Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 10

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Class 3A Boys Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 10

Less than 2 weeks left and it’s crunch time for many teams.  I wanted to give a look towards Regionals and also give the 8 teams I think will make it to the State Tournament.  There is still some time for changes with a but it’s crunch time for some teams.  For my Predictions I will be using the 2 teams I selected in my District Predictions Article posted earlier.  I will then use RPI to seed the field.  I will pick the 8 teams I think qualify for State based on these Regional Predictions/Projections.

Class 2A

  • Seven districts, each qualifying two teams to the state bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.  RPI will run through districts.
  • The qualifiers advance to a 32-team regional/state bracket where the district champions IF ranked in the top 16 of the RPI plus the next highest RPI finisher will host regions, stopping at regionals.
  • The seven district champions, IF ranked in the top 16 of the RPI and 1st highest RPI qualifier will be placed on the bracket in order 1-8.  A district champion not ranked in the top 16 of the RPI will be place on the bracket but will not be a top 8 seed or host a region.
  • RPI Seeds 25-32 may be moved to accommodate geography if it benefits the entire bracket.
  • The bracket will not be re-seeded going into the state tournament.
  • The State Tournament shall feature a modified consolation bracket. Teams losing on Thursday will not advance to Friday.

District/League Qualifiers, ()=RPI

Confluence: Eagle Ridge (12), Englewood (19)

Frontier: Middle Park (16), Pinnacle (24)

Intermountain: Centauri (5), Alamosa (10)

Metro: Colorado Academy (1), Faith Christian (11)

Patriot: Sterling (4), Resurrection Christian (6)

Tri-Peaks: St. Mary’s (2), Salida (13)

Western Slope: Aspen (3), Moffat County (26)

At-Large Berths

Highland, University, Eaton, Kent Denver, Pagosa Springs, Manual, C.S Christian, Lutheran, Platte Valley, DSST-Green Valley Ranch, Th Academy, Manitou Springs, DSST-Montview, Buena Vista, Woodland Park, Fort Lupton, Denver West, Brush

First Four Out

Florence (33), Prospect Ridge (34), Stargate School (35), Banning Lewis (36)

District Champions and Regional Hosts:

Confluence/Colorado: Eagle Ridge Academy (12)

Frontier: Middle Park (16)

Intermountain: Centauri (5)

Metro: Colorado Academy (1)

Patriot: Sterling (4)

Tri-Peaks: St. Mary’s (2)

Western Slope: Aspen (3)

Next Highest RPI: Resurrection Christian (6)

Bracket- District matchups will be avoided in the first round.  8 Regional winners qualifying for state.  State will not be reseeded!

Region 1
*#1 Colorado Academy vs #32 Brush
#16 Pagosa Springs vs #17 Manual
Region 2
*#8 Middle Park vs #25 Manitou Springs
#9 Highland vs #24 Pinnacle
Region 3
*#5 Centauri vs #28 Buena Vista
#12 Alamosa vs #21 Platte Valley
Region 4
*#4 Sterling vs #29 Woodland Park
#13 Faith Christian vs #20 Englewood
Region 5
*#2 St. Mary’s vs #31 Denver West
#15 Kent Denver vs #18 C.S Christian
Region 6
*#7 Eagle Ridge Academy vs #26 Moffat County
#10 University vs #23 The Academy
Region 7
*#6 Resurrection Christian vs #27 DSST-Montview
#11 Eaton vs #22 DSST-Green Valley Ranch
Region 8
*#3 Aspen vs #30 Fort Lupton
#14 Salida vs #19 Lutheran

*= Regional Host

My State Qualifier Picks

Here are the 8 teams I think will qualify for the state tournament based on my Regional Projections.  As you will see seeding for the regional tournament could be key to some teams qualifying and some team not.  Still, plenty of time for the RPI to move and even after this weekend we will see changes.

Colorado Academy, Highland, Centauri, Sterling, St. Mary’s, University, Resurrection Christian, Aspen

For Class 3A the Bracket is not reseeded, so the bracket continues.  Here is just an updated look with my 8 teams I picked to reach the State Tournament.

#1 Colorado Academy vs #9 Highland

#4 Sterling vs #5 Centauri

#2 St. Mary’s vs #10 University

#3 Aspen vs #6 Resurrection Christian