Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

photos by Karianne Donnelson & OTSportChek (Fleming vs Belleview Christian)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

We are back and ready to dive back into basketball coverage. We will kick things off this week with are rankings and we start with Boys basketball. I am only covering 3A thru 1A until Christmas and then I will be adding 4A basketball into the mix. Also, expect after Christmas for articles to pick up!

Class 3A

 Last Week Result
1. Salida (4-0)3
2. Faith Christian (4-0)2
3. Highland (4-1)1
4. Centauri (4-1)3
5. Manual (1-0)5
6. Platte Valley (3-1)6
7. C.S Christian (3-0)7
8. Yuma (2-1)8
9. Prospect Ridge (3-0)9
10. Pinnacle (2-0)NR
Others: Rye, Strasburg, Lake County, Florence, Brush, Vanguard

Dropped out: Strasburg (9)
Notes: A fun opening two weeks of basketball.  Look for plenty of movement in the rankings until teams start to lock up spots.  Salida moves into my #1 spot after beating Sanford and Centauri.  Pinnacle also joins the rankings for the first time this season.

Class 2A

 Last Week Results
1. Limon (2-0)2
2. Sanford (1-1)1
3. Crowley County (4-0)4
4. Wray (1-3)3
5. Custer County (3-1)6
6. Holly (4-0)9
7. Merino (1-1)NR
8. Simla (2-2)7
9. Byers (2-1)5
10. Evangelical Christian (4-0)NR
Others: Wiggins, Haxtun, Monte Vista, Las Animas, Del Norte, Vail Christian, Front Range Christian

Dropped out: Wiggins (9), Denver Christian (10)
Notes: Class 2A has opened with a bang and expect movement to continue to happen until we move deeper into the year.  Limon takes over the top spot with some big wins to open the year.  Sanford falls one spot to #2.  Merion and ECA join the rankings for the first time this year replacing Wiggins and Denver Christian.

Class 1A

 Last Week Results
1. Granada (0-1)1 (2 weeks)
2. Denver Jewish Day (2-0)2
3. Belleview Christian (4-0)4
4. McClave (1-2)3
5. Genoa-Hugo (3-0)5
6. Ouray (5-0)NR
7. Flatirons Academy (4-0)NR
8. Stratton (2-0)8
9. Dove Creek (3-2)7
10. Briggsdale (1-0)10
Others: Wiley, Springfield, Sierra Grande, Idalia, Cheraw, Otis

Dropped out: Wiley (6), Idalia (9)
Notes:  1A started with some great games and tournaments and things continue to change with each game.  Granada keeps the #1 spot falling to a 2A top 3 team without some of their top players.  Two new teams join the rankings Ouray and Flatirons Academy both have started undefeated and have some key wins to start the season.