Boys and Girls Basketball Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Boys Basketball Monday District Tournament Predictions

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Boys Basketball Monday District Tournament Predictions

Since most District Tournament kick off tonight and Tuesday, I have decided to give my predictions of the games and a quick break down of the games that will happen tonight and Tuesday.  I will do my normal District Predictions Wednesday and Thursday.  If you would like to see the complete brackets go check out  Kevin Shaffer has all District Brackets posted with Place, Times, and Future games. 

Class 1A

District 3

La Veta over South Baca

This is a quarterfinal game.  Winner Advances for a shot a regional and loser is done.  La Veta in my mind is the favorite and I think advance.

District 4

Peetz over Weldon Valley

This is a Pigtail Game.  You must win to get into the main bracket.  Peetz is my pick in this game. 

District 5

Flagler over Bethune

Hi-Plains over Deer Trail

District 5 has been a battle in the bottom half of the league.  After the top 4 seeds teams have been beating each other and this makes the Pigtail Games very interesting.  I am going with Flagler over Bethune.  Flagler has a top scorer and I think takes over in this game.  I am going with Hi-Plains over Deer Trail.  If Deer Trail does not have Dayne Woodis this won’t be a game.  If Deer Trail has him then Deer Trail can compete and maybe pull the upset.

District 8

#1 Belleview Christian over #8 Beth Eden

#4 Flatirons Academy over #5 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

#2 Denver Jewish Day over #7 Mile High Academy

#3 Denver Waldorf over #6 Front Range Baptist

District 8 gets things started with their Quarterfinals tonight.  I believe the #1 and #2 seeds will cruise to wins but the main events will be #4 Flatirons Academy vs #5 Rocky Mountain Lutheran and #3 Denver Waldorf vs #6 Front Range Baptist.  I picked #3 Denver Waldorf over #6 Front Range Baptist.  I think this will be a very good game.  Front Range Baptist lost by just 8 to Denver Waldorf back in January.  Front Range Baptist has also shown that they can compete against the top teams in this District.  I am going with Flatirons Academy over Rocky Mountain Lutheran.  Flatirons Academy beat RML by 13 and Flatirons Academy seems to be on a hot streak. 

Class 2A

District 1

South Park over Trinidad

Center over Sargent

This is the Pigtail Round.  Center has the most on the line with a #32 RPI they cannot afford to drop a game to Sargent.  South Park vs Trinidad should be a good game with the winner facing the #1 team in the District.

District 4

Clear Creek over Addenbrooke Classical

Platte Canyon over Denver Academy

This is the Pigtail Round.  Platte Canyon has the most on the line with the #44 RPI.  Platte Canyon would need a huge run in the District Tournament to get in.  Clear Creek sits at #46 in the RPI and also would need a big run in the District Tournament.

District 6

Holly over Rocky Ford

Rye over Swink

Crowley County over Swallows Charter

Fowler over Las Animas

This is the Quarterfinal Round.  Holly, Fowler, and Crowley County are all sitting in the top 15 of the RPI and near locks for the Regional Tournament regardless of the outcome in the Quarterfinals.  Rye sits at #20 in the RPI and a near lock.  Rye must get the win over Swink to make sure they get into the regional tournament.  A loss would put Rye RPI in a bit of limbo and they would be watching and hoping they get in.  Swallows Charter sits at #30 and could be one of the final teams in.  They would be looking for an upset of Crowley County a loss would have them scoreboard watching and hoping for some help to get into regionals.  Las Animas and Swink both sit outside the top 34 so must pull upsets in the Quarterfinals.  If Las Animas and Swink lose tonight, they will be eliminated.

District 7

Twin Peak Charter over Poudre Community Academy

This is a Pigtail Round, and I am going with Twin Peaks Charter.  You must win to get into the quarterfinals.

Class 3A

Colorado/Confluence League

DSST-Byers over Strive Prep

Arvada over William Smith

Aurora West Prep over DSST-College View

This is the Pigtail Round.  You must win to get into the main bracket.  None of these teams are big threats to reach the Regional Tournament as an at-large berth so winning is key to making a big run.

Western Slope

Grand Valley over North Fork

This is the Pigtail Game.  Grand Valley has the #47 RPI so a win at least keeps their hopes alive for a regional berth.  Winner will face the #1 seed Aspen.

Remember to go check out for full District Brackets!