPP Collegiate

Intermountain League

1. Pagosa Springs

2. Alamosa

3. Centauri

4. Montezuma-Cortez

5. Bayfield

The Intermountain has just 5 teams, but I believe 3 of the 5 teams have a shot at regionals/state.  The IML has had it surprise moments in the past 3 to 5 years so could we see another team go on a deep run.  Pagosa Springs is my pick to win the IML and could be a team that could go on a deep run.  Alamosa is my pick for second place and getting the other automatic berth.  Centauri is my pick to finish 3rd and I think make regionals.  Montezuma-Cortez could also be in the mix for regionals, but we will have to see how this team does early in the season.

My predictions for Intermountain

League Champion: Pagosa Springs

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Pagosa Springs & Alamosa

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Centauri

Dark Horse: Montezuma-Cortez

Player of the League: Molly Grahm Sr. Pagosa Springs

Others to watch for:

Chantelle Cadwell Jr. Pagosa Springs, Beatrice Carpenter Jr. Pagosa Springs, Kori Lucero Sr. Pagosa Springs, Sydney Jackson Jr. Alamosa, Mary Macias Jr. Alamosa, Paige Lavier Jr. Alamosa, Abbey Smith Jr. Centauri, Dyani Ojedau Sr. Centauri, Justina Bayles Sr. Montezuma-Cortez, Savanna Haselroth So. Montezuma-Cortez, Abby Tate Sr. Bayfield

Metro League

1. Lutheran

2. Peak to Peak

3. Kent Denver

4. Faith Christian

5. Prospect Ridge

6. Colorado Academy

7. Machebeuf

8. Jefferson Academy

9. Skyview Academy

10. Manual

11. Stargate School

The Metro League has its ups and down when it comes to girls’ basketball and this year could big a big up year.  I think 9 teams will be in the mix for the regional/state tournament.  I do not think all 9 will make it but I could easily see between 6 to 9 teams get into regionals.  My preseason pick to win the Metro is Lutheran and I have them over Peak to Peak who I have in second and the other automatic berth.  Kent Denver, Faith Christian, and Prospect Ridge I think are 3 team that will make regionals from this District.  Colorado Academy, Machebeuf, Jefferson Academy, and Skyview Academy are 4 teams I think will have to push themselves to get into regionals, but I think at least half will get in.

My predictions for Metro

League Champion: Lutheran

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Lutheran & Peak to Peak

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Kent Denver, Faith Christian, Prospect Ridge, Colorado Academy, Machebeuf, Jefferson Academy, Skyview Academy

Dark Horse: Prospect Ridge

Player of the League: Amanda Licht Sr. Kent Denver

Others to Watch:

Raelyn Kelty Jr. Lutheran, Kallie Lemon Sr. Lutheran, Nikki Mcspadden So. Lutheran, Mattie Stevens Sr. Peak to Peak, Mary Reilly Sr. Peak to Peak, Kaci Karl Sr. Kent Denver, Caty Havekost Sr. Faith Christian, Anna Ruter Sr. Faith Christian, Elizabeth Rooks Sr. Prospect Ridge, Jaelyn Korbe Sr. Prospect Ridge, Erishai Okra Sr. Colorado Academy, Alex May So. Colorado Academy, Karla Muratallo Sr. Machebeuf, Jordan Neely Sr. Jefferson Academy, Helen Stegner Jr. Jefferson Academy, Dakota Garrick Jr. SkyView Academy, Ekko Hopkins Jr. SkyView Academy, Maggie Hass Sr. St. Mary’s Academy, Rianna Ware So. Manual

Patriot League

1. Platte Valley

2. Resurrection Christian

3. Eaton

4. University

5. Highland

6. Brush

7. Sterling

8. Strasburg

9. Liberty Common

10. Frontier Academy

11. Valley

12. Estes Park

The Patriot is always one of the tougher districts and once again will have plenty of talented teams.  I think 8 of the 12 teams can compete for a regional/state tournament spot and you never know how some of the bottom teams will improve to push some of the top 8 teams.  Platte Valley is my preseason pick to win the Patriot and I think must be a favorite to win the Class 3A Title.  Resurrection Christian is my pick for second place and loaded with talent.  Eaton, University, and Highland I think can all make regionals.  Brush, Sterling, and Strasburg will all be in the mix to get to regionals but must improve and fill holes.

My predictions for Patriot

League Champion: Platte Valley

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Platte Valley & Resurrection Christian

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Eaton, University, Highland, Brush, Sterling, Strasburg

Dark Horse: Platte Valley

Player of the League: Cora Schissler Sr. Platte Valley

Others to watch for:

Bree Bunting Jr. Platte Valley, Brooke Bunting Sr. Platte Valley, Andi Schissler Jr. Platte Valley, Mackenzie Flikkema So. Resurrection Christian, Bryliegh Schweer Sr. Resurrection Christian, Taylor Wright Sr. Resurrection Christian, Ahanah Leffler Sr. Eaton, Leyah Scott Jr. Eaton, Taryn Kravig Jr. University, Miranda Wiedeman Jr. University, Jenna Batka Jr. Highland, Taylor Berkheimer So. Highland, Kashlynn Tadolini Jr. Brush, Karly Tadolini Jr. Brush, Jalyssa Maker Jr. Sterling, Autumn Stone Jr. Strasburg, Temp Three Sr. Liberty Common, Cristina SoRelle Sr. Frontier Academy, Bree Wilkerson Jr. Estes Park

Tri-Peaks League

1. Vanguard

2. St. Mary’s

3. Lamar

4. Manitou Springs

5. Buena Vista

6. Ellicott

7. La Junta

8. C.S Christian

9. Salida

10. Woodland Park

11. Banning Lewis

12. James Irwin

13. Florence

The Tri-Peaks is another staple in Class 3A.  This year they will be loaded once again.  I think 9 teams could get into regionals/state this year.  This district is loaded and some of the best games in Class 3A will take place here.  Vanguard is my pick to win this District with St. Mary’s finishing in second place and wrapping up the automatic berth.  Lamar, Manitou Springs, and Buena Vista are 3 teams I think will make regionals.  Ellicott, La Junta, C.S Christian, and Salida I think 3 of the 4 could get into regionals if not all 4. 

My predictions for Tri-Peaks

League Champion: Vanguard

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Vanguard & St. Mary’s

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Lamar, Manitou Springs, Buena Vista, Ellicott, La Junta, C.S Christian, Salida

Dark Horse: La Junta

Player of the League: Juliana Garcia Jr. Vanguard

Others to watch for:

Ramiyah Byrd Jr. Vanguard, Hailey Blanchard Jr. Vanguard, Ellie Hartman Sr. St. Mary’s, Payton Kutz Sr. St. Mary’s, Maeve Salveson So. St. Mary’s, Abby Robbins Jr. Lamar, Alee Tice Sr. Lamar, Grace Allen Jr. Manitou Springs, Alexia Vigil Sr. Manitou Springs, Kindall Simpson Sr. Buena Vista, Audrey Johnson So. Buena Vista, Heaven Martinez Sr. La Junta, Sierra Reisch Sr. La Junta, Elleah Hoekert Sr. C.S Christian, Taylor Boals So. C.S Christian, Sarah Chick Jr. Salida, Bella Clocum Jr. Woodland Park, Ashlynn Lewandowski Sr. Banning Lewis, Kylan Miner So. James Irwin, Jadyn Adamic Sr. Florence

Western Slope

1. Moffat County

2. North Fork

3. Coal Ridge

4. Grand Valley

5. Delta

6. Basalt

7. Gunnison

8. Roaring Fork

9. Aspen

The Western Slope will be tough as always and I think feature a few really tough teams.  I believe 5 to 6 teams have a shot at regionals.  My preseason pick to win the Western Slope is Moffat County.  I have North Fork as my pick to finish 2nd and grab the other automatic berth.  Coal Ridge and Grand Valley I think have a really good shot at regionals.  Delta and Basalt will also be in the mix for regionals but we need to see how these teams come together this season.

My predictions for Western Slope

League Champion: Moffat County

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Moffat County & North Fork

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Coal Ridge, Grand Valley, Delta, Basalt

Dark Horse: Grand Valley

Player of the League: Payton Fister Jr. North Fork

Others to watch for:

Cayden King Jr. Moffat County, Halle Hamilton Sr. Moffat County, Rylie Felten Sr. Moffat County, Vianney Mendoza Sr. North Fork, Lottie Hollembeak Sr. North Fork, Leia Ellenberger Jr. North Fork, Jackie Camunez Jr. Coal Ridge, Aceleigh Porter Jr. Coal Ridge, Abbey Parker Jr. Grand Valley, Jaycee Pittman So. Grand Valley, Erika Kuta Sr. Delta, Ava Lane Jr. Basalt, Melita Ferchau Sr. Gunnison, Lelaney Gardesani So. Roaring Fork

State Tournament Predictions

With Regional being seeded by RPI it’s really tough to come up with regional seeding predictions.  Instead, I plan on just picking the 8 teams I think will go to the State Tournament/Elite 8. 

Elite 8 State Tournament Teams

Platte Valley



St. Mary’s

Resurrection Christian


The Academy

Pagosa Springs