6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football League Predictions (All 5)

6-Man Football League Predictions (All 5)

I have decided to only do 3 or 4 leagues at a time instead of the full 7 leagues.  I will be giving my league predictions on who finishes where.  This is all in fun and I do not wish bad on any teams.  Good Luck to all teams this season.

League One

1. Fleming

2. Prairie

3. North Park

4. Briggsdale

5. Peetz

6. Weldon Valley

League One Continues to be one of the toughest Leagues in 6-Man Football.  Once again possibly 4 teams will push for the playoffs and possibly a fifth depending on how the season goes.  Fleming is my pick to win League One.  Fleming offensively returns QB Braylen Feather and RB Nolan Japp combined they racked up over 2000 yards of offense last season.  A new WR will need to step up this year.  Defensively Fleming returns 5 of their top 8 tacklers but lose their #1 and #4 tacklers from a season ago.  Nolan Japp and Kolten Houser are two names to keep on eye on this season.  Prairie is my pick to finish in second place.  Prairie will have a few holes to fill after a Quarterfinal Visit last season.  Prairie will also have a new head coach this season.  Prairie offensively will be in search of a new QB but return RB Claytin Hove and Athlete Carter Jaeger.  Defensively Prairie returns 4 of their top 8 tacklers but return their top 3 tacklers from a season ago.  Carter Jaeger, Claytin Hove, and Parker Jaeger look to lead the defense again this season.  North Park is my pick to finish in 3rd.  North Park missed the playoffs last season but return plenty of talent to push for a playoff spot.  Offensively North Park returns QB Hunter Sessions and #2 RB Cameron Gonzales.  North Park also returns top WR target Montgomery Ramsey.  North Park offensively will be very tough.  Defensively North Park returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  North Park could be one of the toughest defensive teams this season.  Hunter Sessions, Levi Wofford, and Cameron Gonzales all return to lead North Park defensively.  Briggsdale is my pick to finish 4th.  Briggsdale reached the playoffs last season but fell in the first round.  Briggsdale will look once again to reach the playoffs but have a few holes to fill.  A new QB must step up this season along with a top rusher.  Briggsdale could lean on a few new faces such as Zach Bauer who could fill the QB position, Johnathon Malovich who could also fill the QB spot or the top RB and Tanner Fiscus who was the leading WR last season.  Defensively Briggsdale returns 4 of their top 8 tacklers but return key leadership in their top two tacklers.  Tanner Fiscus and Johnathon Malovich both return to lead Briggsdale defense.  Peetz is my pick to finish in 5th place.  Peetz is my dark horse pick to reach the playoffs and possibly challenge for a top spot in league. Peetz return some young weapons including QB Chance Segelke, RB Colton Howell, and WR Noah Naegele.  Peetz could take a big step this season to a playoff spot but must continue to develop.  Defensively Peetz returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  Aiden Hill and Joeseph Fehringer.  Peetz could still be a year away from winning the league title but expect a big jump from this team.  Weldon Valley is my pick to finish last in league one.  Weldon Valley did not post stats last season and lose 6 seniors from last years team.  Weldon Valley could be in a bit of a rebuilding year this season.

My predictions for the League One

League Champion: Fleming

Playoff Contenders: Fleming, Prairie, North Park, Briggsdale

Dark Horse: Peetz (Can they make a push for the playoffs)

Player of the League: RB Nolan Japp Sr. Fleming

Others to watch for: Braylen Feather Sr. Fleming, Kolten Houser Sr. Fleming, Blake Feather Sr. Fleming, Harry Harms Sr. Fleming, Carter Jaeger So. Prairie, Claytin Hove Sr. Prairie, Parker Jaeger Sr. Prairie, Hunter Sessions Sr. North Park, Cameron Gonzales So. North Park, Montgomery Ramsey Sr. North Park, Levi Wofford So. North Park, Johnathon Malovich Sr. Briggsdale, Zach Bauer Sr. Briggsdale, Tanner Fiscus Jr. Briggsdale, Chance Segelke Jr. Peetz, Colton Howell Sr. Peetz, Noah Naegele Jr. Peetz, Aiden Hill Jr. Peetz, Joeseph Fehringer Jr. Peetz,

League Two

1. Stratton

2. Idalia

3. Arickaree

4. Otis

5. Genoa-Hugo

6. Hi-Plains

7. Flagler

League Two will also be a top league in 6-Man Football.  Some very good teams return key players and should make the league race very interesting.  Stratton is my pick to win League Two.  Stratton was your runner up last season and this year they look for the top spot.  Stratton will have a few key pieces to replace but return plenty of skill.  QB Charlie Tagtmeyer along with RB Alex Cruz, RB Stockton Fye, and WR Cyler Notter all return.  Stratton will need to find a main workhorse losing over 1500 yards of offense.  Defensively Stratton returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers but lose their top tacklers from last season.  Cyler Notter, Charlie Tagtmeyer, and Joe Shean all return to help lead the defense.  Idalia is my pick to finish in 2nd place.  Idalia is coming off a trip to the semifinals and return the talent to try and make a similar run.  Idalia will return QB Tarek Glanz and RB Kye Towns.  A new top target will need to step up along with depth at RB.  Defensively Idalia would return 4 of their top 8 tacklers but an injury could leave them at 3 of their top 8 tacklers.  Logan Breyer and Kye Towns both return to be leaders defensively for Idalia.  Idalia has the talent but need depth to really step up this season.  Arickaree is my pick to finish in 3rd.   Arickaree will return the talent for a deep run this season, but a few holes must be filled.  Arickaree will return QB/RB Logan Wright but the main question is who else steps up around Wright to make them more dangerous.  Look for players like Jake King, Nic Hermes, and Bryce Shaffer to really step up this season.  Defensively Arickaree returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers but must replace their #1 tackler from last season.  Logan Wright, Hayden Page, and Bryce Shaffer all return to be leaders for Arickaree.  Otis is my pick to finish in 4th.  Otis was very young last season and turned to multiple sophomores and freshman.  Otis should see a big improvement this season as long as their underclassmen developed.  Otis will return QB Carter Wells along with RB Tayte Smith, and top WR Jack Willeke.  Defensively Otis should take a big step forward returning their top 8 tacklers from last season.  Charlie Kendrick, Bohden Klinzmann, and Taylor Ringlein all return to lead the Otis defense.  Genoa-Hugo is my pick to finish 5th.  Genoa-Hugo reached the playoffs last season but lose some key pieces from that team.  Genoa-Hugo will return QB Trey Smith but his top two RBs and WR both graduates.  Genoa-Hugo must have some other weapons step up and look for Kyler Rowden-Stum and Jack Kissel to be those players.  Defensively Genoa-Hugo returns 5 of their top 8 tacklers but lose their top 2 from last season.  Jack Kissel, Trey Smith, and Logan Sitzman could all step up as leaders this season on defense.  Hi-Plains is my pick to finish 6th in League Two.  Hi-Plains will lose some key pieces from last season team and key injuries to returning pieces will have Hi-Plains in a possible rebuild mode.  Hi-Plains will have back Logan Cordell and Shannon King and both must play critical roles on both sides of the ball for Hi-Plains to find success.  Hi-Plains could easily be higher in the standings I am just not sure with the losses they had who steps up.  Flagler is my pick to finish in last in League Two.  Flagler went 1-4 last season, and they will look to make improvements from last season.  No Stats were posted from last year. 

My predictions for League Two

League Champion: Stratton

Playoff Contenders: Stratton, Idalia, Arickaree, Otis, Genoa-Hugo

Dark Horse: Otis (They were very young last season and how much did they improve)

Player of the League: RB/LB Cyler Notter Jr. Stratton

Others to watch for: Charlie Tagtmeyer Jr. Stratton, Alex Cruz Sr. Stratton, Stockton Fye So. Stratton, Riley Shean Jr. Stratton, Cyler Notter Jr. Stratton, Joe Sean Sr. Stratton, Tarek Glanz Jr. Idalia, Kye Towns Sr. Idalia, Logan Breyer Sr. Idalia, Logan Wright Sr. Arickaree, Hayden Page Sr. Arickaree, Bryce Shaffer Sr. Arickaree, Nic Hermes Jr. Arickaree, Carter Wells Jr. Otis, Tayte Smith So. Otis, Jack Willeke Sr. Otis, Charlie Kendrick So. Otis, Bohden Klinzmann Jr. Otis, Taylor Ringlein Sr. Otis, Trey Smith Jr. Genoa-Hugo, Jack Kissel Sr. Geona-Hugo, Logan Sitzman Jr. Genoa-Hugo, Kyler Rowden-Stum Sr. Genoa-Hugo, Logan Cordell Sr. Hi-Plains, Shannon King Sr. Hi-Plains

League Three

1. Deer Trail

2. Hanover

3. Bethune

4. Kiowa

5. Miami-Yoder

6. Manzanola

League Three looks to be the weakest League in 6-Man.  Two of the 6 teams did not have teams last season and the remaining 4 all lose key pieces from their teams.  League Three could be a one berth league and it will be a wide-open race.  Deer Trail is my pick to win League 3.  Deer Trail could look to take that next step and win the league.  Deer Trail will return QBs Kooper Eldringhoff, Joshua Britton, and Raul Manriquez.  One of these three must step up and take over the QB position.  At RB Elin Castro and TJ Hickey both return and should take a big step this season.  Defensively Deer Trail returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers but they lose key leadership.  Tristen Davidsen and Joshua Britton must step up and be leaders.  Hanover is my pick to finish in second and could easily jump Deer Trail for the league crown.  Hanover returns QB Devin Johnson, and he must step up as a leader this season.  Hanover will have to replace over 1500 yards of offense but look for David Byers and Tyler Hofmann to step up this season.  Defensively Hanover returns just 3 of their top 8 tacklers.  Inexperienced players must step up for Hanover but also leadership from Tyler Hofmann and David Byers must step up as leaders.  Bethune is my pick for third place.  Bethune will have a football team for the first time since 2015.  We will keep an eye on Bethune this season to see how they grow.  Kiowa is my pick to finish 4th.  Kiowa did not win a game last season but lose just 1 senior from last year.  They could show huge improvement this season, but no stats were posted.  Kiowa is another team who could surprise people this season.  Miami-Yoder is my pick for 5th place.  Miami-Yoder went 1-5 last season and lose 7 seniors from last years team.  Miami-Yoder could be rebuilding this season.  Manzanola is my pick to finish last in league 3.  Manzanola did not have a team last season and their last season was in 2020.  We will see how they do this year.

My predictions for League 3

League Champion: Deer Trail

Playoff Contenders: Deer Trail, Hanover

Dark Horse: Bethune (Could be a contender with a first-year program)

Player of the League: QB Devin Johnson Sr. Hanover

Others to watch for: Kooper Eldringhoff So. Deer Trail, Joshua Britton Jr. Deer Trail, Tristen Davidsen Sr. Deer Trail, Elin Castro So. Deer Trail, Tyler Hoffmann Sr. Hanover, David Byers So. Hanover,

League Four

1. Granada

2. Cheyenne Wells

3. Cheraw

4. Walsh

5. Eads

6. Kit Carson

Another very tough league in League 4.  This will be a very competitive league and all 6 teams could be pushing for playoff spots, but I think just 4 or 5 get in.  This will be in my opinion the toughest league in 6-Man.  Granada is my pick to win League Four.  Granada lose just two seniors from last years semifinal team.  Granada will be looking to get over the hump and reach the state finals.  Granada will have to replace their QB but look for Brandon Gonzales to fill that hole.  Granada has playmakers everywhere offensively with RB Jonus Guevara, John Hainer, and Maddox Coleman all back.  Defensively Granada must improve, and they should, returning 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  Maddox Coleman and Bailey Hernandez look to be the leaders on defense.  Cheyenne Wells is my pick to finish in second.  Cheyenne Wells is your defending State Champions and what a run they had.  Cheyenne Wells will have some huge holes to fill with a very good senior class graduating.  Cheyenne Wells will return QB Blake Gilmore and RB Ty Scheler.  Cheyenne Wells will be looking for other weapons to step up but key leadership is back.  Defensively Cheyenne Wells will return just 2 of their top 8 tacklers and Scheler and Gilmore also will be leaders on defense.  Youth must step up for Cheyenne Wells to defend their state title.  Cheraw is my pick to finish in 3rd.  Cheraw will be looking for another playoff run this season but must replace key players from last year.  Cheraw will look to QB Tim Provost to step up this season along with RB Braeden Harris.  Cheraw will need to find some depth at the skill position group.  Defensively Cheraw returns 5 of their top 8 tacklers.  Wade Goodrich and Braeden Harris both return to lead Cheraw defense.  Walsh is my pick to finish in 4th.  Walsh is also my dark horse pick and I think could push some of the top teams this season.  Walsh will need their youth to take the next step this season.  QB Leyton Jones is back but who else step up around him is key for success.  Ethan Barwick and Axton Bishop could be those two players who take the next step for Walsh.  Defensively Walsh returns their top 8 tacklers, and this group must continue to improve.  Walsh could take a big step this season.  Eads is my pick for 5th place.  Eads could be another team to low in my predictions as they have the talent but must stay healthy.  QB Bo Arnold is back along with RB Porter Spady.  Arnold and Spady are key to Eads success this season.  Defensively did not post stats but look for this unit to be very physical this season.  Eads I think could push for a top 3 spot but staying healthy is key.  Kit Carson is my pick to finish last in League Three but still a playoff threat.  Kit Carson will have a few holes to fill but return backup QB Tanner Conaway and RB Paul Mitchek.  Kit Carson will look for their leadership to get Kit Carson back into the win column.  Kit Carson defensively will return 6 of their top 8 tacklers but lose their top 2.  Paul Mitchek and Alex Mitchek must be leaders for Kit Carson.  I think discipline and staying healthy will be key for Kit Carson to make a playoff push.

My predictions for League 4

League Champion: Granada

Playoff Contenders: Granada, Cheyenne Wells, Cheraw, Walsh, Eads, Kit Carson

Dark Horse: Walsh (Tons of youth last season but how much did they improve is the main question)

Player of the League: Athlete Maddox Coleman So. Granada

Others to watch for: John Hainer Sr. Granada, Bailey Hernandez Sr. Granada, Jonus Guevara Jr. Granada, Brandon Gonzales Sr. Granada, Blake Gilmore Sr. Cheyenne Wells, Ty Scheler Sr. Cheyenne Wells, Tim Provost So. Cheraw, Braeden Harris Sr. Cheraw, Wade Goodrich Sr. Cheraw, Marcus Reece Sr. Cheraw, Leyton Jones Jr. Walsh, Axton Bishop Jr. Walsh, Adrian Alvarez Jr. Walsh, Ethan Barwick So. Walsh, Porter Spady Jr. Eads, Bo Arnold Jr. Eads, Tanner Conaway Sr. Kit Carson, Paul Mitchek Sr. Kit Carson, Alex Mitchek Sr. Kit Carson

League Five

1. Branson/Kim

2. Sierra Grande

3. Mountain Valley

4. La Veta

5. Cotopaxi

6. Primero

7. Sangre De Cristo

League 5 continues to improve every year and this year it looks to be very competitive.  Possibly 4 teams will be in the playoff hunt discussion.  Branson/Kim is my pick to win League 5.  Branson/Kim will have plenty of weapons coming back but must find a new QB.  Brock Doherty or Owen Doherty looks to be the ones battling for that spot.  At RB Peyton Cranson returns and he will be the main weapon on offense for Branson/Kim.  Also coming back for Branson/Kim is Cole Hofmeister and Cade Smith.  Defensively Branson/Kim returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers including their top 4.  Cade Smith and Bridger Keeler are the top returners.  Sierra Grande is my pick to finish in second.  Sierra Grande lose a very good senior class and will look to replace them.  QB will be the main hole and look for Aron Ojeda to possibly move into that spot.  At RB look for Angelo Lucero to have a breakout year and he must step up this season.  Defensively Sierra Grande returns just 3 of their top 8 tacklers but have leadership back in Tyler Kester who lead Sierra Grande in tackles also coming back is Angel Lucero and Damian Ferran.  Sierra Grande will be young but have built a solid program to compete every year.  Mountain Valley is my pick to finish 3rd.  Mountain Valley reached the playoffs last season and look to make another big run this season.  Mountain Valley returns key leadership with QB Riley Heater coming back.  At RB Jacob Martinez will look to move into the top rushing spot.  The remaining skill positions will have to step up this season.  Defensively Mountain Valley returns 4 of their top 8 tacklers.  Jacob Martinez and Logan Boyles are the main returners and should lead a tough Mountain Valley defense.  Mountain Valley will be tough this season, but the main question marks are who steps up.  La Veta is my pick to finish 4th.  La Veta has made big strides the past few seasons and now will be in the conversation to reach the playoffs.  La Veta returns QB Jessey Montunnas and RB Joe Autry.  These two put up big numbers and will look again for a huge season.  Defensively La Veta returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers but lose their top tackler from last season.  Brayden Nix and Kade Andreatta will look to step into the top tackling spot this season.  Cotopaxi is my pick to finish 5th.  Cotopaxi is coming off a tough 2-7 season and they will look to bounce back this season.  Cotopaxi will return Ty Coleman at QB but must find players around him.  Coleman last year accounted for 87% of Cotopaxi offense and he must get help for them to find success.  Defensively Cotopaxi returns 5 of their top 8 tacklers including 4 of their top 5.  Once again, the rest of the team must step up this season.  Primero is my pick to finish 6th.  Primero went 0-6 last season but started a ton of freshman and we should see them start to take steps this season to be competitive by their junior and senior year.  Primero is probably a year away from pushing for a playoff spot.  Some players to keep an eye on for Primero are Brett Kendall, Jairo Dominguez, and Xavier Garcia.  My pick to finish last in League 5 is Sangre De Cristo.  Sangre De Cristo did not have a team last season and will be looking to rebuild their program again.  Sangre De Cristo is a team we will learn about as the season goes on.

My predictions for League 5

League Champion: Branson/Kim

Playoff Contenders: Branson/Kim, Sierra Grand, Mountain Valley, La Veta

Dark Horse: La Veta (A lot of experience returning could push them towards the playoffs)

Player of the League: Peyton Cranson Sr. Branson/Kim

Others to watch for: Cade Smith Sr. Branson/Kim, Cole Hofmeister Jr. Branson/Kim, Brock Doherty Jr. Branson/Kim, Tyler Kester Jr. Sierra Grande, Angel Lucero Sr. Sierra Grande, Damian Ferran Sr. Sierra Grande, Aron Ojeda So. Sierra Grande, Riley Heater Jr. Mountain Valley, Jacob Martinez Sr. Mountain Valley, Logan Boyles Sr. Mountain Valley, Jessey Montunnas Jr. La Veta, Joe Autry Sr. La Veta, Brayden Nix La Veta, Kade Andreatta La Veta, Ty Coleman Sr. Cotopaxi, Brett Kendall So. Primero, Jairo Dominguez So. Primero