Baseball League Breakdowns

Class 3A Baseball League Breakdown


Class 3A Baseball League Breakdown

Colorado 7 League

The Colorado 7 league is a mix of 3A and 4A team.  The automatic spots for the Colorado 7 league are decided by either winning outright or finishing second in league.  Currently the Colorado 7 league is tied at the top with Fort Morgan (4A) and Fort Lupton tied at 3-0.  Following those schools are Skyview (4A) 3-1, Conifer (4A) 2-2, and Weld Central 1-2.  Fort Lupton has monster games ahead of them with Englewood on 4/18, Conifer on 4/20, and Fort Morgan on 4/25.  The Conifer game is huge due to seeding and could lock up the #2 spot with that win.  Fort Lupton then could be playing for a league title on 4/25 against Fort Morgan.  The other team fighting for an automatic berth is Weld Central.  Weld Central is 1-2 in league but both losses are to Fort Morgan and Fort Lupton.  Weld Central would need some help to finish 2nd but have must win games Skyview, Alameda, and Arvada to try and finish 3rd in league.  If you look towards the Regionals remember that the top 2 finishers are automatic qualifiers and the rest of the field is picked by RPI.  The RPI numbers for the Colorado 7 3A teams are:

#18 Fort Lupton, #21 Weld Central, and #60 Englewood

So currently without the automatic berths Fort Lupton and Weld Central have a pretty good shot at making it into the 3A Regional field.

Frontier League

All the rest of the 3A league have a pretty simple way of getting into the Regional Tournament.  If you finish 1st or 2nd in your league you automatically qualify for the regional tournament.  The rest of the field is selected via RPI.  The Frontier League currently has two undefeated teams they are The Academy (3-0) and Bennett (5-0).  Both teams are in control of their own destiny and are hoping to lock up the automatic berth.  Bennett and The Academy play each other Today 4/17 and that will be for the league title granted if neither team loses the rest of the way.  Bennett has remaining league games against: The Academy (4/17), Jefferson (4/21), Middle Park (4/24), Platte Canyon (4/28), and Clear Creek (5/1).  The Academy also has a ton of big games remining like Bennett but can really take control of things in league by winning today against them.  The Academy still has 7 league games remaining.  The Frontier League is still a way off from being decided but this week will really help in deciding the order and next week should have a better idea.  The RPI numbers for the Frontier League are:

#15 The Academy, #22 Bennett, #31 DSST-Stapleton, #32 Middle Park, #39 Jefferson, #44 Sheridan, #45 Platte Canyon

So currently without the automatic berth, The Academy, Bennett, DSST-Stapleton, and Middle Park would be into the playoff, but DSST-Stapleton and Middle Park are squarely on the bubble.

Intermountain League

The Intermountain League took a very interesting turn last week when Bayfield split a pair with Centauri.  Alamosa now is in sole control of first place at a perfect 6-0.  Bayfield sits in second place alone at 5-1.  Alamosa and Bayfield will play each other this Saturday 4/21.  This will be for 1st and 2nd place in league but determines who is hosting a region.  Alamosa still has Montezuma-Cortez on their league schedule but with a sweep of Bayfield have the league title sown up.  Bayfield has Monte Vista left on their league schedule but need a sweep of Alamosa and then a sweep of Monte Vista to secure the #1 spot.  If Alamosa and Bayfield split Alamosa is still in control of their own destiny. 3rd, 4th, and 5th are still up in the air for the IML.  Pagosa Springs, Centauri, and Monte Vista all sit at 2-4 and this weekends games will help break the ties.  Pagosa Springs travels to Monte Vista and Centauri hosts Montezuma-Cortez.  The RPI numbers for the Intermountain League are:

#9 Alamosa, #23 Bayfield, #26 Pagosa Springs, #27 Centauri, #43 Monte Vista, and #50 Montezuma-Cortez

So currently without the automatic berths, Alamosa, Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, and Centauri would all qualify for Regionals, but Pagosa Springs and Centauri are on the bubble.

Metro League

The Metro league has been an interesting league to watch so far, this year with teams beating each other up and two teams have risen to the top so far.  Faith Christian (5-0) and Peak to Peak (5-0) have both risen to the top of the Metro League Standings.  Faith Christian has 5 wins over SkyView Academy, Kent Denver, Machebeuf, and Jefferson Academy (x2).  Faith Christian still has tough games against Peak to Peak (x2), Lutheran, Colorado Academy, and Machebeuf.  In total Faith Christian still has 8 league games left.  Faith Christian has two league games against Prospect Ridge this weekend 4/21.  Peak to Peak has 5 wins over Jefferson Academy (x2), Kent Denver, and Prospect Ridge (x2).  Peak to Peak still has tough games against Lutheran, Machebeuf (x2), Faith Christian (x2), and Colorado Academy.  In total Peak to Peak has 7 league games left.  The Metro League has a ton to still figure out and could easily see changes at the top of the standings.  Lutheran, Colorado Academy, Jefferson Academy, and Kent Denver are all still threats to upend the top 2 teams.  Today there are 3 big games taking place in the Metro league between Kent Denver and Machebeuf, Lutheran and Peak to Peak, and Colorado Academy vs Jefferson Academy.  The Standings will change after today.  The RPI numbers for the Metro League are:

#3 Peak to Peak, #6 Faith Christian, #11 Colorado Academy, #14 Kent Denver, #20 Machebeuf, #25 Jefferson Academy, #30 Lutheran, #49 Prospect Ridge, #51 SkyView Academy

Currently without the automatic berths 7 of the 9 teams from the Metro league would make the field.  Only SkyView Academy and Prospect Ridge would be left out.  Lutheran and Jefferson Academy are the two teams on the bubble currently.

Patriot League

The Patriot League has been a battle so far and with around 3 league games there is still plenty of time for movement.  Currently University (3-0) and Valley (2-0) are the only undefeated league teams left.  University still has 6 league games remaining with big games against Sterling, Platte Valley, and Valley left to go.  University has wins over Eaton, Resurrection Christian, and Liberty Common already.  Valley has only two league wins over Strasburg and Estes Park, so the meat of their schedule is still coming.  Valley plays Liberty Common today 4/17 and then has very tough games against Sterling, Eaton, Resurrection Christian, University, and Platte Valley.  The Patriot League has 3 teams with just 1 league loss Eaton, Sterling, and Resurrection Christian.  These 3 teams are all looking for a shot to move up into the #1 or #2 spot.  The Patriot League has 3 big games today with Valley facing Liberty Common, University facing Platte Valley, and Resurrection Christian playing Sterling.  These 3 games will help settle some of the dust going forward.  The RPI numbers for the Patriot League are:

#2 University, #3 Sterling, #8 Eaton, #10 Resurrection Christian, #12 Platte Valley, #13 Valley, #29 Brush, #37 Liberty Common, #40 Strasburg #57 Estes Park

Currently 7 of the 10 teams from the Patriot league would make it into the playoffs.  Brush is sitting at #29 and is on the bubble.  The rest of the 6 teams all look pretty good right now and are al in the top 15 of the RPI.

Tri-Peaks League

The Tri-Peaks league is set up at the West and the East.  In the East League La Junta and Lamar are both undefeated and are setting up a collision course between the two.  La Junta and Lamar have played each other before with La Junta snagging the first win.  Lamar has 5 league games remaining against Trinidad (x2) and the huge games against La Junta (x2).  The leagues also play a crossover game to help decide the order of finishing as well and that takes place May 5th.  La Junta has 6 league games remaining, they face St. Mary’s (x2) and the big games against Lamar (x2), Trinidad, and the crossover games as well on May 5th.  The East league will be decided when La Junta and Lamar face each other on 4/26 & 4/27.  The West League is being led by Buena Vista currently.  Buena Vista is 2-0 in league and took two games from Florence.  Buena Vista still has a huge game against Salida on 4/28 and more than likely that will decide the West League.  Salida is in second at 4-2 but was sweep by Florence so Florence who is in third could still catch Salida.  Salida has two leagues games left against Buena Vista.  Florence is 3-3 in in league and could still finish second in the west.  Florence must sweep CSCS and hope Salida is sweep by Buena Vista to finish second.  The RPI numbers for the Tri Peaks-Leagues are:

#1 Lamar, #5 La Junta, #7 Buena Vista, #16 Rye, #33 Salida, #35 St. Mary’s, #36 Florence, #47 Manitou Springs.

Currently Lamar, La Junta, Buena Vista, and Rye all look solid to make it to Regionals.  Salida, St. Mary’s, and Florence are all on the outside looking in, but all still could make moves to slide into the Top 32 in the RPI.

Western Slope League

Three undefeated teams remain in the Western Slope League.  Delta, Aspen, and Cedaredge are all a perfect 4-0 in league. Coal Ridge and Moffat County are the only two teams with 1 lose a piece and Roaring Fork has 2 losses in league.  Delta and Aspen have 5 league games remaining and Cedaredge has 6 league games remaining.  These 3 teams are all scheduled to square off and the first of those meetings happens today when Delta hosts Cedaredge.  Aspen plays Coal Ridge on 4/21 for a league games and then faces Delta on 4/27 for a huge league game.  The Western Slope League has a ton of big games remaining and with 6 teams still in the hunt all games will matter going forward.  The Western Slope League will start to become clearer I think after this week/weekend.  The Western Slope League RPI numbers are some of the lower in Class 3A and a ton of questions still arise about the Western Slope League.  RPI Numbers for the Western Slope are:

#17 Aspen, #19 Delta, #24 Cedaredge, #28 Roaring Fork, #34 Basalt, #41 Coal Ridge, #46 Moffat County

Currently 4 teams would make the playoffs; Aspen, Delta, Cedaredge, and Roaring Fork.  Roaring Fork is on the bubble and must take care of business going forward.  Basalt is on the outside looking in but can control how they finish the season and try to make a move to get into Regionals.

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