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Class 1A Football League Predictions Week 7

Centauri vs Center

Class 1A League Predictions Week 7

We are 7 weeks into the regular season.  We move into the second week of League unless you are league one.  With that said I will be jumping much more into the CHSAA Seeding Index and possibly eliminate some teams from playoff contention.  I will post separately my Playoff Projections and Predictions.

League One

1. Gunnison

2. Buena Vista

3. Meeker

4. North Fork

5. Cedaredge

6. Roaring Fork

7. Olathe

League play has already kicked off in League One.  Meeker and Gunnison remain atop the league standing at 3-0.  Gunnison remains my pick to win League One and mainly due to their win over Buena Vista.  Gunnison sits at #9 in the Seeding Index and this week will face Cedaredge.  Gunnison will be challenge by the passing attack of Cedaredge but look for the physical play of Gunnison to take control.  Cedaredge sits at #19 in the Seeding Index and are in the mix for a spot.  Cedaredge needs an upset of one of the top 3 teams probably to get into the playoffs.  The main game to talk about in league one this week is Buena Vista at Meeker.  Buena Vista looks to have sorted some offensive problems out last week scoring 42 points in there win over North Fork.  Buena Vista will have to be physical on defense this week.  Meeker has been on a solid run winning 3 straight games and picked up a nice 40-0 win over Cedaredge last week.  Meeker will have to be able to stop the outside run and passing attack of Buena Vista to find success.  If Meeker wins it sets up their game against Gunnison for the league title.  If Buena Vista win, they still have a shot at winning the league title but would need help.  Meeker sits at #4 in the Seeding Index and Buena Vista sits at #6 in the seeding Index.  North Fork is off this week. 

CHSAA Seeding Index: #4 Meeker, #6 Buena Vista, #9 Gunnison, #13 North Fork, #19 Cedaredge, #24 Roaring Fork, #36 Olathe

Playoff Contenders: Buena Vista, North Fork, Meeker, Gunnison, Cedaredge

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Roaring Fork, Olathe

League Two

1. Centauri

2. Monte Vista

3. Center

4. Del Norte

5. Ignacio

6. Trinidad

Only one team has been eliminated from playoff contention which makes for a great week of games inside League Two.  Centauri remains my pick to win League Two.  Centauri picked up a big win over Center last week 54-0.  Centauri this week will face Del Norte and should cruise to the win as well.  Centauri sits at #12 in the Seeding Index.  Del Norte sits at #25 and are on the verge of being eliminated from playoff contention and need an upset in a bad way.  Monte Vista remains my pick to finish second place.  Monte Vista made quick work of Del Norte last week scoring 52 points in just under a quarter and half.  Monte Vista will face Trinidad this week and should cruise to the win.  The main game to talk about in League Two is Center at Ignacio.  This is an elimination game for both teams.  Ignacio sits at #22 in the Seeding Index and Center sits at #26.  Both teams need this win, and the loser falls out of contention.  Expect both teams to play their style and look for mistakes to be the difference in the game. 

CHSAA Seeding Index: #8 Monte Vista, #12 Centauri, #22 Ignacio, #25 Del Norte #26 Center, #35 Trinidad

Playoff Contenders: Centauri, Monte Vista, Center, Ignacio

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Trinidad

League Three

1. Rye

2. C.S Christian

3. Banning Lewis

4. Peyton

5. Rocky Ford

6. Ellicott

League Three has basically separated into the top 3 and bottom 3.  The top 3 are all league title contenders and playoff contenders with the bottom three basically out of the playoff hunt baring an upset. Rye stays as my pick to win League Three.  Rye sits at #15 in the seeding index, and they face C.S Christian this week at home.  Winner of this game keeps pace with Banning Lewis for the league title.  Rye will need to be physical in this game but also need to be able to defend the pass.  C.S Christian sits at #14 in the seeding index and must be able to stop the run to have any shot in this game.  I could see this game being a high scoring game.  Banning Lewis is the final team to mention in League Three.  Banning Lewis will face Rocky Ford on the road on Thursday and will be the heavy favorite.  Banning Lewis sits at #16 in the Seeding Index and still must face Rye and C.S Christian.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #14 C.S Christian, #15 Rye, #16 Banning Lewis, #29 Peyton, #30 Rocky Ford, #32 Ellicott

Playoff Contenders: Rye, C.S Christian, Banning Lewis

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Peyton, Rocky Ford, Ellicott

League Four

1. Limon

2. Wray

3. Yuma

4. Wiggins

5. Burlington

6. Holyoke

The toughest league in Class 1A is League Four.  All 6 teams have a shot at making the playoffs and all 6 teams sit inside the top 12 of the seeding index.  Limon is my pick to win League Four and are considered the favorite to win the Class 1A State Title.  Limon sits #1 in the seeding Index, and they face Wray this week.  This is one of the biggest games in the State of Colorado.  This should be a great contest.  Wray sits at #5 in the seeding Index.  Physicality and controlling the line of scrimmage will determine the winner.  Yuma jumps into my pick to finish 3rd.  Yuma continues to prove my preseason prediction wrong and picked up a huge win over Wiggins last week.  Yuma sits at #3 in the Seeding Index and face Burlington this week.  Yuma will once again look to be physical in this game.  Burlington sits at #10 in the seeding Index and are looking for that signature win of the season.  This game will be determined by turnovers and physical play at the line of scrimmage.  The final game to talk about in League Four features’ Wiggins at Holyoke.  Wiggins was upset last week by Yuma and now must bounce back.  Wiggins sits at #7 in the seeding index and look for QB Cole Kerr to have a big game.  Holyoke fell to Wray last week 53-12 and will also look to bounce back.  QB Wyatt Sprague will look to match the QB of Wiggins and look for each offense to break out this week.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #1 Limon, #3 Yuma, #5 Wray, #7 Wiggins, #10 Burlington #11 Holyoke

Playoff Contenders: Wray, Limon, Wiggins, Holyoke, Burlington, Yuma

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: None

League Five

1. Strasburg

2. Platte Canyon

3. Middle Park

4. Denver Christian

5. Clear Creek

6. Jefferson

League Five is in danger of getting just 1 team into the playoffs.  The league champion may only get into the playoffs.  Strasburg is my pick to win league five.  Strasburg is the heavy favorite to win the league and they won’t face their main contender till the final game of the season.  Strasburg sits at #2 in the seeding index, and they face Denver Christian this week.  Platte Canyon is my pick to finish in second place.  Platte Canyon currently sits at #21 in the seeding index and probably need to win out. (Besides the Strasburg game) Platte Canyon cannot drop any games and expect to get into the playoffs.  Platte Canyon will face Clear Creek on the road this week.  Middle Park avoids being eliminated from Playoff Contention with a big win over Denver Christian last week.  Middle Park now must run the table to try and get into the playoffs.  Middle Park will face Jefferson this week. 

CHSAA Seeding Index: #2 Strasburg, #21 Platte Canyon, #27 Middle Park, #28 Denver Christian, #31 Jefferson, #34 Clear Creek

Playoff Contenders: Strasburg, Platte Canyon

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Denver Christian, Jefferson, Clear Creek

League Six

1. Flatirons Academy

2. Manual

3. Highland

4. Estes Park

5. Pinnacle

6. Sheridan

League Six was somewhat flipped on it head last week with a major upset.  Four teams now sit in playoff contention but currently no teams sit inside the top 16 of the Seeding Index.  Flatirons Academy remains my pick to win League Six and they look to be fully health to close the season.  Flatirons Academy sits at #18 in the seeding index, and they face Manual this week.  Manual sits at #20 and are still looking for that quality win.  Winner of this game keeps face with Highland atop the league standings and probably improve their hopes of a playoff berth.  Highland picked up the major upset last week defeating Estes Park 14-6.  Huge kudos to the Highland defense on making key stops.  Highland jumped to #23 in the Seeding Index and have a must win game against Sheridan this week.  Estes Park is the final team to mention.  Estes Park dropped from #9 in the Seeding Index to #17 and are now in danger of falling out of playoff contention with a loss to Pinnacle.  Estes Park must beat Pinnacle to keep their playoff hopes alive and try and keep pace with the top part of the league.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #17 Estes Park, #18 Flatirons Academy, #20 Manual, #23 Highland, #33 Pinnacle, #37 Sheridan

Playoff Contenders: Flatirons Academy, Estes Park, Manual, Highland

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Pinnacle, Sheridan