Boy and Girls Basketball Top Returning Players

Class 3A Boys Basketball Returning Stat Leaders

Class 3A Boys Basketball Returning Stat Leaders

We start moving into basketball mode and we look at the Top Returning Stat leaders.  I will have my league predictions out next week.

Class 3A

Point per Game

Max ZenkPlatte Valley21.4 PPG
Tristan JacksonSalida18.9 PPG
Nathanael DaviesC.S Christian18.8 PPG
Robert McClintonPinnacle17.8 PPG
Max VaccoProspect Ridge17.3 PPG
Hyatt TolleHighland16.8 PPG
Keegan PaigeFaith Christian16.0 PPG
Sonny CiccarelliWoodland Park15.6 PPG
Dylan PrescottNorth Fork15.2 PPG
Nate RichardsonLyons15.1 PPG
Dylan PerkinsStargate School14.4 PPG
Treyton CoxSkyview Academy14.4 PPG
Sawyer MorganHighland14.4 PPG
Zach UyemuraPlatte Valley14.2 PPG
Nathan MorrisVanguard14.2 PPG

Rebounds per Game

Nathanael DaviesC.S Christian14.8 RPG
Tristan JacksonSalida12.7 RPG
Gideon GilmoreCedaredge12.6 RPG
Sawyer MorganHighland10.8 RPG
Jackson StewardFrontier Academy10.3 RPG
Austin VelascoStrasburg10.3 RPG
Carson JasaFaith Christian9.6 RPG
Keyshone LyonsBruce Randolph9.6 RPG
Caleb BafukilaLotus School9.2 RPG
Cambren MundellPlatte Valley8.7 RPG

Assists per Game

Landen MartinStrasburg7.0 APG
Casey OrawiecC.S Christian4.4 APG
Hyatt TolleHighland4.2 APG
Robert McClintonPinnacle3.9 APG
Colton SteinkeHighland3.8 APG
Zach UyemuraPlatte Valley3.8 APG
Casey BrinkMeeker3.8 APG
Sawyer MorganHighland3.6 APG
Luke MaxeyCedaredge3.4 APG
Kevin BarronCedaredge3.3 APG

Steals per Game

Colton SteinkeHighland5.0 SPG
Robert McClintonPinnacle4.6 SPG
Max VaccoProspect Ridge3.2 SPG
Dylan PerkinsStargate School3.2 SPG
Daunte DominguezPinnacle3.0 SPG

Blocks per Game

Nathanael DaviesC.S Christian3.5 BPG
Tristan JacksonSalida3.0 BPG
Keyshone LyonsBruce Randolph2.7 BPG
Alexander NiederhauserC.S Christian2.4 BPG
Nate YeakleySalida2.1 BPG

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