6man League Breakdown

6 Man Playoffs Breakdown, 1st Round

6 Man Playoffs Breakdown, 1st Round

  1. Arickaree/Woodlin vs 8. North Park Saturday 1:00 pm

Arickaree/Woodlin had a great season going undefeated through the regular season and winning the East Central League title. They dominated every game only scoring under 50 points once. Arickaree/Woodlin played 6 teams that made it into the crossover round (playoffs) beating: Peetz, Pawnee, Liberty/Stratton, Flagler, Otis, and Miami Yoder. They averaged 63 ppg on offense and their defense was even better they had two games where they did allow over 30 points but they allowed 16 ppg and finished the season off with three straight shut outs, they have the best statistical defense in 6 Man. North Park had a great end to their season. North Park lost three of their first four games but rebounded nicely winning 5 straight games to make it into the playoffs. During their 5 game winning streak they averaged 59 ppg and their defense allowed 23 ppg. If you compare that to the beginning of the season they improved a lot. During the first four games they averaged 42 ppg and allowed 58 ppg. North Park will need to continue playing like they did at the end of the year to have a chance at upsetting one of the more dominate teams. These two teams did have some common opponents. They both played Peetz and Pawnee, Arickaree/Woodlin won both games 69-46 and 38-12 and North Park lost both 31-72 and 54-75. I think that North Park will have a tough time keeping up with Arickaree/Woodlin and Arickaree/Woodlin will move into round two.

  1. Fleming vs 5. Walsh Saturday 1:00 pm

Fleming had one loss all year in what turned out to be a great season and second place in the North League, their one loss was to 3rd seeded Peetz 28-42. Fleming played 6 teams that made it to the playoffs. They lost only to one of them (Peetz) and won the other 5 beating North Park, Pawnee, Prairie, Cheyenne Wells, and Otis. Fleming has averaged 58 ppg, the defense for Fleming has been gashed at times but overall are very solid allowing 24 ppg. Walsh also had one loss all year and finished in second place in the Southeast League, Walsh’s one loss was to 2nd seeded Eads 18-59. Walsh played 4 teams that made it to the crossover rounds winning three of them. (Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, and Flagler) Walsh averaged 54 ppg and allowed 23 ppg. These teams had one common opponent in Cheyenne Wells. Both teams won, Fleming won 64-6 and Walsh won 62-24. This game is going to be a shoot-out. I expect a very high scoring game and think it is going to come down to what teams makes a mistake first. I expect both teams to score over 40 points and could see it being a 7 point game, I think Fleming will grab the win due to a tougher schedule earlier on.

  1. Peetz vs 6. Hanover Saturday 1:00 pm

Peetz had a great season losing one game to 1st seeded Arickaree/Woodlin in a shoot-out 46-69. Peetz won the tough North League, 3 teams qualified for the 8 team playoffs. Peetz had a very tough schedule playing 6 playoff teams. They won 5 of those game beating North Park, Prairie, Fleming, Pawnee, and Liberty/Stratton. This team has been on a roll since losing in the first week. Scoring over 42 points in every game and the defense to back it up allowing over 30 points twice. They averaged 60 ppg on offense and their defense allowed 27 ppg. Peetz will need their defense to pick up their game if they plan on moving into the next round. Hanover had a great season going undefeated in the regular season. The biggest problem I see with Hanover is the lack of quality wins. They played 3 crossover teams and two of them were the 15th and 16th seeds. They did beat all 3 of those teams (Miami Yoder, Genoa Hugo, and Cheyenne Wells). Hanover was very dominate throughout the season only giving up over 30 points twice and scoring an average of 62 ppg and only giving up 18 ppg. I do think that their stats may look better than Peetz but Peetz played a much tougher schedule. They would have had one common opponent in Deer Trail but Deer Trail forfeited to Peetz. I expect Peetz to win this game and I don’t think it will be that close, I think Peetz will win by more than 20.

  1. Eads vs 7. Kit Carson Saturday 1:00 pm

The lone rematch from the regular season in the playoffs and also League rivals as well. Eads who had a great undefeated season winning the Southeast vs Kit Carson who finished third in the Southeast. Eads won the match 60-36 which was also the closest game that Eads played all year. Eads played 6 playoff teams not losing to any of them. They averaged 60 ppg and allowing 18 ppg, they are one of the best defensive teams in the state only behind Arickaree/Woodlin. Kit Carson played 6 playoff teams as well winning 4 and losing two to Eads and Walsh. Kit Carson has been competitive in every game they played and have averaged 50 ppg and allowed 34 ppg. If Kit Carson wants to avenge it loss they will need its defense to step up. Kit Carson has shown it can score points but the problem has been their defense. Eads I think will be just too much to handle and get out of the first round with the win. I do think it will be within 20 points.

*I am referring to the crossover round games as playoff games

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