1A League Breakdown

1A League Breakdown and Playoff Prediction

1A League Breakdown


Resurrection Christian has locked up the league title and a first round home playoff game. They have a tough game against an opponent who is fighting for a wild card berth into the playoffs. Front Range Christian currently has locked up third place and is 4-3 overall. With a win I believe they should get into the playoffs but with a loss I don’t think they have done enough to get into the playoffs and will be kept out. Platte Canyon with a win locks up second place and is fighting for a home playoff game. If Front Range Christian can pull the upset then we go into a three way tie for first. Resurrection Christian is favored to win and with the win should lock up a 3 seed.

Platte Canyon vs Estes Park                                                                         Clear Creek vs Lyons

Resurrection Christian vs Front Range Christian

North Central

The big game from last week was Wray losing to Yuma. That game created a tie for first place between Burlington and Wray, Wray still wins the league title with a win because of head to head over Burlington. Wray plays last place Highland and will be the favorite to win. Burlington has not locked up second place yet. They play Holyoke who is sitting one game behind them in third. If Holyoke pulls the upset then we would be sitting in a 3 way-tie for second. Burlington will be heavily favored to win and with the win will lock up second and possibly get a home playoff game in the first round. Wiggins is tied for third with Yuma and Holyoke. Wiggins plays Yuma which is a huge game for Wiggins. Wiggins who is fighting for a wild card berth sits at 5-3 and cannot afford to lose this game. Wiggins will be the favorite to win but Yuma is coming off a big victory over Wray so this game should be good.

Wray vs Highland                                                                                             Burlington vs Holyoke

Wiggins vs Yuma

South Central

With Crowley County beating Limon last week they secured the league title and a home playoff game. Limon also locked up second because Rocky Ford lost last week. Limon has an outside chance at a home playoff game but because Burlington beat them earlier in the season I think Limon will be on the road in the first round. Byers is a team that is looking to try and get into the playoffs with a 6-3 record if they win. I just don’t see Byers getting into the playoffs, especially with the conference being the fourth or fifth strongest.

Calhan vs Crowley County                                                                            Rocky Ford vs Limon

Byers vs Colorado Springs Christian

Southern Peaks

The “League Championship” game is this week. Centaur will travel to Monte Vista in what should be a good game and my Game of the Week. The two Rivals had a tough non-league schedule each played Paonia and lost. Centaur also played Lamar and Buena Vista and lost those two games as well. Monte Vista also played Gunnison (lost) and Hotchkiss (won). Both teams were tested early but have not been tested since league play began. Monte Vista will be a slight favorite due to it being at home and Monte Vista closer loss to Paonia. The loser will have an outside chance at a home playoff game in the first round but will more than likely be traveling. The other team fighting for a playoff berth is Center. Currently sitting at 4-4 they play John Mall and should win. What is hurting Center is the lack of a quality win and a loss to Salida. Center will need things to go there way to sneak into the playoffs.

John Mall vs Center                                                                                        Centauri vs Monte Vista

Dolores vs Ignacio


Buena Vista locked up the league title and a home playoff game with a huge win over Rye. They also secured at least a number 2 seed and possibly get a number 1 seed if Paonia losses. Buena Vista schedule does not get any easier for them. They play Salida this week and Salida is fighting for a wild card berth. Salida currently sits in fourth in the conference and that is the best they can finish unless Ellicott loses this week to Peyton. If Ellicott did lose to Peyton they would essentially knock themselves out of the playoffs. Rye clinched second place and the automatic berth but will more than likely be traveling.

Dolores Huerta vs Rye                                                                                   Buena Vista vs Salida

Peyton vs Ellicott

Western Slope

Paonia has clinched the league title and the home playoff game that goes with it. Paonia is also one win away from the number 1 overall seed. Paonia plays Cedaredge this week. Cedaredge currently sits in alone in fourth and cannot move up. Cedaredge is in the chase for a wild card berth though. They have a 6-2 record and played in the toughest league in 1A. Even with a loss Cedaredge should get in. The big game for the weekend is between Meeker and Hotchkiss. The winner will get the automatic berth and the loser will be waiting to see if they get in. I believe both teams will get in regardless. Hotchkiss if they lose will have a 4-5 record but have lost games to very tough opponents. This League should get 4 teams in.

Lake County vs Grand Valley                                                                       Paonia vs Cedaredge

Meeker vs Hotchkiss

Playoff Picture

Automatic berths:

Resurrection Christian, Platte Canyon, Wray, Burlington, Crowley County, Limon, Monte Vista, Centauri, Buena Vista, Rye, Paonia, Hotchkiss.

Wild Card Berths:

Hotchkiss, Ellicott, Cedaredge, Salida.

First Four out:

Wiggins, Center, Byers, Front Range Christian

Notes: Even if Hotchkiss loses this weekend they would finish 4-5 but are in third place in the toughest league in 1A. Ellicott and Cedaredge were simple picks due to their non-league schedule and there victory’s in league. I decided to edge Salida over Wiggins due to the fact that the Tri-Peaks is a much tougher league than the North Central league this year. I honestly think this fourth and final wild card berth is up in the air between these two teams. Wiggins has a big win over Crowley County but did get beat badly each time by Wray and Burlington. Salida biggest non-league win was over Center but Salida only lost to Ellicott by 7 and Rye by 4. I believe because of the resumes look so similar they could go to league strength which would give Salida the edge. I do think that if Salida gets blown out this weekend could also impact their chances if they give Buena Vista a close game would really look good. Center is being kept out due to that lose to Salida. Center would need a miricale to get into the playoffs. They would need Ellicott to lose and Wiggins to lose, and they would also need to win. That I believe is their only chance at the playoffs and then it would still be hard.

Playoff Seed Predictions

Here is my predictions for the first round of the Playoffs.

1 Paonia


16 Salida

8 Crowley County


9 Burlington

5 Meeker


12 Rye

6 Platte Canyon


11 Limon

3 Resurrection Christian


14 Cedaredge

4 Monte Vista


13 Ellicott

7 Wray


10 Centauri

2 Buena Vista


15 Hotchkiss

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