2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Week 7 League Breakdowns

Class 2A Week 7 League Breakdown

Colorado League

The Colorado league so far has held with the top three teams. Kent Denver and Alameda share the league lead right now and Faith Christian sits in second place. The lone team in third place is Ridgeview Academy but they would need a lot to go their way to sneak into third place (lost to Faith Christian already). This week we have two big matchups. The first game is Faith Christian at Kent Denver. Kent Denver has not been challenged all year and have beaten every opponent by at least 28 points. Their lone close game was against Gunnison where they won 41 to 13. Their offense has been very effective and will look to continue that this week. Faith Christian has rebounded nicely since losing to Alameda in week 3. Their defense could be credited to the turnaround giving up only 13 points in the past 3 games. They will need their defense to come up huge this week if they are going to pull the upset off. The other big game is between Ridgeview Academy and Denver West. The reason this game has big implications is we could lock up the automatic bids this week for the league. If Ridgeview Academy losses this week and Alameda wins (which they should) and Kent Denver wins we have are #1 and #2 teams for the league. The order won’t be determined until they play each other in 2 weeks. This league should grab three playoff spots.

Manual at Alameda                                                                         Machebeuf at Denver North

Faith Christian at Kent Denver                                                    Ridgeview Academy at Denver West


Last week the top three teams all had nice wins. Strasburg got a forfeit, Bennet had a nice win over Jefferson 49 to 0, and Academy grab a nice win to keep pace with the leaders. This week will give us a clear view of the 1 and 2 playoff teams. Bennett and Strasburg with wins will lock up the automatic berths. Bennett travels to Middle Park this week and should be able to move past them. They have the tie breaker over Academy when they beat them easily two weeks ago and they play Strasburg next week which if everything goes right that will be for the league crown. Strasburg has a much tougher game than Bennett as they travel to Academy. Academy was previously ranked and still ranked in the Chsaanow.com poll. Academy season has been a solid 5-1 but their one loss was a blowout to Bennett. Academy one knock on their 5-1 record is the record of the opponents they have beat which is .500 or below. Academy could pick up a monster key win on the season if they can find a way to upset Strasburg. Strasburg has been on a nice roll since losing two straight to open the season. Both of those losses were to ranked teams and were not blowouts. They should be able to move by Academy and keep the tie for the league lead and set up a huge game next week against Bennett. Strasburg better not overlook Academy as they will be hungry for a key win on the season. The playoff picture will shake itself out this weekend but right now they should get 3 teams into the playoffs all just depends on wildcard points.

Bennett at Middle Park                                                                 Strasburg at Academy

Pinnacle at KIPP Collegiate


Last week we had a nice upset in league play when Brush was beaten by Platte Valley. The rest of the league went as planned. Eaton beat University and Sterling had a nice rally to beat Valley. The league right now has divided itself into three categories. One group is 2-0 and that is Platte Valley and Sterling, the other group is 1-1 and that is Brush and Eaton, and then you have the 0-2 which is Valley and University. The lone game that should be a blowout is Brush Vs University. Brush should easily move past them and move to 2-1 in league play. A very interesting matchup is when Valley travels to Platte Valley. Valley just can’t seem to take the last step when it comes to pulling an upset. They were leading Sterling 10 to 7 at half and couldn’t hold on to the lead losing 21 to 13. Valley will be looking to take that final step this week but it won’t be an easy task. Platte Valley has been on a roll. They easily rolled past Brush 37 to 0 and now control their own future. They should be able to beat Valley but better not overlook them. The big game of the week features Sterling traveling to Eaton. Sterling has not gotten much consideration as a top contender in the league. They currently sit at 2-0 in league play but have yet to face the other 3 top teams and that starts this week. They can take a huge step in league play this week by taking down Eaton. Eaton bounced back nicely last week blasting University 42 to 0. They are in need of a big league win to hopefully keep pace with the other leaders. Eaton will need their defense to step up if they want to pull the upset. In their 2 losses they gave up over 25 points and in their wins they didn’t give up over 21 points. This game will help sort out a tough patriot league. This league will get three teams in and possibly a fourth if everything falls correctly.

University at Brush                                                                          Valley at Platte Valley

Sterling at Eaton

Tri Peaks

Last week continued a trend in the Tri-Peaks with La Junta and Lamar picking up nice wins. La Junta blasted St. Mary’s and Lamar got by Trinidad 33 to 21. Both of these teams are 2-0 in league play and can lock up playoff berths with wins this week. The lone upset from last weekend was Florence losing to Manitou Springs. That loss continues the roller coaster season that Florence is having. This week Florence travels to La Junta. Florence will need to quickly rebound if they want to pull an upset. This is a must win game for Florence a loss puts Florence at 2-5 and almost no chance at making the playoffs. An upset win by Florence puts them at 2-1 in league and 3-4 overall but they would have quality wins over Faith Christian and La Junta. La Junta continues to roll through Tri Peaks play and can lock up a playoff spot with a win this week. They have been dominate on defense and will continue to lean on that. I believe they should be able to get by Florence but only if they can shut down Florence’s rushing attack. The other key game is Lamar at Manitou Springs. Lamar with a win locks up a playoff spot as well and put the game between them and La Junta to determine playoff seeding and the league crown. Manitou Springs is coming off a huge upset victory over Florence and will need to use the momentum gained to pull another upset. Manitou Springs has played well against ranked opponents and will look to continue that this week. Lamar should be able to squeeze it out and set up a monster game between them and La Junta. If Florence losses against La Junta this weekend then this league could only get 2 playoff teams in just depends on how the wild card points shake out.

Florence at La Junta                                                                        Lamar at Manitou Springs

Trinidad at St. Mary’s

Western Slope North

Last week helped clear up the league race just a bit but also put fourth teams into a tie for second place. In first place is Moffat County who grabbed a nice win over Basalt 38 to 7. The four teams tied for second place are Basalt, Roaring Fork, Battle Mountain and Coal Ridge who all sit at 1-1. This week Moffat County travels to Coal Ridge. Moffat County is looking to keep their league lead. Moffat County has been on a nice roll since losing to Gunnison grabbing two nice wins against Battle Mountain and Basalt. Moffat County can take a huge step towards the lone playoff berth by winning this weekend. Coal Ridge bounced back nicely after losing to Basalt by downing Aspen last week 32 to 26 they will have their chance to pull an upset this weekend an put themselves into a tie for the league lead. Moffat County should be able to grab a win. The other game of interest is Roaring Fork at Basalt. Roaring Fork last week lost a huge game to Battle Mountain 24 to 14. They could have stayed tied for the league lead if they would have won. Now Roaring Fork will need to win this weekend to stay one game behind Moffat County. Basalt will be looking to bounce back after losing to Moffat County and also stay one game behind Moffat County. The only problem with Basalt is they already lost to Moffat County and would need some help. Battle Mountain should be able to get by Aspen and stay behind Moffat County. This league is interesting they only get one automatic berth but if things shake out correctly could snag a wildcard berth. The teams with a chance at a wildcard berth are Coal Ridge and Roaring Fork, Battle Mountain only qualifies in 3A, Basalt has an outside chance but would have to win out.

Aspen at Battle Mountain                                                            Roaring Fork at Basalt

Moffat County at Coal Ridge

Western Slope South

The Western Slope south has three very interesting teams atop the standings. Bayfield and Alamosa are sitting in a tie for first place. Gunnison is sitting in second behind them. Last week Bayfield got a huge win against Gunnison 27 to 7. That propelled Bayfield into first and gives them a huge advantage in the league race. The big win was Alamosa over Olathe 27 to 6. That was an upset especially after the way Olathe played in the non-league schedule. Since league has started it has not been kind to Olathe they started 3-1 and now sit at 3-3 and 0-2 in league and still have to play Bayfield. This week Pagosa Springs travels to Olathe where Olathe should grab their first league win and try and keep their wildcard hopes alive. Bayfield travels to Montezuma Cortez and Bayfield should be able to move past them and move to 3-0 in league and wait on the result of the big game in league. The key game is Gunnison making the trip down to Alamosa for a pivotal league game. Gunnison opened league play with a huge win against Olathe then lost last week to Bayfield but Gunnison gave them the best game they have had this season. Gunnison biggest struggle has been a consistent offense. They will need that if they want to grab a huge league win. Alamosa started off 0-4 in non-league play but played a very tough schedule. Since league has started they blasted Pagosa Springs then last week pulled an upset of Olathe and propelled themselves into a league crown race and playoff hopeful. Alamosa can take a huge step towards a league crown or at least an automatic berth with a win. The same goes for Gunnison a win all but locks up second place and an automatic berth. If Gunnison beats Alamosa, Bayfield will essentially lock up the league crown. This league has a chance at three berths but really just depends on how things fall. If Gunnison beats Alamosa then Alamosa would need to win out and that includes an upset of Bayfield. Gunnison beating Alamosa reopens the door for Olathe to grab a Wildcard berth. If Alamosa wins then Gunnison might grab a wildcard berth. All this just depends on the Wildcard points once they are released.

Pagosa Springs at Olathe                                                              Bayfield at Montezuma Cortez

Gunnison at Alamosa

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