Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

photo by Karianne Donnelson & OTSportsChek (Fleming vs Briggsdale)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 9 Rankings (Class 4A thru 1A)

We are about to enter February, and this is the final push of the regular season.  Winning will be key to helping you reach regionals.  For Class 3A thru 1A District tournament are fast approaching and securing wins will help with seeding.  For Class 4A it’s improving seeding for the State Tournament. 

Class 4A

 Last Week Result
1. Kent Denver (15-2)3
2. Eagle Ridge Academy (12-2)4
3. Eaton (14-2)2
4. Alamosa (13-1)5
5. Holy Family (10-6)1
6. Resurrection Christian (12-4)6
7. Severance (12-4)8
8. Pagosa Springs (13-2)9
9. Lutheran (10-6)7
10. University (10-6)NR
Others: Riverdale Ridge, Fort Lupton, DSST-Green Valley, Pueblo Central, DSST-Montview, Sterling, Jefferson Dropped out: Riverdale Ridge (10)
Notes: We have movement this week in Class 4A.  We have a new #1 team this week with Holy Family dropping 3 straight games.  I give Kent Denver the edge over Eagle Ridge due to head-to-head wins.  University also joins the rankings after their upset win over Eaton.  Riverdale Ridge drops from the rankings.

Class 3A

 Last Week’s Result
1. Faith Christian (13-0)1 (6 weeks)
2. Salida (12-1)2
3. Highland (12-2)4
4. Yuma (8-2)5
5. Centauri (12-3)3
6. Vanguard (10-0)8
7. Platte Valley (8-4)7
8. Stargate School (10-3)9
9. Prospect Ridge Academy (8-4)6
10. Roaring Fork (10-4)10
Others: Brush, Windsor Charter, Lake County, Ellicott, Woodland Park, C.S Christian, Cedaredge, Dropped out: None
Notes: Minimal movement in Class 3A this week.  No new teams and the #1 team remains the same.  The only movement I have is moving a few teams around after losing a game or two this week. 

Class 2A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Limon (11-0)1 (6 weeks)
2. Crowley County (16-0)2
3. Wray (8-5)3
4. Simla (9-3)4
5. Evangelical Christian (11-0)5
6. Byers (9-4)9
7. Holly (10-3)7
8. Merino (8-5)6
9. Sanford (6-7)NR
10. Front Range Christian (8-3)NR
Others: Heritage Christian, Wiggins, Custer County, Plateau Valley, Mancos, Del Note, Monte Vista, Dropped out: Heritage Christian (8), Custer County (10)
Notes: 2A once again continues to change except for the top 5 as they remain the same.  Byers picks up a big win over Burlington and make the biggest move from #9 to #6.  Holly holds the #7 spot after falling by just 1 to #2 Crowley County.  Merino had a tough week and falls from #6 to #8.  Sanford rejoins the rankings.  I know they have a 6-7 record but they are playing their best basketball with wins over Monte and Custer County.  Front Range Christian also joins the rankings.  I missed their win over Heritage Christian and move them into the #10 spot.  Heritage Christian and Custer County fall out of the rankings.

Class 1A

 Last Week’s Results
1. Belleview Christian (15-0)1 (4 weeks)
2. Denver Jewish Day (11-1)2
3. McClave (9-3)3
4. Genoa-Hugo (9-3)4
5. Cheyenne Wells (6-6)6
6. Dove Creek (11-2)9
7. Stratton (8-3)NR
8. Fleming (7-4)NR
9. Flatirons Academy (9-4)5
10. Cheraw (8-4)7
Others: Wiley, Otis, Briggsdale, Eads, Pikes Peak Christian, Sierra Grande, Arickaree,   Dropped out: Briggsdale (10), Wiley (8)
Notes:  A crazy week in Class 1A.  We completely shift the rankings this week.  Top 4 all remain the same grabbing solid wins.  Cheyenne Wells moves up one spot.  Dove Creek jumps from #9 to #6 with a big win over 2A Mancos.  Flatirons Academy falls in back-to-back games and drops to #9.  Cheraw falls to Eads but then bounces back with a win over Wiley to hold onto the #10 spot.  Briggsdale and Wiley both fall from the rankings.  Stratton moves back into the rankings at #7.  They had a great week.   Fleming also joins the rankings with a near upset of Merino but a 20-point win over Briggsdale.