Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions Week 10

Class 3A Girls Basketball District Predictions Week 10

We have just 2 weekends remaining of basketball till we kick of District Tournaments.  Key games remain and the RPI does continue to change.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.

Confluence/Colorado League

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. DSST-Byers

2. Englewood

District Tournament Contenders: (No Regional Contenders)

DSST-College View

Eagle Ridge Academy

Strive Prep

Fort Lupton

The Confluence/Colorado District will probably only get the 2 Automatic Berths into the Regional Tournament.   DSST-Byers is my pick to win the District with Englewood finishing in second.  Currently no teams sit inside the top 40 of the RPI.  Whoever wins the District and finishes second gets into regionals.   

Confluence/Colorado RPI

#42 DSST-Byers, #48 Englewood, #50 Strive Prep

Frontier League

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. The Academy

2. Denver West

Regional Contenders


Arrupe Jesuit

Middle Park

Before the season started, I thought the Frontier could possibly get 6 to 8 teams into regionals, but I think that number is closer to 2 or 3 now.  My pick to win the Frontier League stays as The Academy with Denver West as my pick to finish in second.  Currently the other 3 contenders for a regional spot are Bennett, Arrupe Jesuit, and Middle Park.  Bennett will have the best shot as they sit at #32 but for Class 3A Girls you must be inside the top 30 to get into regionals.  Arrupe Jesuit has also improve their shot at regionals as they sit at #36 in the RPI.

Frontier RPI:

#15 The Academy, #31 Denver West, #32 Bennett, #36 Arrupe Jesuit, #46 Middle Park

Intermountain League

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. Centauri

2. Alamosa

Regional Contenders:

Pagosa Springs


The Intermountain has just 5 teams, but I believe 3 of the 5 teams could compete for regional spots.  My pick to win the IML is Centauri.  Centauri beat Alamosa head-to-head and seem to be coming together at the right time.  Alamosa falls into my second place.  Pagosa Springs is a near lock for regionals with the #11 RPI.

Intermountain RPI:

#11 Pagosa Springs, #16 Centauri, #19 Alamosa, #43 Montezuma-Cortez

Metro League

The Metro League update is completed by Doug Wright.  Once again thank you for the updated and the great insight into the Metro League!

1. Lutheran

2. SkyView Academy

3. Colorado Academy

4. Prospect Ridge Academy 

5. Jefferson Academy 

6. Kent Denver School

7. Peak to Peak

8. St. Mary’s Academy

9. Faith Christian

10. Bishop Machebeuf

11. Manual

12. Stargate School

As the Metro League regular season nears its end, Lutheran (11-4, 8-0 Metro League, RPI 15) continues to dominate the league. Although a home tilt against #2 SkyView Academy remains, we expect the 2021 Class 3A State championship runners-up to complete an undefeated Metro League season and make another State playoff run. Lutheran aside, the Metro League remains hugely competitive. SkyView Academy (14-1, 7-0 Metro League, RPI 11) remains at #2 after pulling out a close home win over Jefferson Academy and a one point win at Peak to Peak High School.  The close margins of their recent victories indicate questions about the Hawks, the parity of the Metro League, or both. This weekend’s date with Lutheran will help us know the answer. The remaining teams in this report are hard to separate as they have wins and losses against each other. Colorado Academy (11-4, 5-2 Metro League, RPI 14) scored an impressive home win over Jefferson Academy but lost a close, intense tussle in front of a standing room only crowd at archrival Kent Denver School.  Jefferson Academy (10-6, 6-2 Metro League, RPI 30) defeated Prospect Ridge Academy and suffered a close loss to #2 SkyView Academy before a fourth quarter collapse at Colorado Academy last week. The Jaguars then bounced back, defeating Peak to Peak convincingly.   Prospect Ridge Academy (11-5, 5-3 Metro League, RPI 19) posted losses to Jefferson Academy and SkyView Academy before a nice win at Kent Denver and an unsurprising loss to Lutheran this week.  Kent Denver (9-7, 6-2 Metro League, RPI 25) defeated Faith Christian but lost a non-league contest to Class 3A #1 Platte Valley and a league game against Prospect Ridge before a big win this week over rival Colorado Academy.  Peak to Peak (10-6, 4-4 Metro League, RPI 38) remains at #7. The Pumas played #2 SkyView Academy tough, losing by a point, but were blown out by Jefferson Academy. Two challenging opponents remain for Peak to Peak coming down the stretch of the Metro League season, and its postseason prospects hang in the balance. 

My predictions for Metro

League Champion: Lutheran

Regional Automatic Qualifiers: Lutheran & SkyView Academy

At-Large Region/State Contenders: Colorado Academy, Prospect Ridge, Jefferson Academy, Kent Denver

Patriot League

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. Platte Valley

2. University

Regional Contenders:


Resurrection Christian





Liberty Common

The Patriot once again is very competitive with 10 of the 12 teams being very tough.  I think up to 8 teams could get into regionals.  So far, I would say the top 4 teams sit above the rest of the league but 5 thru 10 could pull an upset or two.  Platte Valley is my pick to win the Patriot with University finish in second place and getting the other automatic berth.  I do think Eaton and Resurrection Christian are near locks for the regional tournament.  Highland is sitting in solid position at #20 in the RPI.  They will need a solid showing in the District Tournament.  Strasburg sits at #25 in the RPI and are closer to the bubble but their win over Liberty Common should help.  I also think they need a good showing in the District Tournament.  Valley is on the bubble at #26.  They would be one of the last 4 in.  Valley has a must win against Frontier Academy next week to help keep them inside the top 28.  Brush would be the final team in at #30 in the RPI.  Brush could really help themselves out by beating Strasburg in their final game if not they need a solid showing in the District Tournament.

Patriot RPI

#1 Platte Valley, #3 University, #5 Eaton, #12 Resurrection Christian, #20 Highland, #25 Strasburg, #26 Valley, #30 Brush, #40 Liberty Common, #44 Sterling

Tri-Peaks League

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. Vanguard

2. St. Mary’s

Regional Contenders:

C.S Christian



Manitou Springs

La Junta

Buena Vista


The Tri-Peaks is another staple in Class 3A.  This year they will be loaded once again.  I think 7 teams could get into regionals/state this year.  Vanguard stays as my pick to win the Tri-Peaks League with St. Mary’s as my pick to finish in second and grab the other automatic berth.  C.S Christian and Ellicott are near locks for the regional tournament.  Lamar sits inside the top 25 of the RPI and look to be in solid position to reach the regional tournament.  Manitou Springs and La Junta are both on the bubble and would be 2 of the final 4 teams into regionals.  They must have strong finishes to the season and perform well in the District Tournament.  Salida and Buena Vista are both on the outside looking in.  They will have to end the season strong and look for an upset or two to try and jump into the conversation.

Tri-Peaks RPI:

#2 Vanguard, #4 C.S Christian, #7 Ellicott, #9 St. Mary’s, #23 Lamar, #27 Manitou Springs, #29 La Junta, #33 Salida, #34 Buena Vista, #45 Woodland park

Western Slope

Regional Automatic Qualifier Prediction:

1. Delta

2. Grand Valley

Regional Contenders:

Moffat County

Coal Ridge

North Fork

First, I would like to give a shoutout to CP Martinez.  He has provided me some great insight into the Western Slope League and his information is key to these predictions.  Delta is my pick to win the Western Slope League with Grand Valley finishing in second place.  Coal Ridge and Moffat County are inside the top 20 of the RPI and near locks for Regionals.  North Fork sits at #22 and I also think they are near locks for the Regional Tournament.  Basalt is the lone team mentioned outside the top 30 at #39.  They will need a big run down the stretch to push for a regional spot. 

Western Slope RPI:

#6 Delta, #8 Grand Valley, #10 Coal Ridge, #17 Moffat County, #22 North Fork, #39 Basalt