Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

Picture by Wendll’s (Meeker vs Little Snake River WY)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

We move into the 9th week of the regular season, and we have less than a month left of the regular season.  District Tournaments must now come into focus and seeding for that tournament.  No new #1 teams this week.  We have new teams joining the rankings in Class 3A and in Class 2A,

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. Sterling (13-1)1 (3 weeks)
2. Aspen (12-0)2
3. St. Mary’s (13-1)3
4. Colorado Academy (12-1)4
5. Centauri (12-1)6
6. Resurrection Christian (10-3)10
7. Faith Christian (10-5)NR
8. Lutheran (8-6)8
9. Kent Denver (11-3)5
10. Eagle Ridge Academy (10-2)9
·Others: Manual, Eaton, DSST-Green Valley Ranch, Highland, Alamosa, University, Englewood   Dropped out: Manual (7)
Notes: The Metro League last week had a lot of upsets and plenty of changes along with the results.  Faith Christian joins the rankings after a solid week and an upset of Kent Denver.  Manual drops out of the rankings losing to Prospect Ridge Academy. 

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Yuma (13-1)1 (7 weeks)
2. Denver Christian (10-2)2
3. Limon (11-3)4
4. Wray (8-5)3
5. Mancos (11-2)5
6. Lotus School (12-2)6
7. Sanford (9-3)7
8. Peyton (7-5)8
9. Fowler (8-3)9
10. Meeker (9-3)NR
·Others: Holyoke, Thomas MacLaren, Vail Mountain, Holly, Byers, Del Norte, Ignacio, Vail Christian Dropped out: Vail Mountain (10)
Notes: A few changes in Class 2A this week.  Limon jumps up to #3 after beating Wray head to head.  Meeker joins the rankings for the first time this year after upsetting Vail Mountain. 

Class 1A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Granada (12-0)1 (9 weeks)
2. Sierra Grande (12-0)2
3. Briggsdale (13-0)3
4. Evangelical Christian (11-1)4
5. Haxtun (9-4)5
6. Belleview Christian (12-3)6
7. Denver Jewish Day (9-2)7
8. Caprock Academy (9-2)8
9. Simla (6-4)9
10. Merino (9-4)10
·Others: McClave, Denver Waldorf, Genoa-Hugo, Wiley, Cheyenne Wells, Hanover, Springfield, Idalia Dropped Out: None
Notes: No changes this week in Class 1A.  Plenty to still figure out in Class 1A as teams continue to beat each other.