Volleyball Stat Leaders

Top Volleyball Performances of the Week for Week 6

Picture by OTSportsChek (Merino vs Akron)

Top Volleyball Performances of the Week for Week 6

I am going to pick 6 players for each class; 1 Setter, 1 Service Ace leader, 1 Dig Leader, 1 Block leader and 2 Hitters.  I am picking who had the best performance for each category on the winning team.  There is a ton of games to go through so if I missed you I will try and not miss anyone next week.  Remember these are for 1 game during week #5.

Class 3A

Brecken Payne Sr. 26 Kills, 42.6 Kill Percentage, Lamar HS

Kaela France So. 19 Kills, 63.3 Kill Percentage, Ellicott HS

Kiersten Brock So. 51 Assists, Colorado Springs Christian

Amy Lopez Sr. 34 Digs, Alamosa HS

Taylor Motz Jr. 11 Total Blocks, Alamosa HS

Abby Miller So. 10 Service Aces, Colorado Springs Christian

Class 2A

Kallie Cathcart Sr. 26 Kills, 43.3 Kill Percentage, Holly HS

Elise Layton Sr. 21 Kills, 30.0 Kill Percentage, Colorado Springs School

Reagan Nolin Jr. 50 Assists, Yuma HS

Sophia Knaysi Jr. 41 Digs, Caprock Academy

Morgan Burnett Sr. 11 Total Blocks, South Park HS

Sierra Shambaugh Sr. 17 Service Aces

Class 1A

Ava Ahalt Sr. 31 Kills, 63.3 Kill Percentage, Denver Waldorf

Kimberlyn Krise Jr. 27 Kills, 41.5 Kill Percentage, Briggsdale HS

Tessa Smith So. 32 Assists, Genoa-Hugo HS

Brooke Long Sr. 43 Digs, Belleview Christian

Melanie Woller So. 9 Total Blocks, Springfield HS

Maddie Mulvaney Sr. 14 Service Aces, Rocky Mountain Lutheran

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