Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 6 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

Picture by Mayhan Photography (Kit Carson vs Kiowa)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 5 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

We move into 2023 and I feel this is when things really start to matter in terms of Districts, Regionals, and State.  I feel the basketball season has 4 parts.  Part 1 is before Christmas, Part 2 is after Christmas/League Play, Part 3 is the District Tournament/Regionals, and Part 4 is the State Tournament.  Also, this week look for an article by Kerry Sherman on 1A Boys and Girls basketball.

Class 4A

 Last Week’s Result
1. Holy Family (8-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. D’Evelyn (11-0)2
3. Riverdale Ridge (8-1)3
4. Lutheran (9-1)5
5. University (7-2)4
6. Resurrection Christian (5-4)7
7. Eaton (6-3)6
8. Colorado Academy (7-2)9
9. Coal Ridge (9-2)8
10. Delta (3-5)NR
Others: Alamosa, Berthoud, Lincoln, Eagle Ridge, Lamar, Elizabeth, Basalt, Rifle, Moffat County

Dropped out:
Notes: This is my initial rankings for Class 4A.  I am still digging into Class 4A and expect my rankings to change from this week to next week. 

Class 3A

 Last Week’s Result
1. Platte Valley (2-5)1 (5 weeks)
2. Vanguard (5-1)2
3. Grand Valley (2-3)3
4. Centauri (7-2)4
5. C.S Christian (6-0)5
6. St. Mary’s (4-2)6
7. Peyton (8-0)7
8. Ellicott (5-2)9
9. Brush (5-2)10
10. Yuma (3-2)NR
Others: Ignacio, Buena Vista, Bennett, Liberty Common, SkyView Academy, Olathe

Dropped out: Highland (8)
Notes: Not a ton of changes in Class 3A this week.  Platte Valley does show why they sit at #1 picking up a big win over Eaton who is ranked in Class 4A.  We also add a new team to the rankings this week.  Yuma join the rankings for the first time after beating Highland.

Class 2A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Burlington (5-1)1 (3 weeks)
2. Merino (6-1)2
3. Akron (5-2)3
4. Wiggins (6-2)4
5. Limon (3-1)6
6. Sedgwick County (4-3)5
7. Dayspring Christian (5-2)10
8. Sanford (4-4)7
9. Mancos (6-1)NR
10. Wray (4-3)9
Others: Heritage Christian, Hoehne, Evangelical Christian, Gilpin County, Denver Christian, Simla, Monte Vista, Del Norte

Dropped out: Heritage Christian (8)
Notes: Not a ton of movement this week in Class 2A.  The top 7 remain the same this week.  Dayspring Christian picked up a big win over Heritage Christian and jump to #7.  Wray holds onto the #10 spot just ahead of Heritage Christian and Hoehne.  We also add a new team to the rankings in Mancos.  Mancos joins the rankings for the first time this season.

Class 1A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Flatirons Academy (7-1)1 (5 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (5-0)2
3. Fleming (5-0)3
4. McClave (8-0)5
5. Dove Creek (6-2)4
6. Kiowa (6-0)8
7. Granada (5-1)7
8. Kit Carson (5-2)6
9. Springfield (6-3)9
10. Sangre De Cristo (6-2)10
·         Others: Cheraw, Kim/Branson, Deer Trail, Idalia, Eads, Cheyenne Wells, Sierra Grande

Dropped out: None
Notes: Minor changes in Class 1A this week.  Kiowa picked up the big win over Kit Carson this week and jumps to #6.  Kit Carson falls to #8.  No other big changes in Class 1A this week.