1A League Breakdown

1A Playoffs Breakdown, 1st round

1A Playoffs Breakdown, 1st Round

  1. Paonia vs 16. Wiggins Saturday 1:00 pm

Paonia had a great season not losing a single game in route to winning the Western Slope League. They were challenged a few times throughout the season with impressive wins over 6 playoff teams. They only had a few single digit victories over Monte Vista by 6 and Meeker by 6. Besides those close victories they scored over 40 points in every game. Their defense was equally impressive allowing two games over 21 points, one of those was to 9th seeded in 2A Bayfield. Paonia is very ground game oriented and has shown that their formula for winning games has worked. They will be a tough team on both sides of the ball. Wiggins had three losses this season all to playoff teams. They had one victory over a playoff team Crowley County seeded 7th, which is more than likely the reason they got into the bracket over Salida. Wiggins took third in a tough North Central league, they averaged 32 ppg. Their defense was the bigger problem they allowed over 50 points twice this season. It will be tough sledding for Wiggins who faced a similar style play in Burlington and lost. Paonia should dominate this game and continue to their quest to repeat as champions.

  1. Wray vs 9. Platte Canyon Saturday 1:00 pm

Wray started the season off on a low only winning 1 of their first four games. Granted the losses were all to 2A or higher schools. They finished the season winning 4 of their last 5 and winning the North Central League. They played 3 playoff teams winning two of them, Burlington and Wiggins, Wray does have a bad loss to Yuma. Wray averaged 30 ppg. and their defense was very dominate in league play only allowing over 21 points twice. Platte Canyon had one loss all year and that was to 4th seeded Resurrection Christian, they only lost that game by 5 points. I feel that Platte Canyon should have received a higher seed but the weaker schedule could be blamed for that they only played 2 playoff teams all year winning 1 and losing the other. Platte Canyon’s defense has been dominate all year allowing over 20 points 3 times this year, their offense has averaged 36 ppg. I think Platte Canyon could be a dangerous team this year but we will learn more about them in this first round game if they win. This game could turn into a defensive struggle and should be a great game. I think Platte Canyon will have a little more offense than Wray’s and will move into round 2.

  1. Resurrection Christian vs 13. Cedaredge Saturday 1:00 pm

Resurrection Christian had one loss this season and that was to 2A 6th seeded Platte Valley at the beginning of the season. Since that loss they have been really good on both offense and defense. Their offense has averaged 51 ppg since that loss and their defense has been great, allowing two games over 14 points. The only knock on Resurrection is they only played 2 playoff teams, winning 1 (Platte Canyon) and losing the other. Cedaredge started off the season on a 4 game winning streak entering league play with momentum. They opened league play with a loss to Hotchkiss and have been looking up at the top teams since. They only played 3 playoff teams and lost to all three by double digit amounts. Cedaredge’s offense has not scored more than 41 points in a game and Cedaredge has averaged 22 ppg on offense. Their defense will be the key for Cedaredge if they want to have a chance in this game. During their four game winning streak at the begging of the season their defense averaged 7 ppg. Once they entered league it was a different story allowing 14 ppg and in all of their losses they gave up over 27 points. I think Resurrection Christian will be too much to handle and should win this game and move into round 2.

  1. Centauri vs 12. Limon Saturday 1:00 pm

Centauri got a slow start to this season after winning their opener they lost three straight games to playoff teams. They lost to 4th seeded Lamar (2A), 1st seeded Paonia, and 2nd seeded Buena Vista. After those three loses Centauri went on a role. Winning 5 straight games including a big win over Monte Vista last weekend. Before League started Centauri offense was struggling to put up points scoring in double digits once but once league started their offense woke up scoring 40 points in every game. Centauri defense has shown big improvements as well allowing 40 points twice before league then not allowing more than 12 points once league started. Centauri played 4 playoff teams only winning one. Limon had a good season losing two games to playoff teams; Burlington 10th seeded and Crowley County 7th seeded. Limon had good showing in their wins scoring over 41 points in each game, in their losses though they were held under 20 points. Limon only played two playoff teams so getting an accurate picture of who this team is has been tough. They lost to both playoff teams but Limon has always had good showing in the playoffs so Centauri should not overlook this team. If Limon would like to pull the upset they will need their defense to bring their A game. They did have one common opponent in John Mall. Centauri and Limon both won big each scoring over 40 points and posting the shut out. Centauri has been very ground game oriented and will be tough to stop but Limon has shown that they can stop the run in a close lose to Burlington. This will be a closer game than people think and not a typical 5 vs 12 game. I do think that Centauri will be able to control the clock and move into the next round.

  1. Meeker vs 14. Ellicott Saturday 1:00 pm

This game features two surprise teams into the playoffs. At the beginning of the year I didn’t know that Meeker and Ellicott were going to make the playoffs. Meeker has been a very tough team all year, after winning it opening game they have been very tough to beat. Meeker one loss was to top seeded Paonia and only lost by 6. They have won every game by double digits this year and was only challenged in their opener and of course their loss. Meeker has averaged 41 ppg. on offense and their defense has allowed 10 ppg. Their resume included playing 4 playoff teams and won three games. Ellicott is another surprise team into the playoffs, Ellicott has 3 losses this year and all to quality opponents, they have losses to Burlington, Rye, and Buena Vista. Ellicott has allowed over 21 points on defense in their losses but in their wins they have been dominate on defense allowing 14 points twice. Ellicott played 3 playoff teams losing to all of them but was competitive in each game besides Buena Vista were they lost by 21 points. Ellicott averaged 34 ppg on offense and their defense gave up 18 ppg. Meeker and Ellicott do have a common opponent in Rye, Meeker beat Rye by 12 and Ellicott lost to them by 12. It does look like Ellicott can keep up with Meeker when it comes to offense, the problem is that Meeker defense has been stout all year. I think Meeker wins and moves onto round 2.

  1. Rye vs 11. Monte Vista Saturday 1:00 pm

Rye had a tough start to their season losing the opener to 3rd seeded Meeker by 12 but after that loss they won 6 straight to get them second place in the Tri-Peaks. They have impressive victories over Crowley County and Ellicott, Rye did lose to Buena Vista by 26. Rye has averaged 28 ppg. and their defense has given up 15 ppg. They played 4 playoff teams and had 2 victories. Rye has a very physical style of play and also have a balanced offense. Monte Vista once again finished second in the southern peaks league after losing to Centauri in the finale. Monte Vista had a tough start to the season after losing two straight to 1st seeded Paonia by 6 and 5th seeded Gunnison (2A). They rebounded nicely winning 6 straight before losing to Centauri in the last game of the season. Monte Vista played 4 playoff teams as well only beating 1 of them in Hotchkiss. Monte Vista averaged 29 ppg this season and their defense gave up 17 ppg. On paper this looks to be a great game, not your typical 6 vs 11 seed match up. In my predictions I had these two teams seeded much closer than the selection committee did. If Monte Vista can get back to the way it was playing early on in the season I think they can pull the upset. Rye and Monte Vista both have balanced offenses but I think Monte Vista defense will step up and they will grab the victory.

  1. Crowley County vs 10. Burlington Saturday 1:00 pm

What a run Crowley County went on. After losing back to back games to playoff opponents they have been on a roll, winning 6 straight games to win the South Central League. Crowley County broke a long losing streak to Limon this year and was also their lone victory over a playoff team. Their losses were to quality teams, Rye and Wiggins. Crowley County averaged 37 ppg and their defense allowed 10 ppg. This team has been on a great roll heading into the playoffs. Burlington also had a great season. They lost their opener to 4th seeded Lamar and then lost again by two to Wray who is seeded 8th. Burlington played 5 playoff teams and won 3 of those games. Burlington’s main game plan is to run the ball until a team can stop them and has worked very well this year. Burlington averaged 31 ppg and their defense has been very tough allowing over 21 points twice. (15 ppg allowed) These teams did have some common opponents in Limon, Yuma and Wiggins. Burlington beat all three of them Ellicott 21-19, Limon 20-19, and Wiggins 35-6. Crowley County lost to Wiggins 12-27 but did beat Yuma 13-10 and Limon 25-0. Burlington slipped up against Wray and I think were under seeded and though they should have been the 6 seed. If Burlington can force Crowley County into their style of game which is a physical game Burlington will walk away with the victory and into round 2.

  1. Buena Vista vs 15. Hotchkiss Friday 7:00 pm (bracket is not correct)

Buena Vista has been a dominate force all year. It also helps that they have played their opponent Hotchkiss already in week 2 of the season and won 27-0. Buena Vista has not been challenged most of the year. They did have a close game against Manitou Springs but was will a 21 point game and had a close game against Ellicott but was also a 21 points game. Buena Vista has averaged 38 ppg and has been just as good on defense giving up 10 ppg. Buena Vista played 4 playoff teams and won each game. Hotchkiss will get it chance at a rematch. They had a very tough schedule at the beginning of the season. Hotchkiss has grown more since that early season match up with Buena Vista in beat Cedaredge who is a playoff team. I do expect Hotchkiss to give Buena Vista a better game than the first time around. The only thing that Hotchkiss does not have with them is momentum. They lost two straight to end the season. Buena Vista will be tough to beat and will be looking at moving into the second round.

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