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Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 2A All-District Teams

Mile High Prep Report Boys Basketball Class 2A All-District Teams

Like I have for the past few years we have decided to do All-District Teams.  I will be picking from Districts instead of leagues because there are too many mixed classification leagues.  Honorable mention will be given if needed.  These of course are not official from CHSAA but from MileHigh Prep Report.  These awards lists are never easy especially since I cannot make it to every game.  If your school has not posted Stats, I cannot give awards without some sort of stats or video.  I will still post my end of the year awards after the State Tournament has completed.  If you think I missed someone feel free to message me.

District 1 Awards

(No stats for Sargent)

Player of the District

Ben Parra Sr. Del Norte High School

Coach of the District

Brice Crowther, Sanford High School

Surprise team of the District

Monte Vista High School

District 1 Teams

1st Team District 1

Ben Parra Sr. Del Norte

McCray Larsen Sr. Sanford

Cash Caldon Sr. Sanford

Memphis Garcia Sr. Monte Vista

Garrett Olomon Sr. Custer County

Cameron Penkoff Sr. Custer County

Ty Coleman Sr. Cotopaxi

2nd Team District 1

Ben Sittler So. Sanford

Azariah Hurtado Fr. Monte Vista

Aidan Zehr Sr. Custer County

Michael Laymon Sr. Del Norte

Terrance Evans So. Cotopaxi

Alan Gonzalez Sr. Center

Joaquin Moreno Sr. Center

Honorable Mention District 1

Craig Ford Sr. Sanford, Justin McCarrol Sr. Sanford, Andrew Chavez Sr. Monte Vista, Alex Felix Sr. Monte Vista, Addan Heredia Sr. Monte Vista, AJ Stoltzfus Sr. Custer County, Tytus Atencio So. Del Norte, TJ Sanchez Sr. Del Norte, Tyler Gallegos Sr. Del Norte, Gary Jarvis Sr. Cotopaxi, Joel Tezak So. Cotopaxi, Cruz Reyes Sr. Center, Mark Maldonado Sr. Center, Evan Campbell Jr. South Park, Frank Grzeck Sr. South Park, AJ Devega Sr. South Park, Xavier Garcia Fr. Trinidad, David Romero So. Trinidad

District 2 Awards

Player of the District

Tyler Miller Jr. Merino High School

Coach of the District

Chris Rose, Wray High School

Surprise team of the District

Akron High School

District 2 Teams

1st Team District 1

Chris Arambula Sr. Wray

Rafael Trejo Jr. Wray

AB Ruiz Jr. Wray

Tyler Miller Jr. Merino

Cole Kerr Sr. Wiggins

Omar Perez Sr. Wiggins

Ryan McCaffrey Jr. Akron

Kaden Piel Jr. Merino

2nd Team District 2

Joey Uyemura Sr. Wray

Wyatt Sprague Jr. Holyoke

Jaxson Samber Jr. Merino

Cash Weber Jr. Holyoke

Anderson Filla So. Akron

Michael Gerk Sr. Haxtun

Maclin Tempel Sr. Haxtun

Jace Ehmke So. Sedgwick County

Tanner Gerk Sr. Caliche

Honorable Mention District 2

Slayter Goss Jr. Merino, Trey Huwa Jr. Wiggins, Alan Carrazco So. Wiggins, Reid Sprague So. Holyoke, Colby Weber Fr. Holyoke, Ivan Losa Sr. Akron, Caleb Poss So. Akron, Ryland Wolff So. Haxtun, Keegan Colglazier Jr. Haxtun, Jaxon Carlson So. Sedgwick County, Tate Renquist Fr. Sedgwick County, Kaden Harens Jr. Sedgwick County, Ayden Ring Jr. Caliche, Seth Marick Sr. Caliche, Chance Mitchell Jr. Caliche

District 3 Awards

(No stat for Dolores)

Player of the League

Kaiden Wyatt So. Mancos

Coach of the League

Dusty Veach, Mancos High School

Surprise team of the League

Telluride High School

District 3 Team

Kaiden Wyatt So. Mancos

Brian Veach Jr. Mancos

Andrew Jaime Jr. Mancos

Townes Merritt Jr. Telluride

Grayson Berry Jr. Telluride

Justin Beserra Sr. Ridgway

Jack Baskfield Sr. Ridgway

Honorable Mention District 3

Chris Medina Jr. Mancos, Darren Daves Fr. Mancos, Will Metheny Jr. Telluride, Tony Ordonez Sr. Telluride, Cash Livermore Jr. Telluride, Canyon Ishikawa Sr. Ridgway,

District 4 Awards

Player of the League

Raul Bertinato Jr. Heritage Christian

Coach of the League

Kyle Lundy, Heritage Christian High School

Surprise team of the League

Nederland High School

District 4 Teams

1st Team District 4

Raul Bertinato Jr. Heritage Christian

Levi Hermsen So. Heritage Christian

Richard Mata Sr. Union Colony Prep

Malachi Fast Sr. Dayspring Christian

Nico Dow Sr. Nederland

Caedon Meyer Jr. Loveland Classical

2nd Team District 4

Kian Shaffer Sr. Union Colony Prep

Luke Sainz Jr. Loveland Classical

Joe Davenport Sr. Dayspring Christian

Max Godsil Sr. Nederland

Ian Voetelink Jr. Poudre Community

Honorable Mention District 4

Shane Moseley Sr. Heritage Christian, Alec Lundy Fr. Heritage Christian, Nolan Buehrrlen Jr. Heritage Christian, Jesiah Chairez So. Union Colony Prep, Josiah Rodriguez So. Union Colony Prep, Conner Larrew Jr. Loveland Classical, Tyler Dellinger Jr. Loveland Classical, Laden Bonnell Sr. Dayspring Christian, Cayman Yoder Sr. Dayspring Christian, Michael Garduno Jr. Nederland, Rick Fortunato Jr. Nederland, Jesse Padilla Sr. Poudre Community, Miguel Apolonio Jr. Poudre Community, Chance Mueller Jr. Twin Peaks Charter, David Hayes Sr. Twin Peaks Charter, Evodio Chico Sr. Twin Peaks Charter,

District 5 Awards

(No stats West Grand)

Player of the League

Quinn Downey Sr. Vail Christian

Coach of the League

Mike Vig, Plateau Valley High School

Surprise team of the League

Plateau Valley High School

District 5 Teams

1st Team District 5

Ethan Morse Jr. Plateau Valley

Jack Vig So. Plateau Valley

Quinn Downey Sr. Vail Christian

Tommy Steele Sr. Vail Mountain

Kevin Wren Sr. Rangely

Theo Moritz Sr. Vail Christian

2nd Team District 5

Jackson Bevan So. Plateau Valley

Will Neumann Jr. Vail Christian

Spencer Hurd Sr. Vail Mountain

Marstan Wagner Sr. Rangely

Cale Howard Jr. Hayden

Alan Mayer Jr. Soroco

Honorable Mention District 5

Parker Richardson Jr. Plateau Valley, Parker Ralston Jr. Plateau Valley, Jack Pryor Jr. Vail Christian, Christian Mills Jr. Vail Mountain, Mason Geller Sr. Vail Mountain, Fisher Winder Sr. Rangely, Kenyon Cochrane Sr. Rangely, Andrew Dorris Sr. Rangely, Grady Frentress Jr. Hayden, Wesley Gioia Sr. Hayden, Adrian Drew Jr. Hayden, Hac Louthan Sr. Soroco, Lucas Koler Sr. Soroco,

District 6 Awards

Player of the League

Gunner Hughes So. Crowley County

Coach of the League

Kyle Hughes, Crowley County High School

Surprise team of the League

John Mall High School

District 6 Teams

1st Team District 6

Gunner Hughes So. Crowley County

Elijah Mcneil Jr. Crowley County

Gage Gottbehuet Jr. Fowler

Dario Vezzani Sr. Hoehne

Elton Chavez Jr. John Mall

Devin Eaton So. Holly

Hunter Bauserman Jr. Swink

Truman King So. Holly

2nd Team District 6

Blevyns Brown So. Crowley County

Andre Salgado Jr. Holly

Landy Mason Sr. Fowler

Jace Rogers Jr. Hoehne

Nate Cabrera So. Swink

TJ Ortiz Jr. Las Animas

Brian Aguilar Sr. Las Animas

Honorable Mention District 6

Anthoni Walter So. Crowley County, Malaki Mcneil Fr. Crowley County, Colby Swopes Sr. Holly, Julian Terrazas Sr. Holly, Harrison Proctor Jr. Fowler, Ty Pieper Sr. Fowler, Tanner Rusk Sr. Hoehne, Levon Bachicha So. Hoehne, Garlon Guerin Sr. Swink, Ben Miner Sr. Swink, Nino Cisneros Jr. John Mall, Adrian Silva Jr. John Mall, Jackson O’Connoer Sr. Las Animas, Brander Nichols Jr. Las Animas, Christian Garcia Fr. Swallows Charter, Charles Perry Fr. Swallows Charter, Adam Weitzke Jr. Swallows Charter

District 7 Awards

Player of the League

Jakob Gonzales Sr. Golden View Classical

Coach of the League

Cris Chacon, Golden View Classical

Surprise team of the League

Front Range Christian

District 7 Teams

1st team District 7

Jakob Gonzales Sr. Golden View Classical

MZ Wahlers Sr. Golden View Classical

Derrin Quinn Sr. Denver Christian

Shane Curry So. Front Range Christian

Trey Lindberg Sr. Gilpin County

2nd Team District 7

Micah Kortenhoeven Sr. Denver Christian

Ian Woo Sr. Front Range Christian

Ezra Williams Sr. Gilpin County

Riley Summer So. Addenbrooke Classical

Nolan Monasch Jr. Denver Academy

Honorable Mention District 7

Aodhan Linehan Sr. Golden View Classical, Miles Lindgren Jr. Golden View Classical, Jackson Schroder Jr. Denver Christian, Zac Beijer Sr. Denver Christian, Zach Szabo Sr. Front Range Christian, Nolan Potts Sr. Front Range Christian, Lane Willis Jr. Gilpin County, Calum Michelsen Fr. Addenbrooke Classical, Dj Harris Jr. Denver Academy

District 8 Awards

Player of the League

Keziah Williams Jr. Burlington High School

Coach of the League

David Guy, Simla High School

Surprise team of the League

Evangelical Christian

District 8 Team

1st Team District 8

Keziah Williams Jr. Burlington

Caston Cox So. Simla

Kaden Becker Sr. Limon

Jordan Rockwell Jr. Limon

Jared Guest Sr. Evangelical Christian

Wyatt Harris Sr. Byers

Andrew Hedden Sr. CS School

Logan LaFollette Jr. Elbert

Brent Bowker Jr. Simla

Michael Kim Sr. Evangelical Christian

2nd Team District 8

Brayden Glover Sr. Simla

Treyton Marx Jr. Limon

Henry Goodnow Sr. Burlington

Garrett Richardson Sr. Burlington

Quincy Eacret Fr. Byers

Nate Sobral Jr. CS School

Artrell Mccullar So. Dolores Huerta

Patrick Glaser So. Calhan

Honorable Mention District 8

Treven Kocerha So. Simla, Dontarius Arnold Sr. Limon, Michael Hoffman Sr. Limon, Daniel Chacon Jr. Burlington, Logan Boyd Sr. Burlington, Brock Jones So. Evangelical Christian, Jacob Slankard Sr. Evangelical Christian, Chase Long So. Byers, Zach Cary Jr. Byers, Isaiah Lucas Fr. CS School, Eli Cornell Fr. Elbert, Tayden Wangerow Sr. Elbert, Ethan Tesman Fr. Elbert, David Velarde Sr. Dolores Huerta, Christian Eljets Sr. Calhan, Trevor Hendrix Jr. Calhan