Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by Heidi Krise & OTSportsChek (Briggsdale vs Yuma)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

We are back and ready to dive back heavily into basketball coverage.  I am only covering 3A thru 1A until Christmas and then I will be adding 4A basketball into the mix.  I am hoping to have my District Predictions for 2A and 3A completed this week.

Class 3A

 Last Week’s Result
1. Platte Valley (1-4)1 (2 weeks)
2. Vanguard (2-1)2
3. Grand Valley (0-3)3
4. Centauri (3-2)4
5. C.S Christian (2-0)5
6. St. Mary’s (3-2)6
7. Peyton (4-0)7
8. Highland (3-2)8
9. Ellicott (3-0)NR
10. Brush (3-1)10
Others: Ignacio, SkyView Academy, Buena Vista, Bennett, Strasburg, Yuma,

Dropped out: Yuma (9)
Notes: Class 3A is off to an interesting start with top teams like Platte Valley and Grand Valley playing heavy 4A and 5A schedules.  Their records now are not great but they played against top teams.  One new team joins the rankings this week and that is Ellicott.  Yuma falls out of the rankings.

Class 2A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Sedgwick County (3-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Burlington (4-1)2
3. Wiggins (2-1)4
4. Limon (1-1)3
5. Heritage Christian (2-1)10
6. Sanford (1-1)5
7. Merino (1-1)7
8. Dayspring Christian (2-1)6
9. Wray (3-1)NR
10. Akron (2-1)NR
Others: Monte Vista, Simla, Rangely, Mancos, Hoehne, Center, Del Norte

Dropped out: Del Norte (8), Simla (9)
Notes: Things have kicked off in Class 2A with a bang.  #1 team remains the same this week after a great opening weekend.  We do have plenty of movement in Class 2A.  We have two new teams who join the rankings Wray and Akron.  They replace Simla and Del Norte.  Expect plenty of changes as we move deeper into the season.

Class 1A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Flatirons Academy (4-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (2-0)2
3. Fleming (3-0)3
4. Dove Creek (4-2)5
5. Springfield (4-0)7
6. Cheyenne Wells (1-2)4
7. Kit Carson (2-0)8
8. Sangre De Cristo (4-0)9
9. Kiowa (5-0)10
10. McClave (3-0)NR
·         Others: Stratton, Cheraw, Deer Trail, Granada, Kim/Branson, Prairie, Idalia

Dropped out: Stratton (7)
Notes: A great two weeks of basketball in class 1A.  No changes in the top 3 this week.  We have plenty of changes the rest of the top 10 plus a new team joins the rankings.  McClave joins the rankings for the first time replacing Stratton at #10.