Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball District Predictions Week 10

Class 3A Boys Basketball District Predictions Week 10

We have 2 weekends left of the regular season.  I am going to do a quick update on Class 3A and I will make sure to dive full into 3A next week on Wednesday or Thursday.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Eagle Ridge Academy

2. Englewood

Regional Contenders:

DSST-Green Valley Ranch

Fort Lupton

DSST-Conservatory Green

No big changes to my predictions.  Eagle Ridge is my pick to win the District Tournament.  Englewood is my pick to finish in second place.  DSST-Green Valley Ranch looks to be in solid position to get an at-large berth into regionals.  Fort Lupton is on the bubble for Regionals and need to have a strong end to the season.  DSST-Conservatory Green sits at #42 and could be to far back to push for Regionals without the automatic berth.

Confluence/Colorado RPI:

#12 Eagle Ridge Academy, #19 Englewood, #22 DSST-Green Valley Ranch, #30 Fort Lupton, #42 DSST-Conservatory Green


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Middle Park

2. Pinnacle

Regional Contenders:

The Academy


Denver West


A few changes this week in the Frontier District.  I am going with Middle Park as my winner of the Frontier District Tournament.  Pinnacle drops into my second-place finish pick.  The Academy looks to be in solid position at #24 in the RPI to reach regionals but must continue to get some wins.  DSST-Monte View is on the bubble at #27 for Regionals.  Denver West is also on the bubble for Regionals at #31 and probably need a solid run in the District Tournament.  Bennett is still listed because they could get hot and upset a few teams and push for a top 2 finish.

Frontier RPI:

#16 Middle Park, #23 The Academy, #24 Pinnacle, #27 DSST-Montview, #31 Denver West, #57 Bennett


Regional Automatic Qualifiers Prediction:

1. Centauri

2. Alamosa

Regional Contenders:

3. Pagosa Springs

Centauri stays as my pick to win the Intermountain League.  Alamosa stays as my pick to finish in second and Alamosa and Centauri must play each other again.  Pagosa Springs looks to be a near lock for regionals at #15 in the RPI.  Bayfield would need a top 2 finish in the District Tournament to get to regionals.

Intermountain RPI:

#5 Centauri, #10 Alamosa, #15 Pagosa Springs, #47 Bayfield, #50 Montezuma-Cortez

Metro League

The Metro League Update is completed by Doug Wright. Once again thank you Doug for the update and great insight into the Metro League!

1. Colorado Academy 

2. Manual

3. Faith Christian 

4. Kent Denver

5. Lutheran

6. Prospect Ridge Academy 

7. Stargate School

8. Bishop Machebeuf  

9. Peak to Peak 

10. Jefferson Academy

11. SkyView Academy

Colorado Academy (14-1, 6-0 Metro League, RPI 1)is the only undefeated team in the Metro League and holds the #1 spot in the league plus the top RPI in the state based on impressive wins at Lutheran and in an intense, standing room only battle this week at archrival Kent Denver. With only two games likely remaining in a regular season truncated by snowstorms, the Mustangs are headed for the regular season Metro League title.  The next four Metro League teams in the standings have taken turns defeating, and being defeated by, each other. With a big win over Faith Christian, Manual (9-5, 5-2 Metro League, RPI 18) leapfrogs several teams to move into the #2 spot. Led by Jordan Reed, who leads the Metro League and Class 3A in scoring with a 32.2 point per game average (and posted a 46 point triple double vs. Faith Christian), the Thunderbolts tend to peak as league and State tournament time approaches. A #1 vs. #2 matchup this weekend between Colorado Academy and Manual should be a barnburner. Despite the loss to Manual, Faith Christian (12-6, 7-2 Metro League, RPI 9) holds the third spot thanks to big wins over Kent Denver and Lutheran. After dominating the Metro League in the early season, the once high-flying Sun Devils of Kent Denver (11-5, 4-3 Metro League, RPI 12) have come back to earth in February following a non-league loss to DSST Green Valley Ranch and league losses at Faith Christian and at home to Prospect Ridge Academy and Colorado Academy. With losses to Colorado Academy and Faith Christian offset by a convincing win over Prospect Ridge Academy, Lutheran (9-7, 5-3 Metro League, RPI 22) holds the fifth spot. In addition, we add Prospect Ridge Academy (8-7, 4-3Metro League, RPI 29) to our report as the Miners have posted impressive victories over Manual and Kent Denver. Prospect Ridge could have moved even higher in our rankings but was blasted by Lutheran this week.      

My predictions for Metro

League Champion: Colorado Academy

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Colorado Academy & Manual

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Faith Christian, Kent Denver, Lutheran, Prospect Ridge Academy


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Sterling

2. Resurrection Christian

Regional Contenders:




Platte Valley



Liberty Common

The Patriot is always one of the tougher districts and once again will have plenty of talented teams.  I think 9 of the 12 teams can compete for a regional/state tournament spot.  Sterling stays as my pick to win the Patriot League.  I know they lost to Resurrection Christian but I think if they play again in the District Tournament that Sterling gets the win.  Resurrection Christian is my pick to finish in second place.  They have proven they can play with anyone and I am anticipating a rematch between Sterling and Resurrection Christian.  Highland, University, and Eaton are all near locks for the regional tournament.  All 3 are inside the top 10 of the RPI.  All 3 will have a shot at the state tournament and I think at least 2 could host a region.  Platte Valley is a little closer to the bubble at #21 in the RPI.  Platte Valley will need a decent showing to stay away from the bottom half of the 20’s.  Brush is on the bubble at #32.  They will need a strong end to the season and a solid showing in the District Tournament to try and get one of the final spots in the regional tournament.  Liberty Common sits outside the top 32 but is close enough with a few upsets to get into the mix.  I keep Strasburg listed because they have challenged top teams this season so if they get hot they could challenge for a top 2 finish.

Patriot RPI:

#4 Sterling, #6 Resurrection Christian, #7 Highland #8 University, #9 Eaton, #21 Platte Valley, #32 Brush, #37 Liberty Common, #45 Strasburg


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. St. Mary’s

2. Salida

Regional Contenders:

C.S Christian

Manitou Springs

Woodland Park

Banning Lewis

Woodland Park


La Junta

The Tri-Peaks continue to be very interesting, but I do think 6 to 7 teams get into regionals, but 9 teams look to be in the race for a regional spot.  St. Mary’s stays as my pick to win the Tri-Peaks.  St. Mary’s has been dominate inside the Tri-Peaks and I don’t expect any changes.  After St. Mary’s things get messy and honestly could be anyone that finishes in second.  This week I am going with Salida to finish in second place.  Salida seems to be playing the most consistent recently and that will matter heading into the District Tournament.  C.S Christian is a near lock for regionals at #18 in the RPI.  C.S Christian has had a few interesting losses recently so hopefully they bounce back.  Manitou Springs is near the bubble at #25 in the RPI.  Manitou Springs needs a strong end to the season and a solid showing in the District Tournament to avoid moving closer to the bubble.  If Manitou Springs wins out the win 2 games they should be in solid position for Regionals.  Buena Vista is on the bubble at #28 in the RPI.  Buena Vista has been up and down this season and their final 3 games are all tough and may need an upset to stay inside the top 30 of the RPI.  Woodland Park is also on the bubble at #29.  Woodland Park picked up a huge win over Buena Vista last night and need a strong showing to end the year to keep their regional hopes alive.  Florence is currently on the bubble at #33 but would be on the outside looking in.  Same goes with Banning Lewis and La Junta both are outside the top 35 in the RPI and need a great end to the season.

Tri-Peaks RPI:

#2 St. Mary’s, #13 Salida, #18 C.S Christian, #25 Manitou Springs, #28 Buena Vista, #29 Woodland Park, #33 Florence, #36 Banning Lewis, #40 La Junta

Western Slope

Regional Automatic Qualifiers Prediction:

1. Aspen

2. Moffat County

Regional Contenders:

3. Coal Ridge

4. Gunnison

5. Delta

6. Roaring Fork

7. Grand Valley

First, I would like to give a shoutout to CP Martinez.  He has provided me some great insight into the Western Slope League and his information is key to these predictions.  Currently the Western Slope is looking like just 2 teams could get into Regionals but plenty of games still to be played.  Aspen stays as my pick to win the Western Slope League.  Aspen picked up a big RPI win over Highland 77 to 38 and show the are a real threat in Class 3A.  Moffat County is my pick to finish in second place.  Moffat County will face Aspen Saturday and will be for the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  Grand Valley, Gunnison, Delta, and Coal Ridge all sit outside the top 36 of the RPI.  I think whoever finishes in 3rd place in the tournament will at least give themselves at shot as an at-large but someone needs to make a run to end the season.  But, as of right now things look like only the top 2 will get to regionals.

Western Slope RPI:

#3 Aspen, #26 Moffat County, #38 Grand Valley, #39 Gunnison, #41 Delta, #43 Coal Ridge