Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

Picture by Jennifer Reisig Tagtmeyer (Stratton vs Merino)

MileHigh Prep Report Girls Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

We are about to enter February, and this is the final push of the regular season.  Winning will be key to helping you reach regionals.  For Class 3A thru 1A District tournament are fast approaching and securing wins will help with seeding.  For Class 4A it’s improving seeding for the State Tournament. 

Class 4A

 Last Week’s Result
1. D’Evelyn (16-0)2
2. Holy Family (14-1)1
3. Lutheran (15-2)3
4. Riverdale Ridge (14-2)4
5. University (14-2)5
6. Colorado Academy (13-2)7
7. Resurrection Christian (9-7)9
8. Delta (9-5)8
9. Eaton (11-5)7
10. Alamosa (11-4)NR
Others: Lamar, Coal Ridge, Englewood, Peak to Peak, Berthoud Dropped out: Lamar (10)
Notes: We have a new #1 team in Class 4A this week.  D’Evelyn moves into the #1 spot just ahead of Holy Family who falls for the first time this year.  We also have Alamosa rejoin the rankings.  Alamosa replaces Lamar who lost last week.    

Class 3A

 Last Week’s Result
1. C.S Christian (14-0)1 (3 weeks)
2. Peyton (13-0)2
3. Platte Valley (6-7)3
4. Grand Valley (9-3)4
5. Centauri (13-2)5
6. Vanguard (9-3)6
7. St. Mary’s (9-3)7
8. Ellicott (11-2)8
9. Yuma (8-2)9
10. Highland (9-5)NR
Others: Brush, Bennett, Strasburg, Fountain Valley, North Fork, Estes Park, Olathe, Liberty Common Dropped out: Brush (10)
Notes: Very little movement in Class 3A this week.  We have a new team join the rankings in Highland.  Brush drops back-to-back games but will face Brush tomorrow.

Class 2A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Merino (11-2)1 (3 weeks)
2. Burlington (10-2)4
3. Dayspring Christian (9-3)5
4. Wiggins (9-5)8
5. Simla (6-6)NR
6. Heritage Christian (9-3)10
7. Akron (7-5)3
8. Sanford (9-4)7
9. Limon (8-3)2
10. Wray (7-5)9
10. Sedgwick County (8-4)6
Others: Hoehne, Del Norte, Denver Christian, Gilpin County, Mancos, Rangely, Fowler, Dropped out: Mancos (10)
Notes: The shake up continues in Class 2A once again.  Merino holds the #1 spot after falling to 1A Stratton because of their win over Fleming and Limon the following nights and there previous wins.  Burlington moves back into the #2 spot.  Dayspring Christian also moves to #3.  Wiggins and Heritage Christian make the biggest jumps picking up big wins.  Simla joins the rankings this week defeating Akron and Limon they move into the rankings at #6.  Akron falls to #7.  Limon falls to #9.  I leave both Wray and Sedgwick County at #10 no true way to see who deserves that last spot until they play each other.

Class 1A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Flatirons Academy (12-1)1 (8 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (10-0)2
3. McClave (12-0)4
4. Fleming (8-2)3
5. Dove Creek (10-2)5
6. Kiowa (12-0)6
7. Granada (10-2)7
8. Stratton (6-5)NR
9. Sangre De Cristo (13-2)9
10. Cheraw (11-1)10
·         Others: Kit Carson, Kim/Branson, Springfield, Idalia, Dropped out: Kit Carson (8)
Notes: What a week for Stratton last week.  Stratton knocks off two ranked opponents in #1 2A Merino and then #7 Kit Carson.  I struggled were to add them to the rankings, so I start them at #8.  If they have a solid week they will continue to jump up.  Kit Carson falls from the rankings with the loss to Stratton.