Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Preseason Rankins (Class 3A thru 1A)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Preseason Rankins (Class 3A thru 1A)

This is a repost of my Class 3A thru Class 1A rankings.  I will be releasing my Class 4A Rankings tomorrow afternoon/evening.  We are delaying the Media Poll till after Christmas as well if your interested in voting send me a message.  I will also be releasing my District Predictions and my end of the year awards for Football This week.  I will not be posting anything from December 3rd thru December 7th I will be out of town.

Class 3A

 Last Year Result
1. HighlandLost in the Sweet 16
2. Faith ChristianLost in the Sweet 16
3. CentauriRunner Ups
4. SalidaLost in the Sweet 16
5. ManualLost in the Elite 8
6. Platte ValleyLost in the First Round
7. C.S ChristianLost in the First Round
8. YumaDefending Class 2A State Champions
9. StrasburgDid not Qualify for State Tournament
10. Prospect RidgeLost in the First Round
Others: Pinnacle, Cedaredge, Brush, Roaring Fork, Lake County, Vanguard Dropped out:Notes: These are my preseason rankings

Class 2A

 Last Year’s Results
1. SanfordRunner Ups
2. LimonMade State Tournament, Took 4th
3. WrayMade State Tournament, Took 5th
4. Crowley CountyMade State Tournament, went 0-2
5. ByersLost in Regionals to Holyoke
6. Custer CountyLost in Regionals to Heritage Christian
7. SimlaLost in Regionals to Haxtun (1A)
8. WigginsLost in Regionals to Denver Christian
9. HollyLost in Regionals to Cedaredge
10. Denver ChristianMade State Tournament, took 3rd
Others: Monte Vista, Holyoke, Del Norte, Haxtun, Merino, Fowler Dropped out:Notes: Preseason Rankings

Class 1A

 Last Year’s Results
1. GranadaMade State Tournament, Took 3rd
2. Denver Jewish DayLost at Regionals to Caprock Academy
3. McClaveDefending State Champions
4. Belleview ChristianLost at regionals to Dove Creek
5. Genoa-HugoLost at Regionals to Evangelical Christian
6. WileyLost at Regionals to McClave
7. Dove CreekMade State Tournament, went 0-2
8. StrattonLost at Regionals to Simla
9. IdaliaLost at Regionals to Merino
10. BriggsdaleLost at Regionals to Merino
·         Others: Otis, Springfield, Sierra Grande, Flatirons Academy, Fleming, Ouray Dropped out:Notes:  Preseason Rankings