6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

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Picture by Amber Lightle (Peetz vs Briggsdale)

6-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

In the 6-Man ranks most teams have already played 2 or more league games and most leagues have developed a couple front runners. 6-Man still plays at most a 9-game season and the playoffs start the same time as Class 2A, 1A, and 8-Man.  6-Man has had some very high scores this year and have been a bit unpredictable at times.

Central League

1 team sits atop the league standings and is your league champion that is Genoa-Hugo.  Genoa-Hugo won the league championship last week beating Edison 63-33.  Genoa-Hugo now plays two non-league games against Idalia this week and Eads in their final week.  Genoa-Hugo is also #13 and winning their final two games should improve their RPI.  Idalia will be a real test to see how good Genoa-Hugo is.  Deer Trail is #19 in the RPI and have two games remaining.  Deer Trail plays Cripple Creek and Primero both winnable games but their OWP will drop.  Like I have said I will take a much bigger look into the RPI situation next week.  Edison is #20 and they also have two games remaining against Colorado DB and Cotopaxi.  The Cotopaxi game may be for their ticket into the playoffs.  We will have to see what their RPI does after this week.  Hanover is #26 and would need to win both of their final two games which would include an upset of Prairie in their final game.  Colorado DB is eliminated from the playoff hunt.

RPI: #13 Genoa-Hugo, #19 Deer Trail, #20 Edison, #26 Hanover, #30 Colorado DB

East Central League

The East Central league has a league champion and that is Stratton/Liberty.  Stratton/Liberty clinched the league championship beating Arickaree/Woodlin 60 to 20.  Stratton/Liberty this week plays a league game against Flagler/Hi Plains and then close the year against Kit Carson.  Arickaree/Woodlin and Otis sit tied for second place and that tie will be broken this week when they face off.  Otis has relied heavily on their offense to outscore opponents and Bryce Miracle to have outstanding games.  Otis will need Miracle and their defense to step up a bit this week if they plan on finishing second in league.  Arickaree/Woodlin has two losses to Stratton/Liberty and Kit Carson but were beat by 40+ points in both games.  Arickaree/Woodlin will need to have their defense step up to slow down Otis rushing attack.  Arickaree/Woodlin offensively may also need to step up as most teams who beat Otis have outscored them.  This is a big test for both teams and could make the difference in hosting a game or traveling in the first round.  I am going with Otis in this game.  Idalia is sitting in fourth place and have a non-league game against Genoa-Hugo and is another big game.  Idalia with the win could move back into the Top 8 and a shot at hosting in the first round.  Flagler/Hi Plains is sitting in 5th but with the #14 RPI.  They have two tough games to close the season against Stratton/Liberty and Briggsdale.  Flagler/Hi Plains may need at least 1 to get into the playoffs but a more in depth look next week could tell me a lot more.  Currently all 5 teams are in the Top 16 and all have a good shot to remain in the Top 16.

RPI: #1 Stratton/Liberty, #3 Otis, #4 Arickaree/Woodlin, #9 Idalia, #14 Flagler/Hi Plains

North League

The North League has a league champion and it’s Peetz.  Peetz clinched the league title beating Prairie in a shootout 61-48.  Peetz will have a very good shot at defending their state championship.  Peetz finishes the regular season against Weldon Valley and should move to 6-2 overall.  Peetz is #5 in the RPI and should finish in the Top 5.  Prairie sits in second place in the league standings and #8 in the RPI.  Prairie is a near lock for the playoffs.  Prairie has two non-league games left against Cotopaxi and Hanover.  If Prairie beat Cotopaxi, then they are locks for the playoffs.  Fleming is sitting in 3rd place and have done a good job of bouncing back this season and have won 3 straight games.  Fleming is #10 in the RPI and host La Veta tonight.  Fleming can lock up a spot with a win over La Veta and then face another big test next week traveling to Idalia.  Briggsdale is tied for 4th with North Park and they square off this week as well.  Briggsdale is #15 in the RPI and desperately need a win.  If Briggsdale snags the win they will be in much better shape heading into the final week.  Briggsdale lost to Fleming last week 52-21 and their offense couldn’t get much going.  Briggsdale will need to pick up the pace this week to avoid dropping two straight.  North Park is 2-4 overall and #17 in the RPI.  If North Park can pull an upset of Briggsdale they would give themselves a shot at moving into the playoffs.  North Park needs at least 1 win in their final 2 games to grab a Top 16 spot.  North Park closes the year against Arickaree/Woodlin.  Weldon Valley is in last place and play their final game against Peetz tonight.  An upset may move them into the Top 16 but a loss will eliminate them.

RPI: #5 Peetz, #8 Prairie, #10 Fleming, #15 Briggsdale, #17 North Park, #25 Weldon Valley

South Central League

The South-Central league has a league champion and it’s Manzanola.  Manzanola locked up the league title blasting La Veta 57-13.  Manzanola moved up to #16 in the RPI and have 1 final game next week against Granada.  Manzanola will see how good they really are when they play Granada, but they are in the playoffs regardless.  La Veta is sitting at #21 in the RPI and travel to Fleming tonight.  La Veta would probably need to win out to have a shot to move into the Top 16.  La Veta will have to play their best game this season to pull the upset of Fleming.  La Veta does close the year against Sierra Grande and that could help their RPI, but I will look more into it next week.  Primero and Branson/Kim are both eliminated from the playoff hunt.

RPI: #16 Manzanola, #21 La Veta, #28 Primero, #27 Kim/Branson

South East League

The South East League also has a league champion and its Kit Carson.  Kit Carson locked up the league title beating Granada 60 to 24.  Kit Carson is 7-0 and have a bye this week to prepare for their massive showdown with Stratton/Liberty next week.  Granada is sitting in second place and #12 in the RPI.  Granada can really help their RPI by beating Walsh this week.  If Granada loses to Walsh they will be in some trouble and would make their Manzanola a do or die game.  Granada has played a very tough schedule and they are battle tested.  Walsh comes into the game in 4th place in league and #18 in the RPI.  Walsh with the loss wouldn’t drop to much but makes their final game much more important.  Walsh with the upset would probably jump into the Top 16.  Walsh finished the year against Branson/Kim.  Cheyenne Wells sits in third place but have the #7 RPI.  Cheyenne Wells has a bye this week to prepare for their huge game against Otis.  Cheyenne Wells is a lock for the playoffs, but seeding could be on the line when they face Otis.  Eads and Cheraw are in 5th and 6th and they face each other this week.  The loser will be eliminated from the playoff hunt.  The winner will depend on how much they move up and of course if they can win their final game.

RPI: #2 Kit Carson #7 Cheyenne Wells, #12 Granada, #18 Walsh, #23 Eads, #24 Cheraw

South West League

Mountain Valley is your League Champion and the only knock on Mountain Valley is they have two easy games and have not been challenged since early in the season.  Mountain Valley is #6 in the RPI and I don’t see them moving up too much more.  Cotopaxi is #11 in the RPI and have a very tough game against Prairie.  If Cotopaxi loses to prairie it won’t drop them to much in the RPI but it will make their final game against Edison a much win game.  Cotopaxi will have to play their best game to pull the upset.  Sierra Grande is sitting in third and #22 in the RPI.  Sierra Grande has only 1 game left and seeing if their RPI raises at all this week will be important for next week.  Sierra Grande closes the year against La Veta and will be a must win for both teams with the winner putting their best foot forward.

RPI: #6 Mountain Valley, #11 Cotopaxi, #22 Sierra Grande, #29 Cripple Creek