Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball Final District Predictions

Centauri vs St. Mary’s

Class 3A Boys Basketball Final District Predictions

It’s League Tournament time and teams are battling for the 2 automatic spots as well as for a top 32 RPI.  Remember in Class 3A Seven District/Leagues qualify two teams automatically into the State Bracket, with the remaining 18 teams determined by RPI.  If you want to see the complete brackets go check out Kevin Shaffer has the brackets listed with times, locations, and dates. 


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Eagle Ridge Academy

2. Fort Lupton

Regional Contenders:


DSST-Green Valley Ranch

The Championship and 3rd Place game are set in the Confluence/Colorado League.  Eagle Ridge Academy will face Fort Lupton in the League Championship.  I am going with Eagle Ridge Academy over Fort Lupton in another fantastic game.  Fort Lupton has a ton of momentum after the upset of Englewood.  Fort Lupton will be looking for another revenge win, but they have also punched their ticket into regionals.  In the third-place game I am going with Englewood over DSST-Green Valley Ranch.  Look for Englewood to bounce back and get a solid RPI win.  Looking at Regionals and the RPI, Eagle Ridge Academy and Fort Lupton of course have the automatic berths locked up.  Englewood is also a lock for regionals with the #14 RPI.  Even if Englewood loses to DSST-Green Valley I don’t think their RPI drops.  DSST-Green Valley Ranch is on the bubble at #25 so if they lose to Englewood, they will be watching what happens with their RPI.  If DSST-Green Valley beats Englewood I believe they would also be another lock into regionals.   

Confluence/Colorado RPI:

#10 Eagle Ridge Academy, #14 Englewood, #25 DSST-Green Valley Ranch, #28 Fort Lupton


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Middle Park

2. The Academy

Regional Contenders:



Denver West

We move into the semifinal round and the top 4 seeds have all advanced into the semifinals.  I am going with Middle Park over Pinnacle and The Academy over DSST-Montview.  Both games should be very competitive and close games.  In the League Championship I am going with Middle Park over The Academy and in the 3rd place game I am going with DSST-Montview over Pinnacle.  Looking at RPI, Middle Park is the only team I think is a lock for regional regardless of what happens today.  The Academy sits at #22, DSST-Montview sits at #23, and Pinnacle sits at #27.  I think The Academy and DSST-Montview should get in as long as they get at least one win in the next two days.  Pinnacle would be in the same boat get at least 1 win and probably get into regionals.  Pinnacle being closer to the bubble could be in hot water if they drop back-to-back games.  Denver West is currently sitting at #33 and need help to move back into the top 32.  They will be scoreboard watching and hoping they can improve a spot or two and get into regionals, but they cannot do anything to improve their RPI since they are eliminated from then League Tournament.

Frontier RPI:

#11 Middle Park, #22 The Academy, #23 DSST-Montview, #27 Pinnacle, #33 Denver West


Regional Automatic Qualifiers Prediction:

1. Centauri

2. Alamosa

Regional Contenders:

3. Pagosa Springs

One semifinal game is complete, and Centauri has defeated Bayfield and punched their ticket into the Regional Round.  Alamosa and Pagosa Springs will meet tonight.  I am going with Alamosa over Pagosa Springs, and I think this will be a very good match.  This would be the third meeting this season with Alamosa winning both and it’s never easy to beat a team three times.  In the League Championship I am going with Centauri over Alamosa.  The last matchup was close with Alamosa leading late in the game.  I expect another great matchup.  In the third-place game I am going with Pagosa Springs over Bayfield.  Looking at Regionals and RPI, Centauri has earned the automatic berth and will be in position to host a regional round.  Pagosa Springs and Alamosa I feel are both locks in regionals as long as they win at least 1 of their next 2 games.  Bayfield sits at #41 in the RPI, and I think just to far back to make a push for regionals.

Intermountain RPI:

#5 Centauri, #16 Pagosa Springs, #20 Alamosa, #41 Bayfield

Metro League

Metro League update provided by Doug Wright

Automatic Regional Qualifiers Predictions:

1. Manual

2. Lutheran

Regional At-Large Contenders:

Colorado Academy

Faith Christian

Kent Denver

Boys Metro League Semifinals did not go as expected. In the boys’ semifinals, both higher seeds lost. After a tight first half, Manual and state leading scorer Jordan Reed complemented by some unlikely scorers shocked Colorado Academy with a barrage of second half three pointers to win 69-60. Lutheran and Faith Christian slugged it out in a defensive struggle before the Lions pulled away late. Both teams are playing very well and picking a champion is tough. I’ll go with Manual due to its big home court advantage.  Looking at RPI, each of the final four Metro League teams will make the State tournament, as will Kent Denver. The Sun Devils’ season has imploded of late, but their early season prowess carries them into the tournament. Prospect Ridge Academy is currently #31 in RPI, and its loss to Manual in the quarterfinals could spell doom for the Miners’ State championship prospects.

RPI for Metro League

#3 Colorado Academy, #7 Manual, #9 Faith Christian, #15 Lutheran, #19 Kent Denver, #31 Prospect Ridge Academy


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Sterling

2. Resurrection Christian

Regional Contenders:




Platte Valley


The Championship round for Class 3A won’t kick off until Saturday but the matchups are set.  I am going with Sterling over Resurrection Christian in the league championship.  I expect this to be one of the best game on Saturday.  I think it comes down to the wire and I think the senior leadership proves to be the difference for Sterling.  In the 3rd place game, I am going with University over Highland.  I think the experience University has will be the difference against a young Highland team.  I have noticed Highland has struggle against more senior leadership teams.  In the 5th place game, I am going with Brush over Eaton.  Brush has more on the line sitting at #29 in the RPI and I think play with more intensity in this game.  Brush desperately needs this win sitting so close to the bubble.  In the 7th place game I am going with Platte Valley over Strasburg.  Looking at Regionals and the RPI, Sterling and Resurrection Christian are your automatic qualifiers, and both have a shot at hosting a regional.  Highland, Eaton, University, and Platte Valley I believe are all locks for regionals.  These 4 teams all sit above #22 in the RPI.  Brush is on the bubble at #29 and if they can beat Eaton I think get into the regional tournament.  If not, Brush could miss the cut or would be one of the final teams into the Regional bracket.  Strasburg and Liberty Common I think are to far back to make it to regionals.

Patriot RPI:

#1 Sterling, #6 Resurrection Christian, #8 Highland, #13 Eaton, #17 University, #21 Platte Valley, #29 Brush, #46 Strasburg


Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. St. Mary’s

2. Salida

Regional Contenders:

C.S Christian

Manitou Springs

Woodland Park

Banning Lewis

Woodland Park


La Junta

Semifinal action in the Tri-Peaks league kicks off today.  A few upsets in the Quarterfinals make for a fun semifinal round.  In the semifinals I am going with St. Mary’s over Manitou Springs and Salida over Banning Lewis.  The top 2 seeds are the favorites, but the tri-peaks has been nearly unpredictable this season.  In the Consolation semifinals I am going with La Junta over Woodland Park and C.S Christian over Buena Vista.  All 4 games will matter in terms of RPI so expect some intense matchups.  Championship Saturday should be a good one as well.   In the League Championship I am going with St. Mary’s over Salida.  St. Mary’s during the first meeting scored over 100 points and expect another high scoring affair.  In the 3rd place game, I am going with Manitou Springs over Banning Lewis.  In the 5th place game, I am going with C.S Christian over La Junta and in the 7th place game I am going with Woodland Park over Buena Vista.  Looking at RPI, St. Mary’s and Salida are the only two teams I feel comfortable putting as locks.  C.S Christian is close to a lock but need at least 1 win to make sure their RPI does not tumble farther.  Manitou Springs sits at #24 in the RPI and are also in good shape.  Buena Vista sits at #30 in the RPI and need at least 1 win in their final 2 games.  To feel comfortable Buena Vista needs 2 wins.  Banning Lewis sits at #32 in the RPI and would be the final team in.  Banning Lewis has a shot to upset another top RPI team but if they lose, they probably need to upset Manitou Springs in the 3rd place game to get into regionals.  La Junta and Woodland Park both sit outside the top 34 in the RPI, but both still have game to help improve their RPI.  Florence sits at #34 and need a lot of help to get into the top 32 but no games remain. 

Tri-Peaks RPI:

#2 St. Mary’s, #12 Salida, #18 C.S Christian, #24 Manitou Springs, #30 Buena Vista, #32 Banning Lewis, #34 Florence, #35 La Junta, #37 Woodland Park

Western Slope

Regional Automatic Qualifiers Prediction:

1. Aspen

2. Moffat County

Regional Contenders:

Coal Ridge


First, I would like to give a shoutout to CP Martinez.  He has provided me some great insight into the Western Slope League and his information is key to these predictions.  The semifinals are set.  I am going with Aspen over Coal Ridge and Moffat County over Delta in the semifinals.  If these are the results, then Coal Ridge and Delta would not make it to regionals.  Coal Ridge and Delta need to finish in the top 2 of the league to get to regionals so they must upset their opponents in the semifinals.  If Aspen and Moffat County win then I am going with Aspen over Moffat County in the League Championship.  The 3rd place game I am going with Delta over Coal Ridge, but I don’t think this win would give Delta or Coal Ridge enough of a boost to move from #38 to #32 in the RPI.  I will be watching to see the results tonight.

Western Slope RPI:

#4 Aspen, #26 Moffat County, #38 Coal Ridge, #39 Delta