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MileHigh Prep Report Media Poll Week 3 (Class 3A thru 6-Man)

MileHigh Prep Report Media Poll Week 3 (Class 3A thru 6-Man)

We have decided to change up how we do are weekly rankings this season and have switched to doing a Media Poll.  We can always use more people in are Media Poll.  If you are interested in joining the Media Poll, send me a message or email at  We move into the third week of the season and plenty of changes once again after another great week of games. 

If you would like to see a list of people who votes, click here.  Some may not be listed and working on posting each individual ranking.

Class 3A

Team ()=First Place VotesPointsLast Week
1. Roosevelt (4)491 (3 weeks)
2. Green Mountain (1)405
2. Northridge403
4. Durango222
5. Lutheran216
6. Mead188
6. Resurrection Christian18NR
8. Pueblo East15NR
9. Evergreen146
10. Pueblo Centennial13NR
Others Receiving Votes: Holy Family (9), George Washington (8), Frederick (6), Discovery Canyon (3)  Dropped out: Holy Family (4), Severance (9), Frederick (10)
Notes: 3 Brand new teams join the rankings this week.  Resurrection Christian, Pueblo East, and Pueblo Centennial all join the rankings this week.  Holy Family, Frederick, and Severance all fall out of the rankings.

Class 2A                                            

Team ()=First Place VotesPointsLast Week
1. Classical Academy (6)761 (2 Weeks)
2. Delta (2)702
3. Eaton513
4. Basalt504
5. La Junta426
5. Platte Valley425
7. Elizabeth267
8. Florence258
9. The Academy179
10. Brush7NR
Others Receiving Votes: Bennett (6), Alamosa (5), Berthoud (3), Moffat County (3), Grand Valley (3)  Dropped out: University (9)
Notes: Only 1 new team joins the rankings this week.  Brush rejoins the rankings after just barely missing the top 10 last week.  Brush will replace University in the #10 spot.

Class 1A

Team ()=First Place VotesPointsLast Week
1. Limon (10)1091 (3 Weeks)
2. Wray884
3. Strasburg856
4. Buena Vista (1)772
5. Monte Vista568
6. Wiggins505
7. Centauri462
8. Yuma359
9. Banning Lewis22NR
10. Meeker117
Others Receiving Votes: Del Norte (9), Gunnison (6), Estes Park (5), Rye (2), Holyoke (1), C.S Christian (1), North Fork (1) Dropped out: Gunnison (10)
Notes: Just One new team joins the rankings in Class 1A this week.  Banning Lewis joins the rankings for the first time replacing Gunnison who falls out of the rankings.


Team ()=First Place VotesPointsLast Week
1. Haxtun (7)751 (3 Weeks)
2. Mancos702
3. Dove Creek (1)603
4. Merino565
5. Akron543
6. Holly376
7. Sanford307
8. Simla269
9. Vail Christian1210
10. Crowley County8NR
Others Receiving Votes: Lyons (4), Swink (3), Elbert (3), Belleview Christian (2), West Grand (1) Dropped out: Swink (8)
Notes: Also just one new teams joins the rankings in 8-Man this week.  Crowley County joins the rankings this week at #10.  Crowley County replaces Swink who falls out of the rankings.


Team ()=First Place VotesPointsLast Week
1. Stratton (8)801 (3 Weeks)
2. Fleming722
3. Arickaree575
4. Granada483
5. Genoa-Hugo468
6. Otis4110
7. Cheraw264
8. Branson/Kim16NR
8. Deer Trail14NR
10. Sierra Grande106
Others Receiving Votes: La Veta (9), Prairie (9), Cheyenne Wells (7), Cotopaxi (8), Briggsdale (2) Dropped out: Cheyenne Wells (7), Briggsdale (9)
Notes: A bit more movement in the 6-Man ranks.  Branson/Kim and Deer Trail both join the rankings. Both picked up big wins last week.  Cheyenne Wells and Briggsdale both fall out of the rankings.

Media Poll Voters

Ben Blecha, 94.5 The Ranch

Kerry Sherman, KNAB 104.1 FM

Marc Kanter

Anthony Garcia, MileHigh Prep Report

Kodey, Playmakers Corner Podcast

Simon Villa, Playmaker Corner Podcast

Dakota McGee, KAT Country 98.3

Carlos Valencia, MileHigh Prep Report

Rion Eagan, 96.5 The Fox

Cory Forgue, CAF Media

Tayler Rocha, MileHigh Prep Report

1 Unnamed Person