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Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions Week 7

Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions Week 7

We are cruising thru the regular season and most teams are starting to kick off their league/district schedules.  I know I have not updated Class 3A since the beginning of the season but I will start weekly starting this week.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.

Confluence/Colorado League

1. Englewood

2. DSST-College View

3. DSST-Byers

4. Eagle Ridge Academy

5. Strive Prep

6. Fort Lupton

7. DSST-Green Valley

8. DSST-Conservatory Green

9. Arvada

10. Aurora West Prep

The Confluence/Colorado could be down a bit this year.  I think 3 maybe 4 teams will get a shot at regionals and could come down to how they perform in the non-league schedule part of their season.  Only a few teams in this district have winning records.  My new pick to win the Confluence/Colorado League is Englewood.  Englewood is currently 4-4 but their win over DSST-College View has them as a team to watch.  Englewood did lose to DSST-Byers before Holiday Break and shows how close the top 4 teams are.  Englewood will face Thornton tonight and will be a key win if Englewood can win.  DSST-College view falls into the #2 spot.  DSST-College View is currently 4-6 but have opened 2022 winning 3 of their first 4 games.  DSST-College View will face DSST-Byers on Friday, and this is a key game.  DSST-Byers sits in the #3 spot and stay in contention for a regional spot.  DSST-Byers 3-7 and must have an improved February to push for a regional spot.  DSST-Byers will look to get started on the right foot when they host DSST-College View this Friday.  Eagle Ridge Academy is the last team I want to mention.  Eagle Ridge Academy is 3-4 currently and like the rest of the top 4 must have improved February to push for a Regional spot.  Eagle Ridge will hope to get going in the right direction when they host Thornton next week. 

My predictions for Confluence/Colorado

League Champion: Englewood

Regional/State Automatic Qualifiers: Englewood, DSST-College View

At-Large Region/State Contenders: DSST-Byers & Eagle Ridge Academy

Frontier League

1. The Academy

2. Denver West

3. Bennett

4. Arrupe Jesuit

5. Middle Park

6. DSST-Montview

7. Jefferson

8. Sheridan

9. Pinnacle

10. KIPP Collegiate

11. Bruce Randolph

Before the season started I thought the Frontier could possibly get 6 to 8 teams into regionals but I think that number is closer to 4 or 5 now.  My pick to win the Frontier League stays as The Academy.  The Academy is currently 7-2 with only 1 in state loss.  The Academy has opened 2022 with 3 straight wins including a quality win over Kent Denver.  The Academy will face Arrupe Jesuit on Saturday and this is a key game for seeding purposes.  The Academy next big test is 1/27 against Eaton.  Denver West moves into my #2 spot.  Denver West is currently 7-3 with all 3 losses coming to 4A or higher schools.  Denver West will have plenty of question marks due to their schedule mainly focusing on 4A schools.  Denver West in February will face more schools from the Confluence/Colorado League, but their remaining schedule is weak.  Denver West won’t truly be tested until the Frontier League Tournament.  Bennett is my pick for 3rd.  Bennett is 6-4 currently and could be in contention for a regional spot.  Bennett will need a strong showing in the Frontier League part of their schedule.  Bennett should cruise to wins until they face Middle Park on 2/5.  Arrupe Jesuit holds onto the #4 spot.  Arrupe Jesuit is currently 5-5 and have won 3 of their first 4 games in 2022.  Arrupe Jesuit will need a strong showing in February to stay in the hunt for regionals.  Middle Park in the final team to mention at #5.  Middle Park is 4-7 and have a solid showing to end the year.  Middle Park should win 5 of their remaining 7 and that could be enough to push them into a regional spot.

My predictions for Frontier League

League Champion: The Academy

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: The Academy & Denver West

At-Large Regional/State Contenders: Bennett, Arrupe Jesuit, Middle Park

Intermountain League

1. Alamosa

2. Pagosa Springs

3. Centauri

4. Montezuma-Cortez

5. Bayfield

The Intermountain has just 5 teams, but I believe 4 of the 5 teams could compete for regional spots.  My new pick to win the IML is Alamosa.  Alamosa is currently 6-5 but they have opened 2022 winning 3 of their first 4 games.  Alamosa also picked up a huge 38-32 win over Pagosa Springs.  Alamosa is in solid position to win the league but they still must face Centauri (2X), Cortez (2X), and Pagosa Springs again.  Pagosa Springs drops into the #2 spot.  Pagosa Springs is currently 7-2 but the Alamosa loss does put them in a position to win out to try and snag the #1 seed.  Pagosa Springs will travel to face Montezuma-Cortez on Friday and then host Centauri.  These are very important games and should be fun to see the results.  Centauri comes in at #3 and I think in position to get to regionals.  Centauri is currently 4-4 and like the rest of the league are very young.  Centauri played well against St. Mary’s last week and face another top 5 team in Vanguard this Friday.  Centauri will also face Pagosa Springs on Saturday a key game with seeding implications.  Montezuma-Cortez is currently 6-2 but they have played a weak schedule.  Cortez will be truly tested for the first time this Friday before a tough stretch of games to end the year.  Cortez could fight for a regional spot but seeing how they do against Pagosa Springs will be a indicator going forward.

My predictions for Intermountain

League Champion: Alamosa

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Alamosa & Pagosa Springs

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Centauri, Montezuma-Cortez

Metro League

1. Lutheran

2. SkyView Academy

3. Colorado Academy

4. Prospect Ridge

5. Peak to Peak

6. Kent Denver

7. Jefferson Academy

8. St. Mary’s Academy

9. Faith Christian

10. Machebeuf

11. Manual

12. Stargate School

Doug Wright gave us an update on the Metro League last week and I will stick with his predictions.  Once I get an update I will update my predictions with his article. 

My predictions for Metro

League Champion: Lutheran

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Lutheran & SkyView Academy

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Colorado Academy, Prospect Ridge, Peak to Peak, Kent Denver

Patriot League

1. Platte Valley

2. Eaton

3. University

4. Resurrection Christian

5. Brush

6. Highland

7. Frontier Academy

8. Liberty Common

9. Valley

10. Strasburg

11. Sterling

12. Estes Park

The Patriot once again is very competitive with 10 of the 12 teams sitting near .500 and I think up to 8 teams could get into regionals.  So far, I would say the top 4 teams sit above the rest of the league but 5 thru 10 could pull an upset or two.  Platte Valley is my pick to win the Patriot.  Platte Valley also must be considered a threat to repeat as state champions.  Platte Valley is 10-0 to start the season and in 2022 have won all 3 games by 20+ points.  Platte Valley next big test is 1/25 against Resurrection Christian.  Eaton moves into my #2 spot.  Eaton is also 10-0 to start the season.  Eaton beat Resurrection Christian last week and that is why I moved them into the #2 spot.  Eaton has had a great start to the season and face Frontier Academy tonight.  They have a tough schedule going forward.  University moves into the #3 spot.  University is 11-1 with their lone loss come to Vanguard.  University has opened 2022 with some tough wins over Brush, Weld Central, and Valley.  University will once again be tested tonight when they host Resurrection Christian.  Resurrection Christian drops into the #4 spot but I do feel all 4 teams are locks to get to regionals.  Resurrection Christian is 9-3 overall with their lone in state loss coming to Eaton.  Resurrection Christian will face University tonight and then Platte Valley on Tuesday next week.  #5 thru #10 all seem to be very close.  This will make for a fun battle for seeding purposes and possibly a regional berth.  Brush is my pick to finish 5th in the Patriot.  Brush has started 2022 a bit slow losing 3 of their first 4.  Brush is a young team and will look to get back on track when they face Wiggins tonight.  Brush next league game is Valley on 1/25 and is another big matchup.  Highland come in at #6.  Highland is 7-4 currently and they have quality wins over Liberty Common and Strasburg.  Highland also played Eaton and University very close.  Highland moves into their 2A schedule and should run the table.  Frontier Academy comes in at #7.  Frontier Academy is currently 7-3 but losses to Manitou Springs and Dayspring Christian do raise some concern.  Frontier Academy does lack a quality win so moving into league play they do have some question marks.  Frontier Academy will face Eaton tonight, University on Tuesday, and the game I think I will be curious to see is against Strasburg on 1/27.  Liberty Common, Valley, and Strasburg are 3 team I think all are in contention for a regional spot.  All 3 sit above .500 and I do think 8 teams can get into regionals.  The question becomes who takes over in the #7 and #8 spots. 

My predictions for Patriot

League Champion: Platte Valley

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Platte Valley & Eaton

At-Large Region/State Contenders: University, Resurrection Christian, Brush, Highland, Frontier Academy, Liberty Common, Valley, Strasburg

Tri-Peaks League

1. Vanguard

2. St. Mary’s

3. C.S Christian

4. Ellicott

5. Lamar

6. Buena Vista

7. La Junta

8. Manitou Springs

9. Banning Lewis

10. Salida

11. Woodland Park

12. Florence

13. James Irwin

The Tri-Peaks is another staple in Class 3A.  This year they will be loaded once again.  I think 7 teams could get into regionals/state this year.  Vanguard stays as my pick to win the Tri-Peaks League.  Vanguard is currently 6-2 with losses to #1 Platte Valley and George Washington (4A).  Vanguard has already beat Ellicott and C.S Christian to open league and face Centauri this Friday for a non-league matchup.  Vanguard won’t face St. Mary’s till the end of the season and that will be for the league title.  St. Mary’s is my pick for 2nd place.  St. Mary’s is 11-2 to start the season with a tough loss to Colorado Academy and Berthoud (4A).  St. Mary’s has opened 2022 with a band winning 6 straight games including wins over C.S Christian, Lamar, Buena Vista, Centauri, Sand Creek, and manitou Springs.  St. Mary’s should cruise till they face Vanguard on 2/10 and Ellicott on 2/12.  C.S Christian moves into the #3 spot.  C.S Christian is 8-2 on the season with their losses coming to St. Mary’s and Vanguard.  C.S Christian best win on the season is over Sanford.  C.S Christian did pick up a hard-fought win over La Junta this past weekend.  C.S Christian will be tested by 4A Pueblo East this Saturday before moving back into league play next week.  Ellicott moves into the #4 spot and have shown the biggest improvement.  Ellicott is 8-2 on the season with their losses coming to C.S Christian and Vanguard.  Ellicott has done well in 2022 beating La Junta and Buena Vista.  Ellicott will face Manitou Springs this Friday and a win could lock up a top 5 seed in the tournament.  Lamar comes in at #5.  Lamar is currently 4-3 and they have not played a ton of games so far.  Lamar lost to St. Mary’s last week by 12 and early in the season lost to Ellicott.  Lamar will see their schedule really tick up in February and we will see if they can keep a top 5 spot in the league.  Buena Vista comes in at #6.  Buena Vista is 5-5 currently and on a 4 game losing streak.  Buena Vista will have to quickly shake it off as they face La Junta and this is a huge matchup.  La Junta comes in at #7.  La Junta is much improved this season at 7-5.  La Junta already has league wins over Manitou Springs, Salida, and Banning Lewis.  La Junta will face Buena Vista this Friday and is a huge game for seeding purposes.  Manitou Springs, Banning Lewis, Salida, and Woodland Park could all be in contention for a regional spot.  I think at most the tri-peaks gets 8 teams in so the battle for that spot will be a fun race to watch.

My predictions for Tri-Peaks

League Champion: Vanguard

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Vanguard & St. Mary’s

At-Large Region/State Contenders: C.S Christian, Lamar, Ellicott, Buena Vista, La Junta, Manitou Springs, Banning Lewis, Salida, Woodland Park

Western Slope

1. Delta

2. Coal Ridge

3. Grand Valley

4. North Fork

5. Moffat County

6. Basalt

7. Gunnison

8. Roaring Fork

First, I would like to give a shoutout to CP Martinez.  He has provided me some great insight into the Western Slope League and his information is key to these predictions.  Delta is my new pick to win the Western Slope League.  Delta is currently 7-2 with both losses coming to 4A schools.  Delta did pick up solid wins over Centauri and Alamosa.  Delta continues league play this Saturday against Roaring Fork but their schedule really heats up next week when they host Moffat County.  Coal Ridge moves into the #2 spot.  Coal Ridge is 9-2 currently and they have started 2022 well winning 3 of their first 4 games including a solid win over North Fork.  Coal Ridge will face Moffat County this Thursday, and this is a huge game.  Grand Valley moves into the #3 spot.  Grand Valley is 9-2 to start the season and have yet to lose to a 3A team.  Grand Valley opened 2022 with 3 straight wins and now move into league play when they host Basalt on Saturday.  Grand Valley won’t hit the meat of their league schedule till February but the game against Basalt should be an interesting one.  North Fork drops into the #4 spot.  North Fork is 7-3 currently and they have opened 2022 winning 3 of their first 4 games.  North Fork did lose to Coal Ridge but they have since bounced back beating Basalt and Olathe.  North Fork takes a break from league play till 1/28 when they face Gunnison.  Moffat County drops from my preseason pick to #5.  Injuries have hurt Moffat County but I think this team still has a shot at regionals.  Moffat county will look for revenge when they play Coal Ridge tonight.  Moffat County I think can still be a league title contender but without their key player it will be tough.  Basalt could be in contention for a regional spot but at 4-4 will need to end the season with a solid run.  Basalt schedule to end the year is tough but a upset or two could easily put them in contention. 

My predictions for Western Slope

League Champion: Delta

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Delta & Coal Ridge

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Grand Valley, North Fork, Moffat County, Basalt

State Tournament Predictions

Next week I will give a much bigger look towards Regional and State.  For now I am giving the 8 teams I think make it to the State Tournament. 

Elite 8 State Tournament Teams

Platte Valley



St. Mary’s



C.S Christian