6man League Breakdown

If The Football Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections 6-Man

Prairie HC
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If The Football Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections 6-Man

The 6-Man RPI rankings are starting to become more and more consistent with mainly the bottom 8 changing.  No League breakdown this week for 6-Man I will make sure to have it next week.

http://chsaanow.com/rpi/football/ Official CHSAA Webpage for RPI

Note:  Win! Take care of business and you will get in!

Playoffs (Straight from Chsaanow.com): The Top 16 teams in the Classification based on the final RPI rankings will be placed into the post-season bracket.  If a conference champion is not ranked in the Top 16 based on RPI rankings, they will replace the lowest ranked team that is not a conference champion in the Top 16.

Seeding Criteria (once qualifiers are determined)

  • Seeding numbers 1-8 will be seeded according to the final RPI standings and will be the home teams in Round 1. Teams that are seeded numbered 9-16 will be seeded using RPI and geography.  When possible, conference opponents will not be paired against one another in the first round.
  • Conference champions not ranked in the top 16 of the final RPI will be placed in the bracket but conference champions are not guaranteed a Top-8 seed.


League Champions ()= RPI

Central League: Genoa-Hugo (14)

East Central: Stratton/Liberty (1)

North League: Prairie (7)

South Central League: Manzanola (18)

South East League: Kit Carson (3)

South West League: Mountain Valley (4)

Host First Round Game

Stratton/Liberty, Arickaree/Woodlin, Kit Carson, Mountain Valley, Otis, Peetz, Prairie, Genoa-Hugo

At Large Berths

Arickaree/Woodlin, Otis, Peetz, Idalia, Cheyenne Wells, Cotopaxi, Granada, Briggsdale, Fleming, Flagler/Hi Plains

First Four Out

Deer Trail, Sierra Grande, Walsh, Edison

First Round Matchups

  1. Stratton/Liberty vs 16. Manzanola
  2. Arickaree/Woodlin vs 15. Fleming
  3. Kit Carson vs 14. Flagler/Hi Plains
  4. Mountain Valley vs 13. Briggsdale
  5. Otis vs 12. Granada
  6. Peetz vs 11. Cotopaxi
  7. Prairie vs 10. Cheyenne Wells
  8. Genoa-Hugo vs 9. Idalia