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Review of Week 9 Predictions

Review of Week 9 Predictions

How did I do on the final week of the regular season, plus reactions to the brackets.

Class 2A

Correct: 11 out of 15

Incorrect: 4 out of 15

73% correct, C for this week’s predictions for 2A.  The incorrect picks were: Florence over Lamar (Lamar won), Denver North over Ridgeview Academy (Ridgeview won), Aspen over Basalt (Basalt won), and Manual over Machebeuf (Machebeuf won).  Well looks like they seeded and picked completely who got in based on wild card points, apparently my math was wrong on some of the seeds I thought, but I was correct on the teams that would get in besides Aspen.  I will breakdown each game of the first round, when I usually do my Class 2A Breakdown.

Class 1A

Correct: 11 out of 15

Incorrect: 4 out of 15

73% correct again, C for this week’s predictions for 1A.  The incorrect picks were: Hotchkiss over Meeker (Meeker won), Monte Vista over Centauri (Centauri won), Yuma over Wiggins (Wiggins won), Peyton over Ellicott (Ellicott won).  Well I was nearly correct on my predictions for the seeding.  The only team that I was wrong on getting in was Wiggins.  But after relooking over there resume, I figured they would get in over Salida.  I was surprised on some of the seeds.  Seeding Meeker at 3 over Resurrection was a little of a surprise but I could see it going either way.  The biggest shock to me was Rye getting the 6 seed.  Overall this figures to be a great bracket and should be very competitive.

Class 8 Man

Correct: 13 out of 14

Incorrect: 1 out of 14

93% correct, A for this week’s predictions.  The only incorrect pick was Springfield over Granada (Granada won).  Well I figured out the 1-10 seeds correctly besides Granada and Springfield but the winner I figured would end up there.  I also knew 5 teams from the Plains League would get in.  I also see I spelt McClave wrong in my bracket but that was my computer not my spelling.  After relooking over resumes Fowler and McClave make sense in the bracket, McClave had a bad lose to Haxtun but Dove Creek had a much worse lose to Rangely.  The only team that does not make sense is Elbert.  I just can’t see how a team that lost to a 2-7 Kiowa team can make it into the bracket over Dove Creek.  Dove Creek’s bad loss was to Rangely who at least finished with a 6-3 record.  My only grip on the 8 man bracket is Elbert getting in over Dove Creek.

Class 6 Man

Correct: 7 out of 8

Incorrect: 1 out of 8

88% correct, B+ for this week’s predictions.  The only incorrect pick was Cheyenne Wells over Hanover (Hanover won).  The only teams I could have even thought of switching would have been Hanover and Kit Carson.  I just feel like Kit Carson line of work was better.  Either way this bracket looks great.

2 thoughts on “Review of Week 9 Predictions”

  1. Thank you so much for covering the lower classifications, mainly 2A! There are so many excellent football players that rarely get noticed, let alone the team I follow is on the western slope. thats a double whammy. I and others want to thank you for the time you put in covering 2A,1A, 8man and 6man. Keep up the excellent coverage.


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