Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 8

Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 8

We have about a month left of the regular season and I wanted to give a look towards Regionals and give the 8 teams I think will make it to the State Tournament.  I will update this weekly as well.  There is still plenty of time for changes and if you get hot in time for the District Tournament that is what really matters. For my Predictions I will be using the 3 teams I selected in my District Predictions Article posted earlier.  I will then use RPI to seed the field.  I will pick the 8 teams I think qualify for State based on these Regional Predictions/Projections.

Class 2A

  • Each District qualifies 3 teams to Regionals, with the remaining 8 teams determined by the next high RPI scores.
  • The District Champions shall be seeded 1-8 based on RPI and shall host the regional tournaments.
  • The remainder of the teams shall be seeded 9-32 by RPI avoiding first round district matchups.
  • RPI Seeds 25-32 may be moved to accommodate geography if it benefits the entire bracket.
  • The 8 regional winners shall advance to the state tournament.
  • After the Final 8 teams have been determined, the teams will be re-seeded based on the following: Final RPI, previous District Matchups, Head-to-Head competition, and common opponents.

District Qualifiers, ()=RPI

District 1: Sanford (1), Sargent (12), Monte Vista (34)

District 2: Sedgwick County (3), Holyoke (2), Akron (8)

District 3: Cedaredge (9), Ignacio (22), Mancos (19)

District 4: Limon (5), Denver Christian (20), Front Range Christian (33)

District 5: Soroco (4), Meeker (15), West Grand (26)

District 6: Rye (7), Hoehne (10), Fowler (30)

District 7: Heritage Christian (13), Dayspring Christian (6), Gilpin County (18)

District 8: Peyton (17), Fountain Valley (16), Dolores Huerta (45)

At-Large Berths

Wiggins (11), Yuma (14), Center (21), Swink (23), Wray (24), Byers (25), Dawson School (27), Olathe (28)

District Champions and Regional Hosts:

District 1: Sanford (1)

District 2: Sedgwick County (3)

District 3: Cedaredge (9)

District 4: Limon (5)

District 5: Soroco (4)

District 6: Rye (7)

District 7: Heritage Christian (13)

District 8: Peyton (17)

Bracket- District matchups will be avoided in the first round.  8 Regional winners qualifying for state.  State will be re-seeded! And play a consolation bracket!

Region 1
*#1 Sanford vs #32 Dolores Huerta
#16 Meeker vs #17 Fountain Valley
Region 2
*#8 Peyton vs #25 Byers
#9 Holyoke vs #24 Swink
Region 3
*#5 Rye vs #28 Olathe
#12 Hoehne vs #21 Center
Region 4
*#4 Limon vs #29 Fowler
#13 Wiggins vs #20 Denver Christian
Region 5
*#2 Sedgwick County vs #31 Monte Vista
#15 Yuma vs #18 Gilpin County
Region 6
*#7 Heritage Christian vs #26 West Grand
#10 Dayspring Christian vs #23 Wray
Region 7
*#6 Cedaredge vs #27 Dawson School
#11 Akron vs #22 Ignacio
Region 8
*#3 Soroco vs #30 Front Range Christian
#14 Sargent vs #19 Mancos

*= Regional Host

My State Qualifier Picks

Here are the 8 teams I think will qualify for the state tournament based on my Regional Projections.  As you will see seeding for the regional tournament could be key to some teams qualifying for the state tournament.  Still, Plenty of time for the RPI to move some teams up or down.  After this weekend I expect changes.





Sedgwick county