6man League Breakdown, 8man League Breakdown

Week Two 8 Man and 6 Man Breakdown

Week Two 8 man and 6 Man Breakdown

8 Man

What a great opening weekend for 8 Man. There were a bunch of games that mattered and a few great games.  The first great game of last week was West Grand vs Sanford.  West Grand won this game 38 to 12 and with the win their head coach became the all-time leader in wins in the state of Colorado in Football for all classifications.  West Grand was in control the entire game and was leading 20 to 0 at half and cruised to their victor.  Next is #9 Dove Creek vs Rangely.  This was the biggest upset of week one.  Rangely came out hot and grabbed a very nice 44 to 30 victory over Dove Creek.  The two top ten match ups from last week were great games.  The first featured #1 Dayspring Christian vs #6 Akron.  Even though these teams are in the same league this was a non-league game and they will face off one more time.  Dayspring Christian avoided the upset grabbing a 32 to 23 victory.  Dayspring outscored Akron in the first and third quarter and that was enough to grab them the victory.  The other big game from last week was #2 Hoehne vs #3 Sargent.  This was the game of the week last week and it was a great game.  Sargent was able to pull the upset 26 to 24.  They pulled the upset by blanking Hoehne in the third quarter and that was the difference maker.  This game could have big playoff implications when it comes to seeding.  Some other key games where: #10 Sedgwick County over Yuma (1A) 48 to 0, Kiowa over Caliche 38 to 26, Wiley over Miami-Yoder 46 to 12, Holly over Deerfield KS 53 to 0, Granada over Swink 34 to 18, and Nederland over Justice 20 to 18.

#1 Dayspring Christian will stay home this week as they host Granada. Dayspring Christian grabbed a very important win last week against Akron.  Dayspring Christian was very effective last week throwing for 227 yards 1 touchdown and 1 INT and also ran for 176 yards and four touchdowns.  On defense they forced 2 turnovers and held Akron to 186 yards rushing.  Dayspring will need tom improve their pass defense as they gave up 234 yards.  Granada bounced back from their 59-0 beat by Akron by beating Swink 34 to 18.  Granada was dominate in the first half scoring 20 points and cruised to the victory.  Granada will need to figure out their defense this week against Dayspring or they could be at risk of getting blown out again.  I have Dayspring winning by 3 or 4 touchdowns.

#2 Sargent will host Caliche this week. Sargent grabbed a monster come from behind victory last week against #4 Hoehne.  This week will be a little easier.  Sargent last week threw the ball very well and of course ran for over 200 yards.  Junior Ryan Davis went 10 of 13 for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns and Sargent rushing attack was very effective running for 200 yards 142 of them coming from Senior Justin Hacsi.  Sargent on defense gave up 264 yards rushing and 74 yards passing.  Sargent will need to improve on their run defense through the season if they plan on making a deep run into the playoffs.  Caliche faced off against Kiowa and have now lost their second consecutive game.  Kiowa grabbed the win beating Caliche 38 to 26.  Caliche now will have a very tough matchup against Sargent and will need their defense to step up.  I have Sargent winning big here.

#3 Norwood hosts Shiprock NM. Norwood last week was able to grab a 36 to 6 victory over an improved Soroco team.  The second and third quarters were dominated by Norwood and that was the deciding factor in the game.  Norwood ran wild rushing for 361 yards and 6 touchdowns.  While Norwood’s defense was great holding Soroco to 58 yards rushing.  Norwood will look to use the momentum last week against Shiprock NM.

#4 Hoehne travels to Springfield. Hoehne will need to quickly bounce back after a tough loss to #2 Sargent.  They do have an easier game this week against Springfield.  Hoehne will need to keep improving their passing game as they went 4 of 12 for 74 yards but they ran for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Hoehne will need to keep improving their defense through the year on stopping the pass as they got torched for 232 in the air.  Springfield bounced back after their zero week lose by blowing past Rolla KS 52 to 6.  Now Springfield will need to use that momentum to try and pull the upset of Hoehne. Last week on offense Springfield got back to running the ball effectively rushing for 232 yards and 5 touchdowns and they also went 3 of 4 for 77 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Springfield will need to keep running the ball if they plan on sticking with Hoehne.  I have Hoehne winning big here.

#6 Akron once again is playing against a ranked team they travel this week to #10 Fowler. Akron fell last week to #1 Dayspring Christian but they had a furious comeback in the fourth to make it a game scoring 13 points.  Now Akron must bounce back.  Last week they threw for 234 yards 1 touchdown and 1 INT and they ran for 186 yards.  Levi Basler led the way on the ground and through the air accounting for 347 yards.  Akron must get some other production from other players if they plan on winning this week.  Fowler is coming of a 46 to 20 victory over an improved Las Animas team.  The second half was the deciding factor as they scored 34 points in the second half.  Fowler ran wild rushing for 411 yards and 6 touchdowns and also threw for 52 yards.  The rushing attack was led by Dean Reed who had 183 yards.  Fowler must continue to run the ball like they did last week if they want any chance of the upset.  I have Akron by 3 touchdowns.

#7 West Grand hosts South Park. West Grand opened the season on the right foot winning 38 to 12 over Sanford.  They attacked Sanford very effectively thru the air and on the ground.  West Grand threw for 164 yards 2 touchdowns and 2 INTs and also ran for 244 yards and 4 touchdowns.  West grand will need to improve on the turnovers if they plan to keep winning this year.  South Park got slammed last week by Sangre De Cristo 48 to 18.  South Park will have to quickly bounce back or be in trouble of another blowout.  They must improve their rushing attack as they ran 35 times for 106 yards and passed for 148 yards 2 touchdowns and 3 INTs.  If South Park cannot improve on their rushing attack they could be in trouble of another blowout.  I have West Grand by 4 touchdowns.

#8 Haxtun hosts Rock Mountain Lutheran. Haxtun started the season off right beat Simla 42 to 0.  They scored 27 points in the first half and cruised to an easy victory.  Haxtun was led by their strong rushing attack running 37 times for 298 yards and 3 touchdowns.  They also threw for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Haxtun will look to continue the same dominance this week.  Rocky Mountain Lutheran was beat by Custer County last week 26 to 12.  Rocky Mountain Lutheran couldn’t get their offense going and were held to 142 yards rushing and 24 yards passing.  If they plan on pulling the upset they must improve on offense.  I have Haxtun winning by 5 touchdowns.

Non-Top Ten Key Games

Sangre De Cristo at Custer County                                                            Holly at Swink

Kiowa vs Pikes Peak Christian                                                                     Gilpin County at Simla

Soroco at Sanford                                                                                            Nederland at Miami-Yoder


6 Man

6 Man opened with a bang last week and we saw plenty of close game and of course a few blowouts. #1 Kit Carson opened nicely with a 57 to 18 win over Idalia, #2 Stratton/Liberty over Genoa Hugo 84 to 34, #3 Fleming sneaked past Pawnee 30 to 22, #4 Cotopaxi over Mountain Valley 47 to 6, #5 Eads avoids the upset by #7 Otis 40 to 34, #6 Arickaree/Woodlin get past #9 Walsh 58 to 44, #8 La Veta runs by Aguilar 73 to 24, #10 North Park holds off Peetz 60 to 54.  Some non-top ten key games were: Cheyenne Wells over Hi Plains 60 to 34, Hanover over Cripple Creek 28 to 24, and Briggsdale over Elbert 43 to 20.

#1 Kit Carson travels down to Cheraw. Kit Carson got their season started off correctly beat Idalia 57 to 18.  No they must refocus and avoid the upset by Cheraw.  Cheraw had two week to prepare for this game.  They didn’t play in week one but were hammered by Otis in zero week 46 to 12.  Cheraw must improve their defense to have any chance at the upset.  I have Kit Carson by 4 touchdowns.

#2 Stratton/Liberty travels to Elbert. Stratton/Liberty flew past Genoa-Hugo scoring 84 points but they did give up 34 points.  Stratton/Liberty used a huge first half scoring 48 points.  Their offense was very effective rushing for 258 yards and passing for 160 yards.  Their defense did give up a bit as they surrendered 208 yards rushing and 140 yards passing.  That will need to be improved.  Elbert started the season with a loss last week to Briggsdale 43 to 20.  Elbert gave up 27 first half points and never could get back into the game.  Elbert will need to improve their defense as they gave up 271 yards passing.  I have Stratton/Liberty winning by 5 touchdowns.

#4 Cotopaxi host Hanover. Cotopaxi opened their season with a bang.  Blowing past Mountain Valley 47 to 6.  They scored 31 points in the first half and had a running clock in the third quarter.  Cotopaxi offensive statistics don’t look big but they ran for 164 yards and threw for 89 yards but their defense was very solid holding Mountain Valley to 89 yards rushing and only 19 yards passing they also forced 2 turnovers.  Hanover escaped a tight one against Cripple Creek.  Hanover had to score 14 points in the fourth quarter to come back and win.  Hanover on offense was very ineffective.  They ran for 44 yards on 18 carries and they threw the ball for 107 yards.  Hanover will need to improve their offense or risk of getting blown out.  I have Cotopaxi by 3 touchdowns.

#5 Eads travels down to Genoa-Hugo. Eads opened their season with a come from behind victory.  They scored 18 points in the fourth quarter to grab a 6 point victory over Otis.  Eads on offense was led by Senior Fred Turner who rushed for 198 yards and 5 touchdowns.  As a team they ran for 265 yards and threw for 75 yards.  On defense Otis was somewhat effective throwing for 131 yards and passing for 154 yards.  Genoa-Hugo got blasted by Stratton/Liberty 84 to 34 and will need to rebound quickly.  If they plan on winning they will need their defense to step up.  Eads must continue to run the ball effectively and should easily win this game.

#6 Arickaree/Woodlin travels to Pawnee. This is going to be one of the better matchups and if last weeks close game against Fleming told us anything is that Pawnee is a real good football team.  Arickaree/Woodlin escaped against Walsh last week 52 to 38.  Arickaree/Woodlin scored 24 points in the fourth to keep this game from getting to close.  Arickaree/Woodlin ran the ball very effective last week rushing for 332 yards and 6 touchdowns.  They only threw for 48 yards but when you can run for over 300 yards why pass.  Arickaree/Woodlin will need their defense to step up this week against a very good Pawnee team.  Pawnee nearly pulled the upset last week losing to #3 Fleming 30 to 22.  Pawnee couldn’t score in the fourth and that cost them the game.  Pawnee was led by a very good passing game throwing for 214 yards and rushing for 118 yards.  On defense they must improve on stopping the run as they gave up 224 yards.  For Pawnee to pull the upset they have to stop the run.  I am not sure they can pull the upset if they don’t hold Arickaree/Woodlin to under 200 yards rushing.  I have Arickaree/Woodlin by 10.

#7 La Veta travels to #9 Walsh in the game of the week in 6 Man. La Veta got off on the right foot with a 73 to 24 blowout of Aguilar.  La Veta scored 38 points in the first half and had a running clock by the third quarter.  La Veta on offense gave up a good amount of rushing yards 204 yards.  That will need to be improved against a very good Walsh team.  Walsh barely missed on the upset last week on Arickaree/Woodlin.  For them to pull the upset they are going to have to stop the run.  They cannot afford to give up 300+ yards on the ground again and expect to win.  I have La Veta by 7

#8 Otis travels to take on an improved Weldon Valley team. Otis last week lost a heart breaker to Eads and must improve their rushing defense if they want to get to 2-1.  Otis on offense will need to continue to attack thru the air and on the ground like they did last week.  They passed for 131 yards and ran for 154 yards.  If Otis can improve their rush defense they should win this game.  Weldon Valley grabbed their first victory of the year with a 60 to 32 victory over Longmont Christian.  They scored 26 points in the first half to cruise to the victory.  Weldon Valley on offense was run dominate rushing for 446 yards and 6 touchdowns.  Their rushing attack was led by Senior Adam Parachini who carried the ball 21 times for 216 yards.  On Defense Weldon Valley was torched threw the air giving up 298 yards passing.  What hurt Longmont Christian was they threw three INTs.  Weldon Valley also held Longmont Christian to 32 yards rushing.  For Weldon Valley to pull the upset they must improve on their pass defense.  I have Otis winning by 14.

Non-Top Ten Key Games

Cheyenne Wells at Branson/Kim                                                              Hi-Plains vs Idalia

Peetz vs Longmont Christian                                                                       Prairie at Briggsdale

Aguilar at Primero                                                                                           Mountain Valley at Sierra Grande