Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 3A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Class 3A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1 at Peyton

#1 Peyton over #32 Prospect Ridge

#16 Buena Vista over #17 SkyView Academy

Buena Vista vs SkyView Academy is a very solid matchup with the District winner in SkyView Academy and the #5 team out of the Tri-Peaks.  Look for a good matchup but I think the schedule strength for Buena Vista helps them in the matchup.

#1 Peyton over #16 Buena Vista

Peyton has shown they can beat the top team in the Tri-Peaks and look for them to come out hot in this game.  I don’t see Peyton being upset in regionals.

Region 2 at North Fork

#8 North Fork over #25 Windsor Charter

#9 Ellicott vs #24 Liberty Common

I think Ellicott vs Liberty Common is a interesting matchup.  Liberty Common ended the year winning two straight and lost in OT to Strasburg.  If Liberty Common can find a way to by physical against Ellicott they can pull the upset.

#9 Ellicott over #8 North Fork

I honestly have changed this pick over and over again.  Both teams end the year on a hot streak with Ellicott winning against St. Mary’s in the district tournament.  North Fork has won 8 straight games to end the season including a pair of wins over Grand Valley.  I truly think this could go either way and look for one of the best games in the regional finals.

Region 3 at Vanguard School

#5 Vanguard over #28 Faith Christian

#12 Strasburg over #21 Salida

Strasburg ended the season on a hot streak but I think can be tested by a tough Salida team.  I think that is the game to watch for in the opening round in this region.

#5 Vanguard over #12 Strasburg

Vanguard proved last week why they were considered one of the top teams in Class 3A to start the year.  Vanguard defeated CS. Christian and Ellicott on the way to the district tournament. I think Vanguard is one of the hottest teams in 3A and that proves to be the difference.

Region 4 at Yuma

#4 Yuma over #29 Lyons

#13 Grand Valley over #20 Bennett

Grand Valley vs Bennett is a interesting matchup.  Bennett was one of the two district champions that did not host.  Bennett will look to prove they deserved it in this matchup.  Grand Valley appears to be healthy again and watch out if they are. 

#13 Grand Valley over #4 Yuma

This is another pick I am torn on.  Yuma plays tough defense and loves to get out in run.  Grand Valley looks like they are healthy and have the experience of a deep playoff run.  This will be a great game and could easily see it going into OT.

Region 5 at Centauri

#2 Centauri over #31 Cedaredge

#15 Brush over #18 Olathe

Brush vs Olathe will be one of the games to watch in the first round of the district tournament.  Brush has been around the top 10 all year but Olathe has as well.  Should be a good matchup.

#2 Centauri over #15 Brush

Centauri will be tested by whoever wins between Olathe and Brush.  Brush will look to pull a big upset and will have to be ready for the pressure defense of Centauri.  I think could be an underrated matchups in the regional finals.

Region 6 at St. Mary’s

#7 St. Mary’s over #26 Gunnison

#10 Highland over #23 Crested Butte

I do not see an upset in the opening round of this regional.  I could be surprised especially with a Gunnison having a big turnaround this year. 

#7 St. Mary’s over #10 Highland

If this matchup happens I think would be considered the best game of the regional finals. 

Region 7 at Platte Valley

#6 Platte Valley over #27 Rocky Ford

#11 Ignacio over #22 Woodland Park

Woodland Park will have upset on their mind against Ignacio but I think Ignacio is healthy and playing their best basketball.  But, I believe it could be a tight contest.

#6 Platte Valley over #11 Ignacio

Platte Valley has not lost to 3A team since 1/30 of 2021.  That is two seasons ago.  Ignacio did play well against Centauri in the district championship but will have to take another step forward to pull this upset.  Ignacio has done it in the past before, but they are facing the defending state champions.

Region 8 at C.S Christian

#3 C.S Christian over #30 Timnath

#14 Fountain Valley over #19 St. Mary’s Academy

Fountain Valley vs St. Mary’s Academy will be the best matchup in this region.  Both teams have played weaker schedules but both can win this game.

#3 C.S Christian over #14 Fountain Valley

I think C.S Christian looks to bounce back from last week’s OT loss and get to regionals.

State Tournament Matchups

#1 Peyton vs #9 Ellicott

#5 Vanguard vs #13 Grand Valley

#2 Centauri vs #7 St. Mary’s

#3 C.S Christian vs #6 Platte Valley